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British armor

British Forces

British armor


Taken from fb:Joël Stoppels Battlefield Tours During the bitter fighting for the Hochwald Gap, the 11th British Armoured Division on the right of the Canadian Corps, had passed south of Udem. They stormed the high Gochfortz Berg on the 27 February 1945, then ploughed their way through forest and bog to the German Schlieffen defences around the Balberger Wald. Beyond them, to the south, British 30 Corps were advancing on a broad front and were beginning to make faster progress. The 3rd British Division, had crossed the Udem – Weeze road and was closing on Kervenheim. The 53rd Welsh Division were in the final stages of their hard battle for the fortified town of Weeze while the 52nd (Lowland) Division were picking up speed in their advance to the south-east down the Maas river. Picture: Churchill tanks in Kervenheim - 3rd March 1945