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WWII Australian veteran 'Z' type folboat found under suburban house

  1. John Hoehn
    John Hoehn
    Australian folboat authority John Hoehn ascertained that an 'old canoe' recently found is the earliest remaining Australian folboat & used at 'Z' Unit Cairns & Fraser Island training camps. It is now donated to the Australian War Museum.

    These craft were used on secret 'Z' raids in the Pacific. In the book Commando Kayak John traces the history through the war to 1972. It has copies of original folboat and patent drawings. More info is on the website: www.hirschbooks.net

    Manufactured by the author’s father in Melbourne, the first two were rushed to Major Lyon’s highly secret Camp-X at Refuge Bay, NSW, where commandos were training for Operation Jaywick. Some were later used in Operation Rimau. The commandos blew up many Jap ships in Singapore Harbor by night paddling and placing magnetic mines on the hulls.

    It is now realised that the role of the folboat in Australian war history was largely an Australian effort.
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