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Sasha Filippov

Soviet Forces

Sasha Filippov

Sasha Filippov,a spy for Soviet troops,He was born 1925 in Stalingrad - in 1942 he was 16 years old and worked as a locksmith and cobbler,at school he became a Leninist Komsomol. The Germans entered Voroshilov district of Stalingrad where Sasha lived,At night, Sasha beamed his way through the front line bringing the Red Army intelligence on the enemy and became their scout. With a bag over his shoulder and a cobblers tool Sasha worked in the German headquarters cleaning the Germans boots and at the same time getting their intel. On December 23,1942 after a scouting mission,Sasha along with another scout Maria Uskova were captured by German troops. After torture Sasha Filippov was hanged near his home in front of his mother. Sasha's last words before death were " We will come and kill you like mad dogs!". Sasha was awarded the order of the Red Banner and the medal for defense of Stalingrad