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BUDAPEST SIEGE: Axis and Soviet Forces -- Map 2

Soviet Forces

BUDAPEST SIEGE: Axis and Soviet Forces -- Map 2


General Malinovsky's 2nd Ukrainian Front armies was the strongest of all in the Red Army. Its main units participating in the siege were: 7th Guard Army, 18th Army Corps, 30th Army Corps, and the 7th Romanian Army corps. General Tolbukhin's Third Ukrainian Front armies, less numerous but better led, had the following units participate in the siege of Budapest: 46th Army, 75th Army Corps, 2nd Guard Army Corps, 23rd Army Corps. During November and December, 1944, when Malinovsky failed to take Budapest either from the east, or later with simultaneous attacks from the north and the south, he forced a costly crossing of the Danube at Ercsi, attempting to encircle the city from the west also. In the meantime, Stalin was playing him and Tolbukhin off against each other, encouraging them to race for Budapest. The latter had also favored their joint envelopment of the capital and made rapid progress on the west bank of the Danube, suprising Buda from the west at Christmas, 1944. So a total encirclement and a siege turned out to be the final Soviet strategy for taking the Hungarian capital. The opposing Axis forces will be discussed later.