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The eagle of the 101st
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The eagle of the 101st

  1. garm1and
    Besides my interest in WWII, I'm a very big American Civil War student. Back during the ACW, the 8th Wisconsin Infantry came into the possession of a young bald eagle, and adopted it as their mascot. The eagle was given the name Old Abe in honor of President Lincoln, and it participated in all 37 skirmishes, engagements, and full scale battles the 8th was ever in. Old Abe was in actuality a female. Carried on a perch atop a shield, Old Abe was never wounded. She became famous for spreading her wings and shrieking at appropriate moments and was glorified by the Northern media. The 8th donated her to the government of Wisconsin, and Old Abe spent her postwar years living at the state Capitol, attending political rallies and being displayed at charity fundraisers. Her image became the insignia for the 101st airborne's shoulder patch, before the 101 became an airborne division, it was a reserve infantry division based in Wisconsin!
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  2. historian_101airborne
    Hello, I'm a new member to your group and I love the paratroopers of World War 2 I saw a documentary on this and found it very interesting proud to be a "101ST AIRBORNE" Screaming Eagles all the way, best wishes Private historian_101airborne and how do you get promoted
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