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Thread: Waltz with Bashir...

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    Default Waltz with Bashir...


    Out of 'Toon

    'Waltz With Bashir' (2008)
    : From its arresting opening -- a dream in which a pack of wild yellow-eyed dogs sprint through busy thoroughfares and knock over tables -- Ari Folman's trip down the PTSD rabbit-hole of his own psyche completely upends viewers' preconceived notions about first-person documentaries. That's right: "Waltz With Bashir" is a nonfiction animated film, and after you've experienced Folman's dark-humored and deeply terrifying account of taking part in Israel's 1982 Lebanon War, it's impossible to think he could have told this story any other way. The more the director talks to his fellow middle-aged soldiers about their part in razing villages and being shot at by snipers, all of which is rendered as graphically as possible and in the oddly synched style reminiscent of those old "Jonny Quest" cartoons. All of these vignettes are leading up to Folman's own repressed memory of his participation in a massacre in Beirut -- and, by extension, how his country engaged in a collective bout of denial over what it did in the name of keeping the peace. Full of unforgettable imagery, the movie is a hallmark of modern Israeli cinema, yet it's also a benchmark for the medium: Animation has spent decades bringing the fantastic to life, but thanks to this testimonial, we now know of its potential to help drag reality into focus as well.

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    Perhaps this is just another in the endless series of people being ****ed up by war in the service of their nation, when those ****ed up people are usually much better than the people in the government which sent them to war and much more likely to suffer the enduring consequences of wars which have little impact on the politicians and their supporters who will always sacrifice other people's children to their cause. Not to mention the poor bastards ****ed up by those service people in their actions against people determined as hostile, who are just as much deserving of consideration in many cases.

    What I think:
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    A rational army would run away.

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