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Mifune Toshiro

Japanese Forces

Mifune Toshiro

Toshirō Mifune was born in Qingdao, China, to Japanese parents, and grew up in the Chinese city of Dalian with his parents and two siblings, Although the young Mifune spent the first 19 years of his life in China, as a Japanese citizen he was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army Aviation, where he served in the Aerial Photography (Ko-type) unit during World War II. He repatriated to Japan in 1946 and then he become an actor who appeared in almost 170 feature films, he is best known for his collaboration with filmmaker Akira Kurosawa in films such as Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood, and Yojimbo. He is also popular for portraying Musashi Miyamoto in Hiroshi Inagaki's Samurai Trilogy.