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Nazis ‘built underground nuclear weapons facility using slave labour’

January 22nd, 2015

The town was the site of the notorious Gusen II concentration camp, one of the Mauthausen-Gusen group, where forced labourers were worked to death. Some 320,000 people are believed to have died in the camps.

The inmates of Gusen II were made to dig the huge Bergkristall underground complex where V-2 rockets and the Messerschmitt Me 262, the world’s first jet fighter, were built.

Mr Sulzer believes the network of tunnels he has discovered nearby may have been a separate facility of the Bergkristall project.

But while the main Bergkristall complex was extensively investigated by the Allies after the end of the war, the Nazis appear to have gone to far greater lengths to conceal the second complex, sealing the entrance with huge granite slabs, and it has remained largely undisturbed.

Mr Sulzer and a team unearthed the entrance to the bunker last year, but were ordered to stop excavations by the authorities because they did not have the proper permits.

Now Mr Sulzer claims he has found Nazi blueprints for the complex of tunnels, and is demanding a proper investigation of what lies within.

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