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Polish nightclub owner defends giant yellow swastika

February 27th, 2015

But Marek Pelian said the design was a yellow path to guide his guests.

“What swastika? This is just the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz,” he told the local press, explaining that one arm of the design leads to the nightclub’s door while another will lead to an outdoor stage that has yet to be built.

“This design has four arms, just like the galaxy, and this is an astronomical disco,” he added as further explanation. “Just because Hitler used it does not mean it’s a sign of totalitarianism.”

His explanation has failed to win everyone over.

• Paving stone swastika embarrasses German town

In a commentary piece for Gazeta Wyborcza, a leading Polish newspaper, Pawel Krysiak, a Czestochowa resident, said in Poland the swastika will always be “associated with genocide, not the Wizard Oz,” and reminded Mr Pelian of what happened to Czestochowa’s Jews during the war.

“In the autumn of 1942 the Nazis deported 40,000 people to the Treblinka death camp,” he wrote. “This is what happened to people under the sign of the swastika. Czestochowa still lives in the shadow of this crime and we do not want to forget it.”

World War Two

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