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Late Grille 10 with 88mm Flak 41 gun.

German Artillery

Late Grille 10 with 88mm Flak 41 gun.


Originally, Grille 10 was build based on the order for heavy anti-tank vehicle armed with 88mm Flak L/56 gun to be usedagainst fortifications of the Maginot Line. In June of 1940, change of technical specifications occured, vehicle build by Krupp was modified to be a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. It was based on Pz Sf IVc chassis. Original anti-tank vehicle designated as 8.8cm K(PzSfl) auf Sonderfahrgestell was to be armed with 88mm Pak 43 gun but only wooden modelwas made. In late 1942, three prototypes were made - Versuchsflakwagen fur 8.8cm Flak 37.In 1944, they were rearmed with 88mm Flak 41 guns and designated as - Versuchsflakwagen fur 8.8cm Flak 41. Single example rearmed again with 88mm Flak 37 was sent for tests to Italy, where served with Heeres Flakartillerie Abteilung (Sf.) 304 with was assigned to the26th Panzer Division.Grille 17/21/30/42Geschutzwagen "Tiger" fur 17cm K72, 21cm MRS 18/1 und 30,5cm GRW (Sf)