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Hitler flower painting to be auctioned for $30,000

March 23rd, 2015

Anyone doubting the banality of evil would be wise to take a long look at this 1912 watercolour by Adolf Hitler, which is due to be auctioned on March 26 with a starting price of $ 30,000.

The painting, a still life of flowers in a pitcher, features Hitler’s signature, and is being sold by Nate D Saunders, a memorabilia collector.

The previous owner has not been identified. It is thought that Hitler would have been 24 or 25 at the time of painting.

The Telegraph’s art critic Alastair Smart says of the piece, “The work is of no intrinsic, artistic worth whatsoever. The only vague point of interest might be that, unlike the iffy watercolours of Vienna city we associate with Hitler the painter, this rarity is an iffy watercolour of a pitcher of azalias.”

The watercolour features Hitler’s signature

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Inside the Lodz Ghetto: photos by Henryk Ross
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The last Hitler painting sold at auction was an architectural watercolour of Munich Hall, which sold for $ 161,000 in 2014.

This painting signed by A. Hitler is called “The Old City Hall”

Hitler began painting in 1908 when he moved to Vienna. He was twice rejected by the Vienna Academy of Art, but had a supporter in Samuel Morgenstern, a Jewish art dealer, who sold several of Hitler’s paintings to wealthy Viennese Jewish clients.

Hitler moved to Munich in 1913, having been unable to make a living as a painter.

The Nazis later seized Morgenstern’s gallery, and he was deported to the Lodz Ghetto, where he died in 1943. This flower painting has Morgenstern’s stamp on the back.

Evacuation of the sick and aged by horse-drawn cart, 1942, Lodz Ghetto (Henryk Ross/Copyright Art Gallery of Ontario)

World War Two

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Painting by Adolf Hitler expected to sell for £40,000

November 25th, 2014

Though Hitler’s paintings surface fairly regularly, Weidler said this 28×22 cm (11×8.5 inch) scene, unimaginatively called “The Old City Hall,” also includes the original bill of sale and a signed letter from Hitler’s adjutant, Albert Bormann, brother of Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann.

From the text of the undated Bormann letter, it appears the Nazi-era owner sent a photo of the painting to Hitler’s office asking about its provenance.

Bormann wrote back that it appears to be “one of the works of the Fuehrer.”

The starting price is 4,500 euros, and Weidler, whose auction house has sold several Hitlers over the past decade, said she expects it will go for 50,000 – but wouldn’t be surprised if sold for double that.

If it does, however, it will be because of the name in the corner alone, as its artistic value is fairly minimal, she added.

Another auctioneer, Anja Doebritz said it was legally legitimate to sell Hitler’s work but she wouldn’t do it.

“What to me is a shame is that money is being made with an affection for this regime. I personally would not do it but every auctioneer has to decide for himself.”

World War Two

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