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Book claiming Vichy regime is ‘misunderstood’ and ‘tried to save Jews’ is France’s bestseller

October 14th, 2014

The work is the latest in a long line of books by French authors charting the alleged decline of a once great nation.

It argues that economic stagnation and immigration have damaged France’s national identity, but it stands out from its peers with its radical assertion that the Vichy regime is the victim of a historical orthodoxy that is blind to the realities of wartime France.

Mr Zemmour, the son of Jewish Berbers who emigrated from Algeria in the 1950s, argues that three quarters of France’s Jews were “saved by the strategy of [Vichy leader] Philippe Pétain and [wartime Prime Minister] Pierre Laval in the face of German demands”.

He claims in his 544-page book that the two leaders “sacrificed foreign Jews [living in France] in order to save French Jews” but that political correctness prevents this from being acknowledged.

Around 75,000 Jews – both French nationals and refugees – were sent from France to death camps. Only a handful survived.

Mr Zemmour in particular blames the US historian Robert Paxton – whose 1972 book “Vichy France: Old Guard and New Order” is credited with making the French aware of the complicity of the Vichy regime in the Holocaust – for distorting what he sees as the reality of wartime France.

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