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Captain Miguel Moreno Arreola of Esquadron 201

Mexican Forces

Captain Miguel Moreno Arreola of Esquadron 201

Captain Miguel Moreno Arreola of Esquadron 201(January 5, 1921 –December 2, 2005) Captain Moreno was born in the state of Durango during the turbulent aftermath of the Mexican Revolution. As a boy he was inspired by a chance encounter with famous aviation pioneer Francisco Sarabia. He entered the Military Aviatoin School at Monterrey, where he met presidents Manuel Avila Camacho and Franklin D. Roosevelt at their summit conference in March, 1943. He received his wings in June, 1944 and joined Fighter Squadron 201, acompanying the unit to the United States for training. He deployed with the Squadron to the Philipines in March, 1945 and flew 25 close air support combat missions over Luzon in P-47s as an element leader plus Very Long Range missions to Formosa. It was he who chose the Disney character "Pancho Pistolas" as the official unit logo; he also designed a monument to his fallen comrades that still stands in Manila. When the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force returned to Mexico City on November 18, 1945, Captain Moreno carried its Battle Flag into the national plaza to be presented to the President.(rudeerude)