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The Viking Runes

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  1. imi
    In the Rune poems, othala is said to be `beloved of every human' but this domestic contentment is linked with a good harvest, i.e. material comfort. Because odal refers to land owned by generations rather than leased from a lord, it speaks of permanence and stability and so represents domestic stability and security and living with others rather than branching out alone. Though the Norse people were great wanderers, nevertheless, the homestead was important to them and as shown in the rune laguz, establishing the new homestead ,however temporary in a new land, was a priority.
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    Dagaz (Day)
    Awakening, clear vision or awareness, light at the end of the tunnel, Optimism
    Dagaz refers to the coming together of day and night at the moments of sunset, the beginning of a new day in the Northern world and daybreak or Dawn. Dazaz is therefore the moment of fusion, of transition and so has special potency. The mid-point of the Northern day, a period of darkness and light, was Dawn and the rising of the sun. It is a of the balancing of opposites and like the World Card in the Tarot, the uniting of disparate forces in harmony, stillness and movement
    The Anglo-Saxon Rune poem, the only one to describe Dagaz, refers to it as`the Lord’s messenger’ bringing. This may reflect an attempt by scribes to Christianise the rune poems but whether it is the light of Day, of the Sun god or the Christian deity who offers enlightenment, the light of Dagaz is seen as shining on rich and poor alike, offering them hope.
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    In the Norse legends, Nott, the Goddess of Night, was the creator of this light. By her third husband, Dellinger (dawn) she gave birth to a radiant son, Dag, whose name meant Day As soon as the Gods saw the radiance of Dag they fashioned him a chariot, drawn by a white steed, Skin-faxi (shining mane). From its mane brilliant beams of light radiated in all directions, scattering the fears of night.
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