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Did a Nazi bomb fall near your house?

April 8th, 2015

More than 30,000 bombs fell in London during the blitz, but not all of them exploded.

Last week, 1,200 residents had to leave their homes in Bermondsey, London, after a 1,000lb Nazi bomb was discovered in the area. A few days later, a resident brought an old artillery shell into a police station in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Later that week, a gardener handed in yet another unexploded bomb in Goole.

But given the huge number of bombs the Nazis dropped on Britain, it isn’t surprising that we’re still finding remnants 70 years later. The map above, compiled using data from, shows the locations where bombs fell in London during the blitz. Was your street affected? Scroll through our map and zoom in to get a sense of where the bombs fell during World War Two.

World War Two

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Adolf Hitler’s house could become immigrants’ centre

May 14th, 2014

According to local press reports, she has rejected suggestions the house be made into an anti-Nazi memorial, and even refused the town authorities permission to put a plaque on the building, for fear it could provoke attacks from neo-Nazis or anti-fascists.

Instead, a small memorial stone on the street outside records the fact that this was Hitler’s birthplace.

Until two years ago, the building was used as a day centre for people with learning difficulties. The interior ministry carefully vets all prospective tenants to ensure it doesn’t become a neo-Nazi shrine, and the possibility of residential use was rejected in case it attracted Hitler admirers.

Now, after talks in Vienna dubbed the “Birthplace Summit” by Austrian newspapers, the interior ministry is optimistic it has found a solution acceptable to all parties – and one that seems a fitting response to Hitler’s racist policies.

Under the plan, after extensive renovation, the building would be used as a language school and integration centre for migrants.

Hitler spent the first three years of his life in the house. At the time, it was a modest guest-house where his parents rented rooms while his father was working as a minor customs official at the nearby border with Germany.

After his father was posted to Passau in Bavaria, the family moved away.

In 1938, after the Anschluss with Austria, huge crowds watched as Hitler returned to Braunau in triumph.

His private secretary, Martin Bormann, bought the house at 15 Salzburger Vorstadt for four times its market value, with the intention of turning it into a shrine.

In 1954, the former owner bought it back for a fraction of the price.

World War Two

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