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Tirana airfield raided

US Army Air Force

Tirana airfield raided

U.S. Air Force

Tirana airfield (Tiranë-Laprakë), Albania, 24 October 1943: the attack made by 36 North American B-25 medium bomber of the USAAF’s 321st Bombardment Group, 57th Bomb Wing, took-off from Grottaglie Airdrome, Southern Italy, loaded with 20 lbs fragmentation bombs. The American bombers raided the target from 10/11,000 ft observing about 25 enemies airplane in aircraft boneyard at NW and 25/30 other on field including 15 He 111 and Ju 52 at SW corner plus transports parked on field parallel to runway, and 5/6 around perimeter. 13 German aircraft was claimed destroyed. B-25 lost: none. Victor Sierra