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Hitler's Third Reich in the News
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Thread: Hitler's Third Reich in the News

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    Default Hitler's Third Reich in the News

    Hitler's Third Reich in the News


    Hitler's Third Reich in the News is a daily edited review of Hitler, Third Reich and Second World War related news and articles.

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    Nice find, an interesting little site. Welcome aboard by the way, pleased to meet you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly
    Nice find, an interesting little site. Welcome aboard by the way, pleased to meet you.
    Really , :P hello Firefly nice to see you agian. :wink: ,and cool site alephh.

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    Clausse, I thought you had gone. Welcome back mate..... I missed you... Good to have you back as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly
    Clausse, I thought you had gone. Welcome back mate..... I missed you... Good to have you back as well...
    I am must come back to see,whats doing my old friends. :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dani

    Hallo Clauss! Wilkommen!
    Took the words right out of my mouth! Welcome back old buddy! And nice site Adelph!

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    Some of the recent additions:

    The continuing search for Raoul Wallenberg
    [2005-10-19] [Jerusalem Post]
    By the spring of 1944 the Nazis had succeeded in wiping out every sizable Jewish community in Europe except for the 700,000 remaining in Budapest. By late June, Adolf Eichmann had deported some 400,000 to death camps in Poland, and was planning to liquidate the rest. Swedish Raoul Wallenberg managed to save some 100,000. The Russians, who seized Budapest from the Germans on January 13, 1945, arrested Wallenberg four days later for reasons unknown. Wallenberg's fate has remained a mystery to the present, kept alive over the years by testimonies from former prisoners about rumors or sightings of Wallenberg in the Russian Gulag.

    Second former Nazi guard from St. Louis area loses his US citizenship
    [2005-10-18] [St Louis Today]
    A former Nazi death camp guard living in St. Louis lost his bid to remain a U.S. citizen. It was a key step toward a deportation that faces a big hitch: His native Romania has a law against taking him. Adam Friedrich, 83, served as a guard in Hitler's Waffen SS during World War II. A second former Nazi guard from the area, Michael Negele, 85, who lives in St. Peters, lost his final deportation appeal last year but is still here because his home country also is Romania.

    Nazi war criminal escapes Costa Brava police search
    [2005-10-17] [Guardian]
    One of the most wanted Nazi war criminals Aribert Heim may have fled the Costa Brava for another area of Spain or Denmark to escape an intense search by Spanish police. Recently, police have focused their investigations on two artists living in Palafrugell. The artists, a couple originally from France and Italy, allegedly received German bank transfers of €300,000 from one of Dr Heim's sons, El Mundo said. Police are trying to determine whether they helped hide Dr Heim and acted as a front to sustain him economically - or simply sold their works of art.

    When did Hitler decide on the Final Solution?
    [2005-10-13] [Holocaust-History]
    One of the most interesting, and hotly debated, aspects of the Holocaust is when Hitler ordered it to begin. The thinking to now has been that the decision was made in early to mid 1941, and that it got into full gear in early 1942. That thinking is now challenged by the recent discovery of hitherto unavailable documents, recently uncovered by German historian Christian Gerlach. The new documents include a diary entry by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels of December 12, 1941 and a portion of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's diary entry of December 18, 1941.

    Germans suffered from Allied "total war" strategy during World War II
    [2005-10-10] [The Nation]
    Are the former Allied nations willing to acknowledge German suffering and loss during World War II? Are they willing to question the morality of the means by which they won the war, even the firebombing that laid waste to 131 German cities and towns, and killed more than half a million people (most of them women, children and the elderly)?

    Program highlights search for Nazi scientists during second world war
    [2005-10-10] [JTA]
    Driven by the fear that the Nazis might come up with a last-minute super weapon, and foreshadowing the beginning of the Cold War, competing Anglo-American and Soviet intelligence teams scoured underground tunnels and mountain hideaways for the best brains in Germany - as documented in "Secrets of the Dead: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists".
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    alephh,Great Site! ,it is like reading the newspaper of the sundays but about the WW2,it has a comfortable design,i enjoyed it very much!.


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    40-Year Manhunt Is Zeroing In on Nazi Concentration Camp Doctor
    [2005-10-26] [NYTimes]
    After more than 40 years of searching, an international manhunt for Aribert Heim, a notorious doctor from the Nazi concentration camps and one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, has zeroed in on a stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, according to Spanish police officials. There has always been reason to believe Mr. Heim is still alive, because his million-euro bank account in Berlin has yet to be tapped by his children, who are free to do so if they can prove he is dead.

    Secrets of Nazi terror - an underground labour camp and vanished treasures
    [2005-10-25] [Guardian]
    Trawl through Stasi archives stumbles across records of hidden horrors and hidden treasures. A retired pit foreman Horst Bringezu stumbled on evidence while researching a local history of the mining industry. Documents revealed that some 1,500 prisoners worked among its vaults; many died. They also revealed that the SS had used the secret tunnels linking two mine shafts to store rare books, priceless paintings and letters by Goethe - all now vanished.

    No place for Nazis in medicine
    [2005-10-24] [New Scientist]
    A Nazi war criminal's contribution to medicine is being slowly written out of the medical record. Until a few decades ago, "Reiter's syndrome" was the term used to describe a certain disorder. It was named after German doctor Hans Reiter, who ran Hitler's Reich Health Office, and during the second world war designed typhoid inoculation experiments that killed more than 250 people. He was also implicated in enforced sterilisations and euthanasia.

    Germany plans Holocaust museum at firm that made crematoriums
    [2005-10-23] [Haaretz]
    A factory where the crematoriums for Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps were built, is to be turned into a Holocaust museum. It will provide a permanent home for an exhibition that began at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The "Technicians of the Final Solution" exhibition describes how an ordinary German engineering company built the crematoriums. Company did not have to take orders from the SS. It pursued the business and took the initiative in "improving" the devices.

    Springtime for Hitler - The Third Reich in Power
    [2005-10-23] [Globe and Mail]
    Nazi Germany represents the epitome of political evil: the very model of how democracies can go wrong. Nazism is slipping beyond living memory. It's therefore important to guard against mistaken analogies, faulty analyses or slipshod comparisons: in short, to get the history right. Cambridge University historian Richard Evans's projected three-volume history of the regime created by Adolf Hitler and his followers is a major achievement. This book takes the story from the Nazis' 1933 seizure of power in Germany, to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939.

    School art from Nazi era shows children's view of Third Reich
    [2005-10-22] [Independent]
    The exhibition is the first in post-war German history to illustrate in detail what adolescent school pupils chose or were ordered to draw in the Third Reich while they attended art classes at Munich grammar schools during the 1930s and early 1940s.

    Repost: Love Letters to Hitler
    [2005-10-22] [New York Times]
    Of all the books about the Third Reich that have flooded Germany as it marks the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, few are as bizarre and provacative as one called Love Letter to Adolf Hitler. "Sweetest love, favorite of my heart, my one and only, my dearest, my truest and hottest beloved," one of the letters begins. "I could kiss you a thousand times and still not be satisfied. My love for you is endless, so tender, so hot and so complete." All the letters are genuine. They were discovered strewn about the destroyed Chancellery from which Hitler had directed his campaign of war.

    Hitler's Legacy in the Balkans and The Batschka Division
    [2005-10-20] [Serbianna]
    During World War II, the Bachka region of Vojvodina was annexed to a Greater Hungary by Nazi Germany. Hitler sought to dismember Serbia by creating a Greater Hungary, a Greater Albania, a Greater Bulgaria, and a Greater Croatia. Pursuant to this policy, the Bachka region was made a part of Hungary. The Batschka Nazi SS Division of Vojvodina emerged after the breakup of the Bosnian Muslim Kama Division, which had been formed and trained in Vojvodina. The Kama Division had been the second Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division formed by Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

    Nazi photos reveal war's lost treasures
    [2005-10-20] [Times Online]
    Thousands of colour photographs commissioned by Adolf Hitler are to be released on the internet at www.zi.fotothek.org, bringing back to life many of Germany’s lost art treasures. Hitler, worried about damage being wrought by Allied bombers, ordered photographers to make records of frescoes in churches and palaces across Germany and occupied Europe. The decision, made after the defeat at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-43, suggests that Hitler sensed that the war could no longer be won.

    'German war' nearly broke out in Prague in 1944
    [2005-10-20] [Expatica]
    A Czech historian has found evidence that pro- and anti-Hitler factions within the German military were poised to battle each other in Prague after the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler in mid-1944. Anti-Hitler factions in the Wehrmacht were ready to fight in the streets against pro-Hitler soldiers with the Waffen-SS in what was then Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Other historians confirmed that Uhlir had discovered several lost pieces of a historical puzzle about plans for a "German war" toward the end of World War II.
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    MI5 file reveals a plot to set up a puppet Nazi government in Scotland
    [2005-11-07] [Yahoo]
    The former SNP leader Arthur Donaldson plotted to set up a puppet Nazi government in Scotland, according to a recently released wartime spy report. An MI5 file on Mr Donaldson, who led the SNP from 1961 to 1969, claims that he conspired to set up a Vichy-style regime with himself as a "Scottish Quisling" in the wake of Hitler's widely-anticipated invasion.

    German loner's bomb had shot at killing Hitler
    [2005-11-07] [OregonLive]
    George Elser taught himself bomb making, stealing explosives from the armaments factory where he worked, and doing repeated tests of a crude exploding mechanism that he designed himself. Finally satisfied with his handiwork, he traveled back to Munich. For more than a month, he spent his evenings surreptitiously carving a hole in a pillar next to the dais for his makeshift bomb. On Nov. 6 he hid the bomb in the pillar and after checking it the next day, even pressing his ear to the pillar to hear the bomb ticking, he left for Switzerland...

    Team to restore japanese WWII spy plane
    [2005-11-07] [Yomiuri]
    A group of Japanese aviation fans wants to recover and restore a Saiun reconnaissance plane that has been lying rusting in the Truk Islands. With a maximum speed of 630 kph and a maximum range of 5,000 kilometers, the Saiun was among the finest World War II carrier-based spy aircraft. The aircraft was immortalized through a pilot's Morse code message that read: "No enemy planes can catch me."

    The only nazi war criminal convicted in Britain dies
    [2005-11-07] [BBC]
    The only man to have been convicted in Britain of Nazi war crimes has died in Norwich prison. Anthony Sawoniuk, 84, was serving two life sentences after being found guilty of murdering 18 persons in the UK's first war crimes trial. The former British Rail ticket collector was found guilty in 1999 of crimes committed in his home town of Domachevo, Belarus.

    60th anniversary of the beginning of the Nuremberg Trials
    [2005-11-06] [TracyPress]
    Bill Miller and Ken Fulkerson were U.S. Army guards at the Nuremberg prison where the top Nazis were housed, and on a daily basis they looked directly into the eyes of Hermann Göring, Joaquim von Ribbentrop, Rudolf Hess, Gen. Wilhelm Keitel and 18 other indicted World War II war criminals. “Göring was the most open and friendly of the bunch,” Miller recalled. “He would talk to you about a lot of things, but he never talked much about himself or about politics.” Fulkerson also guarded Göring’s cell on occasion and gained the same impression of the No. 2 man in the Nazi hierarchy. “I remember Göring most of all,” he said. “He was very natural and friendly.”

    Nazi items and relics: repugnant or historic?
    [2005-11-06] [PE]
    Nazi memorabilia are becoming more accessible because World War II veterans and others who lived in the era are dying, leaving the artifacts behind, experts said. The market is so lucrative, counterfeiters are forging copies. From secret police squad helmets to Hitler Youth daggers, the market for such memorabilia is in high demand, experts say. Restrictions on how much of it can be sold overseas and via online auction house eBay mean sellers must rely on traditional swap meets and curio shops.

    The Secret City of World War II
    [2005-11-05] [DixieWeb]
    In 1942, with World War II raging, a team of scientists visited the quiet farming communities in Bear Creek Valley. They found a 60,000-acre tract of land that met military requirements of isolation, water and rail access and abundant electric power. The landowners were ordered to move off their lands quickly and the building of plants for the top secret wartime project began. The creation of the secret city of Oak Ridge began in 1942 as a major site of the ¡§Manhattan Project,¡¨ which was the massive wartime effort that produced the world¡¦s first atomic weapons.

    Watercolour by Adolf Hitler has been sold at auction for 7,700 euros
    [2005-11-04] [BBC]
    The picture of a German postman, 7in by 6in drawing from sketch book painted by the future Nazi dictator in 1924, was sold for 7,700 euros. Manager said the rare signed example of Hitler's early artistic career went to a private buyer. Drawing came from a friend of Otto Gunsche, Hitler's personal adjutant.

    Aboriginal Second World War veterans honoured in Normandy
    [2005-11-03] [Sask]
    Twenty aboriginal veterans of the Second World War were honoured at the Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery in France, near where the troops stormed ashore at Juno Beach on D-Day. The ceremony marked one stop to a Canadian aboriginal delegation commemorating the contributions of Indian, Inuit and Métis soldiers. At least 33 aboriginal soldiers are buried amid the pines and maples of the Bény-sur-Mer cemetery. They're a small fraction of the estimated 4,000 aboriginals who joined the Canadian military in the Second World War.

    Post-war years exhibition in Berlin: German women and American soldiers
    [2005-11-03] [Expatica]
    The exhibition at Berlin's Allied Museum offers a fascinating insight into life in the German capital when it lay in ruins, and Allied soldiers were banned from fraternizing with local women. An order of this kind never gets obeyed for long. Berlin was teeming at the time with lonely war widows and pretty young women, some of whom were in desperate need of food and shelter after their homes had been bombed and their loved ones killed.

    Hitler and Socialism - Why the Nazi party was not particularly socialist
    [2005-11-02] [About.com]
    Many conservatives insist that the Nazis were an example of a 'socialist' government as part of their effort to discredit socialism and leftist policies in general. During his drive to power, Hitler exploited social unrest by promising workers to strengthen their labor unions and increase their standard of living. But these were empty promises; privately, he was reassuring wealthy German businessmen that he would crack down on labor once he achieved power.

    Latvian government grants bigger tax breaks to former Nazi collaborators
    [2005-11-02] [Ria Novosti]
    The Latvian Cabinet has approved tax law amendments granting bigger tax breaks to surviving members of the Forest Brothers guerilla movement, which collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II. The Nazi collaborators will also be paid a monthly bonus of $100 by the Latvian Defense Ministry.

    Pilot who saved Buckingham Palace during World War II to be honored
    [2005-11-02] [Nola]
    A Royal Air Force fighter pilot who rammed a German bomber to prevent it attacking Buckingham Palace during World War II is to be posthumously honored for his valor. Sergeant Ray Holmes, who died earlier this year at the age of 90, used his Hurricane to bring down the German Dornier before it reached the palace, London home of the British monarch.

    Cathedral hit by RAF is rebuilt
    [2005-11-01] [Guardian]
    It was regarded as the finest baroque building north of the Alps. But on the night of February 13 1945, the RAF reduced Dresden's 18th-century cathedral to rubble in an air raid that killed at least 35,000 people. For the next 45 years, Dresden residents knew the church as a huge mound of rubble flanked by two jagged walls. It was only with the fall of the Berlin Wall that locals began a campaign to get it reconstructed culminating, after a decade of building, in a ceremony yesterday to mark its reopening.

    12in Silver cup - The Nazi war relic is locked in a vault
    [2005-11-01] [DailyRecord]
    A valuable chalice once owned by one of Hitler's henchmen is hidden in a safe in Scotland. The Nazi war relic is locked in a vault at the Royal Bank of Scotland's HQ in Edinburgh. The antique's owner, Derick Smith, was given the chalice by a British soldier who found it in Hermann Goering's home after WWII. Now he is planning to sell the relic - which experts believe could fetch £2million - if he can find a buyer.

    How West End `good-time girls` put Allied war effort at risk
    [2005-11-01] [Independent]
    Secret documents published November at the National Archives in Kew, west London, show that senior British officials and American officers became concerned in 1942 that the streets of London had become a hunting ground for women seeking to seduce, swindle or simply enjoy an influx of US troops. ... "They congregate around Piccadilly Circus and Coventry Street, many of them the worse for drink and quarrelsome, until the early hours of the morning. They are easy prey for the innumerable prostitutes that frequent the neighbourhood."

    East German Stasi offered Nazis a second career
    [2005-10-31] [AFP]
    The former East Germany's feared Stasi secret police set Nazi officers to work as spies and shielded them from prosecution for war crimes, according to a new book that belies the official anti-fascist stance of the communist regime. Historian Henry Leide drew on Stasi files that have not been opened to the general public since the fall of the communist regime in 1989 to trace the often well-paid careers of 35 of Hitler's men who found a reprieve in the secret police.

    U.S. gave tips on Holocaust low priority in '42 Hitler's plan kept quiet for months
    [2005-10-31] [Usa Today]
    U.S. intelligence officials learned within months of the U.S. entry into World War II that Nazi Germany planned mass killings, scholars reviewing newly declassified reports said Thursday. But the U.S. government gave the information low priority in August 1942, the scholars concluded, not acknowledging that Germany had a plan to exterminate Jews until six months later.

    Repost: Female Pilot Pitches Suicide Squad to Hitler
    [2005-10-29] [News of the Odd]
    Hanna Reitsch, Nazi Germany's celebrated female test pilot, suggested that Adolph Hitler should create a suicide squadron of glider pilots. Hitler was skeptical of the idea, believing that such a squadron would not be an effective use of Germany's limited resources. The delicate blonde's enthusiasm finally won him over; he agreed to investigate the possibility of adapting the V-1, which was designed to be a pilotless robotic bomb, to a kamikaze vehicle. Reitsch promptly formed a Suicide Group, and was herself the first person to take the pledge: "I hereby...voluntarily apply to be enrolled in the suicide group as a pilot of a human glider-bomb. I fully understand that employment in this capacity will entail my own death."

    MIS - Secret WWII Army Intelligence Unit
    [2005-10-29] [American Chronicle]
    It’s time to revisit the exploits, knowledge, experiences and intelligence of the World War Two veterans of the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Service (MIS). The missions of the MIS were highly classified and still are not widely known. Information about MIS activities was not made public until over 30 years after the war. The MIS consisted of Americans of Japanese ancestry who performed a very wide range of important and often dangerous activities.

    Movie: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days - White Rose resistance group
    [2005-10-28] [Guardian]
    Sophie Scholl was the name invoked by Hitler's secretary, Traudl Junge, when she said how ashamed she felt as an old woman on realising that not everyone her age in Germany went along with the evil craziness of nazism. Scholl was the 21-year-old student in Munich who in 1943 was executed as a member of the White Rose resistance group, engaged in distributing anti-Hitler leaflets on the university campus. This film portrays Scholl's last days before her death by guillotine.

    The Eagle's Nest: Nazism, Totalitarianism, Tourism
    [2005-10-28] [VersusMag]
    Perched high atop an alpine peak, near the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, is one of the most famous, and infamous, houses in the world. The Eagle's Nest-Adolf Hitler's personal mountain retreat-sits amid swirling clouds and affords a breathtaking view of the picturesque countryside and the Königsee, a pristine alpine lake that is famous for its incredibly placid surface. It was here that the Führer contemplated many of the Third Reich's most heinous crimes; it was here that he intimidated foreign heads of state to accede to his megalomaniacal whims, and it is here that thousands of tourists flock every year, anxious to experience natural grandeur and to contemplate the history of the place.
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    Katrin's choice: how do I tell my son about great-uncle Heinrich
    [2005-11-13] [TimesOnline]
    Frau Himmler, a political scientist, is the great-niece of Heinrich Himmler, head of Hitler’s SS and mastermind of the concentration camp system. She is married to an Israeli whose family was confined to the Warsaw ghetto, which was burned to the ground by troopers acting on her great-uncle’s orders. Sometime soon her son will have to be told of the 20th-century tragedy that is part of his heritage.

    Book will bring WWII veteran attention he doesn't want
    [2005-11-13] [mlive]
    The young American colonel asked the old Prussian general: Did he know where Adolf Hitler was hiding? Tired and worn down by war, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, did not hide his disdain for Hitler when he answered Col. Ralph Hauenstein. "No," he said, "but I imagine he's up in the mountains herding sheep, where he belongs." For von Rundstedt, the war was over. For Hauenstein, it had begun five years earlier.

    Israel to protest Hitler praise in Gujarat’s school textbooks
    [2005-11-13] [KhaleejTimes]
    Israel is planning to protest Gujarat’s move to include references in school books that glorify Adolf Hitler. The controversy concerns a Class X text book that is silent on the holocaust and glorifies Hitler. In a section on ‘Internal achievements of Nazism’, the school book states; “Hitler adopted a new economic policy and brought prosperity to Germany. He made untiring efforts to make Germany self reliant within one decade”.

    Treatment of Italian Canadians - dark chapter in Canadian history
    [2005-11-13] [NewsFromRussia]
    Prime Minister Paul Martin is trying to make amends to the country's Italian community for interning hundreds of Italian Canadians during World War II by funding education projects to commemorate the incident. Martin called it a dark chapter in Canadian history. Italian Canadians were "treated in a manner we know to be offensive," Martin told. He said those actions "were motivated by fear and suspicion."

    Hitler's dosshouse saved as warning to future generations
    [2005-11-13] [Telegraph]
    Austria has vetoed moves to turn the Vienna dosshouse where Hitler once lived into a hotel as part of a new drive to preserve Nazi-era buildings as cultural monuments. Until now such landmarks as the Meldemann Strasse homeless hostel, where Hitler stayed as a penniless painter, were deliberately exempted from conservation orders. But heritage chiefs now want them retained as sombre warnings to future generations.

    British government operated a secret torture centre during WWII
    [2005-11-12] [Guardian]
    The British government operated a secret torture centre during the second world war to extract information and confessions from German prisoners, according to official papers which have been unearthed by the Guardian. More than 3,000 prisoners passed through the centre, where many were systematically beaten, deprived of sleep, forced to stand still for more than 24 hours at a time and threatened with execution or unnecessary surgery.

    The Nazi Expeditions- Himmler's search for the remnants of the original master race
    [2005-11-12] [SMH]
    Himmler founded the Ahnenerbe, the ancestral heritage research foundation, whose specific purpose was to furnish a scientific underpinning for the Nazi doctrine of racial superiority. The Ahnenerbe was a vast organisation with thousands of staff: 100 researchers were employed simply to look at the role of the forest in German culture. Soon, sycophant scholars were falling over themselves to find proof of the Nazis' Aryan superiority.

    Rarest of the Rare- First US special forces served with distinction in WWII
    [2005-11-12] [LockHaven]
    The force was a rare partnership, consisting of 1,600 specially trained Canadian and U.S. volunteers. Hill was one of the originals, a member of “the Devil’s Brigade.” They came by the nickname in a brutally honest way. The soldiers were trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat. It was the paper sticker they left behind on the bodies of their victims that really earned them the sobriquet. The cards read “ Das ****e Ende Kommt Noch” meaning “the worst is yet to come.” An entry from a diary found on the body of a German officer read, “The Black Devils are all around us every time we come into line, and we never hear them.”

    WW II veteran remembers Dachau and Hitler's easy chair
    [2005-11-12] [TimesLeaderOnline]
    After Adolf Hitler had abandoned his house in Austria, soldiers gave themselves tours, including Heckman in May 1945. He took a coffee cup, stamped with Bauschu Weiden on the bottom, from the SS mess hall at Hitler's house, known as the Eagle's Nest in Salzburg. "I actually sat in (Hitler's) easy chair and enjoyed the view of the Alps." At one point, Heckman was based near the Dachau concentration camp, one of the many camps used by the Nazis to starve, gas and cremate people. When his outfit arrived, there still were people inside the camp. Although some were nursed back to health, he said others were so ill that attempting to eat did them more harm than good.

    Family ties: The Tojo legacy - interview
    [2005-11-12] [atimes]
    Yuko Tojo, 66, clearly idolizes her grandfather General Hideki Tojo, who was executed as Japan's top war criminal in 1948. she insists the man who ordered the Pearl Harbor attack led a "war of freedom" in Asia. "Essentially he was a kind man who loved peace," she said. "He was defending his country against foreign aggressors. His greatest crime was that he loved his country."

    The Goebbels Experiment: Enthralling film of excerpts from Goebbels's diaries
    [2005-11-11] [Boston]
    Entries are spoken over montages of archival footage that span Goebbels's miserable childhood at the start of the 20th century to his ghastly family suicide in 1945. He loved Germany to death, and he remained a defiant nationalist even as the Allies invaded Berlin. The diary entries the film culls present a man teeming with schadenfreude for all things non-German.

    The failure of the Red Cross to uncover the horrors of the camp
    [2005-11-11] [Telegraph]
    Production that helped young Jews cope with horrors of concentration camp is performed on the big stage. The musical was used by the Nazis in 1943 to present Theresienstadt as a model camp, "paradise ghetto", to international inspectors. Red Cross officials were persuaded after visits to the camp that living conditions there were comfortable and that the inmates were happy. A performance of the musical featured in the Nazi propaganda film The Führer Gives the Jews a Town. The cast was murdered after the film's release.

    Soviet Genocide - Russian WWII veteran convicted of war crimes dies
    [2005-11-11] [UPI]
    A Russian World War II veteran convicted of war crimes in Latvia has died while awaiting word on how he would serve his sentence. Larionov was found guilty of participating in massacres and mutilations of Latvians in the 1940s, an era the Baltic States refer to as the "Soviet Genocide."

    Battle for Budapest - One hundred days of solitude
    [2005-11-10] [BudapestSun]
    The WWII battle for Budapest took 108 days. The Soviet Army lost 80,026 killed and 240,056 wounded. Estimated Hungarian and German casualties were 48,000 dead, 26,000 wounded. By comparison, the Leningrad siege lasted 900 days, but the fighting was not in the city, as it was in Budapest. Among capital cities, only Warsaw had a more tragic time than Budapest. Budapest was not prepared. Despite its bloodiness, the Budapest siege was virtually unnoticed in western Allied nations.

    As a British counter-intelligence officer in WWII
    [2005-11-10] [Burnabynewsleader]
    Edwards returned to France right after D-Day. By this time he was a warrant officer in field security in the intelligence corps and in charge of 11 sergeants. After WWII, Edwards was one of 20 men interrogating 5,000 Gestapo and 15,000 SS members - there were 305 concentration camps he says so there were lots to go through - trying to determine which ones to send to prison camp and military tribunals and which ones to let go. "The German population gave them up. They realized we were there to help them."

    A new translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf Stirs Anger in Azerbaijan
    [2005-11-09] [FJC]
    An attempt to get a new translation of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf into bookshops in Azerbaijan has infuriated several groups and triggered the detention of the book's publisher. Anti-mafia police briefly arrested the editor-in-chief of Xural newspaper, Avaz Zeynalli, for getting the book translated into Azeri and publishing a few hundred copies.

    The Carpenter Elser Versus the Fuhrer Hitler
    [2005-11-08] [Spiegel]
    Many consider Nov. 9 to be a fateful date for Germany. But it was 13 minutes on Nov. 8, 1939 that really changed the course of 20th century history. A carpenter from southern Germany, Johann Georg Elser, almost managed to assassinate Hitler before Wold War II had engulfed the continent and the world. For decades after the war, though, he remained largely forgotten.
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    Eyewitness: Nazis 'no longer glamour boys' at tribunal
    [2005-11-20] [washingtontimes]
    An eyewitness account by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Louis P. Lochner: They were no longer glamour boys strutting across the European stage, these 20 Nazi leaders who filed into the Nuremberg courtroom. Hermann Goering, without his medals dangling on his chest and the bejeweled marshal's wand which he flashed at adulating crowds, didn't seem to be Goering. Joachim von Ribbentrop, unattended by the retinue of flunkies in SS uniforms who handed him state papers before his theatrical speeches as foreign minister, looked again like the champagne merchant he once was.

    Ban blocks Nazi military souvenirs
    [2005-11-20] [stuff]
    Internet auction site TradeMe's refusal to allow members to sell Nazi memorabilia has prompted one of its biggest sellers to switch to a new auction site so he can keep dealing in Nazi bayonets, military badges, helmets and caps. "We get a number of people who are unhappy with that decision, but if you have a Waffen SS insignia for sale to pin on your shirt we just do not want that on our site," O'Donnell said.

    A WWII Memorial for 12 million German refugees Rankles Some
    [2005-11-20] [npr]
    A controversy has grown over plans for a memorial center dedicated to the 12 million Germans who became refugees after World War II. Many were forced to flee the Soviet army or were expelled from homes in Eastern Europe. The planned center has raised questions about whether it's appropriate for Germans to remember their own victims of the war, given the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis on other nations.

    For a Nazi Outpost, An Ethical Retrofit
    [2005-11-20] [Washingtonpost]
    Vidkun Quisling was the head of Norway's collaborationist government during the 1940-45 Nazi occupation, and the imposing Villa Grande was his home and headquarters. "This is a house that has a strong aura of power and an authoritarian style." In spring of 1945, Norwegian resistance fighters entered Oslo. They made their way to the wooded peninsula on the fjord and surrounded the villa. Quisling had planned to fight, but his supporters deserted him and he surrendered without a shot fired. Within months, he was tried by a Norwegian court, branded a traitor and executed.

    Nuremberg praised for confronting Nazi past
    [2005-11-20] [AFP]
    Few cities are saddled with a historical legacy as painful as that of Nuremberg. This southern city is linked like hardly any other to the Nazis' delusions of grandeur, their poisonous mix of nationalism, historical manipulation and virulent anti-Semitism, and their calamitous downfall. It hosted the giant Nazi party rallies from 1927, even before Hitler rose to power five years later, in which hundreds of thousands swore allegiance to him and staged bizarre displays of purported racial superiority.

    German pics take fresh look at Nazi era
    [2005-11-19] [HR]
    Until recently, most filmmakers have steered clear of any attempts to humanize the Nazi reign period's everyday German, especially the myriad Nazi followers. Now, a new generation of Teutonic storytellers - led by Marc Rothemund, Dennis Gansel and Oliver Hirschbiegel - has eschewed caricature and provided a more nuanced glimpse into the Nazi psyche. Hirschbiegel garnered kudos, controversy and $87 million for his Oscar-nominated Hitler biopic "Downfall". Gansel's "Before the Fall" (Napola) engages the verboten with an evocative coming-of-age story told against the backdrop of an elite yet barbaric Nazi academy.

    Interview With Nuremberg Prosecutor Whitney Harris
    [2005-11-18] [Spiegel]
    Harris: The whole court case was a huge challenge. I was assigned to the case of Ernst Kaltenbrunner, meaning I had to investigate the murder of millions of Jews. Kaltenbrunner took over from Reinhard Heydrich as the head of Reich security and was in charge of tens of thousands of Gestapo agents, police and security forces. I did not have the slightest idea of the scale of genocide that had taken place in Germany.

    Funds to preserve WWII internment camps in US
    [2005-11-18] [sfgate]
    The House adopted legislation aimed at ensuring the country never forgets the bitter lessons of the World War II internment of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans, many of whom were from California. The bill authorized up to $38 million in federal funds to preserve and restore 10 internment camps, and preservation of 17 assembly centers. "A great people can make mistakes. What you need to do is admit it and don't make it again," said Rep. Bill Thomas.

    Austria: Police arrest historian David Irving for Holocaust denial
    [2005-11-18] [BBC]
    British revisionist historian David Irving is being held in Austria under laws against denying the Holocaust. Mr Irving was on his way to give a lecture in the capital, Vienna. In his books, Mr Irving has argued that the scale of the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis in World War II has been exaggerated. He also claimed that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust.

    Latvian parlt refuses benefits to Anti-Hitler coalition veterans
    [2005-11-18] [Itar-tass]
    The Latvian parliament has repeatedly rejected a bill on the status of soldiers of the Anti-Hitler coalition in World War II. The Opposition demanded benefits for Latvian citizens and non-citizens who fought in the anti-Hitler coalition during the 1941-1945 war, including guerilla forces. Currently this group have no benefits at all and opposition feels that Soviet veterans should have at least the same status as national resistance participants, including the veterans of the Waffen SS.

    Threat to stables where czechs planned assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
    [2005-11-17] [Herald]
    The future of an historic South Warwickshire site where Czech agents hatched a plot to assassinate the Nazi behind Hitler’s Final Solution looks set to be decided on Tuesday. The idyllic estate was used as an allied training camp. It was there that agents launched a covert operation to assassinate mass murderer Reinhard Heydrich.

    Barry Atkins, commander in historic WWII sea battle, dead
    [2005-11-17] [NYNewsDay]
    Retired Adm. Barry K. Atkins, received the Navy Cross for "extraordinary heroism" as commanding officer of the USS Melvin during the Battle of Surigao Strait in the Philippines. Military historians believe the sinking of the Japanese Fuso was the only instance in the war of a destroyer sinking a battleship.

    The Nazi Scientists of America - Including 118 German rocket scientists at Fort Bliss
    [2005-11-17] [AmericanHeritage]
    The front page of The New York Times on November 17, 1945, bore a curiously vague headline: “88 German Scientists Reach Here, Reputedly With Top War Secrets.” The paper speculated that the group’s arrival was the result of a program announced weeks earlier by the War Department to bring German scientists to America. Men who just seven months earlier had been at war with the United States were being ushered onto our shores by the government. The purpose: to jump-start American high-tech industry.

    Diaries of Daily life during the Third Reich
    [2005-11-17] [MaineToday]
    German journalist Victor Klemperer risked his life when he secretly recorded how the Nazis controlled their own people through a campaign of fear and the silencing of dissent. Those who read his clandestine diaries, first-hand observations that chronicle the daily life of a Jew living outside of the concentration camps during the Third Reich, say they are as relevant today as they were 60 years ago when the Holocaust began.

    Nazis and medical ethics: Deadly Medicine - Creating the Master Race
    [2005-11-16] [AMA]
    The practice of medicine in Nazi Germany still profoundly affects modern-day medical ethics codes, according to Alan Wells, PhD. During the 1930s, the German medical establishment was admired as a world leader in innovative public health and medical research. The question we are asking is: How could science be co-opted so that doctors as healers evolved into killers and medical research became torture?

    Repost: The Perfect Spy - Fritz Kolbe
    [2005-11-16] [Boston]
    He was a civil servant in an uncivilized society, an underling assigned to incinerate the secret messages that circulated among his sinister superiors. 1943, Fritz Kolbe stuck a stack of papers into a pouch and took a train to the Swiss capital. He met Allen Dulles, a Wall Street lawyer hired to build an American espionage network. Kolbe's information was staggering: A spy who penetrated the British embassy in Turkey was feeding the Nazis details about the planned landing at Normandy.

    Uncensored memoirs of the Churchill's bodyguard found
    [2005-11-15] [Guardian]
    The uncensored memoirs of the PM's bodyguard were found in a farm loft. Detective Inspector Walter Thompson was Churchill's personal bodyguard for 18 years. He accompanied him over 200,000 miles and witnessed some of the defining moments of the 20th century from the outbreak of war in 1939 until May 1945. Churchill had 20 brushes with death, seven of which were direct attempts on his life where Walter personally intervened. Among the threats to his life were from an Indian nationalist who tried to kill him in America, a German sniper team in Antibes, a loner with a loaded revolver as Churchill was about to board a flying boat, a sewer bomb in Athens planted by Greek communists...

    16 neo-Nazis on trial on charges of seeking new Nazi state
    [2005-11-15] [People]
    Prosecutors put 16 neo-Nazis on trial on Monday in Germany's western city of Koblenz, where they were being accused of seeking a new Nazi state and forming a criminal group for that purpose. The defendants were facing a trial that would last till the end of January on charges of forming a right-wing "Kameradschaft Westerwald" organization. Its purpose is to create a new Nazi state in Germany without foreigners.

    The USA: A Birthplace of Nazi Genocide
    [2005-11-15] [Archive]
    On Monday I had the honor of giving the opening talk for Holocaust Remembrance week. It was titled "American Complacency and the Holocaust", I though my preferred title might have been, "The USA: Birthplace of Nazi Genocide." Essentially, in it, I explore American ideological culpability for the Holocaust vis-à-vis eugenics and scientific racism. I assert that Hitler looked towards America as the model for enacting his Aryan master race plan, and I thoroughly substantiate the same.

    WWII war children take Norway to court
    [2005-11-15] [UPI]
    More than 100 Children born to Norwegian mothers and German fathers during WWII are suing the government for allegedly failing to protect their rights. Claiming they had been physically and mentally abused in Norwegian schools, molested in orphanages, mistreated by public health personnel and even committed to psychiatric institutions. Called "krigsbarna" or, more derogatorily, "tyskerungene" in Norway, the children generally were the otherwise innocent products of relationships between Norwegian women and German soldiers in Norway during the Nazi occupation.

    Nuremberg aide who put Goering in his place
    [2005-11-14] [Telegraph]
    The chief translator at the Nuremberg Trials has described how he forced Hermann Goering to pay him more respect. Richard Sonnenfeldt is one of the few surviving witnesses to the trials and played a central role in translating interrogations of senior Nazis such as Goering, Rudolf Hess and the Auschwitz camp commander, Rudolf Höss.

    Book: In Command of History - How Churchill Revised World War II
    [2005-11-14] [NYTimes]
    "In Command of History" describes how Churchill produced the six volumes of "The Second World War," which appeared between 1948 and 1954. That Churchill had the freedom to write was due to one of the bitterest blows of his life - the loss of the 1945 general election. During his "second wilderness years," he turned to the pen, as he had before, to redeem his reputation, and also to pad his bank account. But he faced considerable obstacles before he could present his version of events.
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    Some of the updates

    Napoleon the inspiration for Hitler, says historian
    [2005-11-29] [Guardian]
    Napoleon massacred more than 100,000 Caribbean slaves and should be remembered as a genocidal dictator and inspiration for Hitler rather than a military genius and founder of modern France, a French historian said. Book, Napoleon's Crime, is published this week, on the bicentenary of the emperor's great triumph at the battle of Austerlitz this Friday.

    The genocide of the Gypsies at the hands of Nazi Germany
    [2005-11-29] [Haaretz]
    About one million Gypsies lived in those parts of Europe that were occupied by Germany. To the Nazis, the Gypsies were a marginal nuisance that they did not know how to handle, since the Gypsies were actually the only Aryans in Europe, as their ancestors are from northwest India. In a letter to Martin Bormann dated December 6, 1942, Heinrich Himmler concluded that the "mixed-blood Gypsies" had to be eliminated, while purebred Gypsies should be allowed to live a nomadic life outside of Germany.

    Deaths of many of his trainees in WWII still haunt him
    [2005-11-29] [News Journal]
    The memory of the young men Herbert Krichbaum trained to fight in World War II still has devastating force. When we first started training men to fight, we had 21 weeks to get them ready. But as the war went on and replacements were needed, the training time went down to just 11 weeks. It wasn't enough time. Those men...they were just...cannon fodder. Many young recruits were killed during advance training as they crept and crawled under live fire. The grenades were real and dynamite sticks were liable to go off in a man's hand.

    Mao more lethal than Hitler, Stalin
    [2005-11-29] [wnd]
    A noted expert in calculating the number of deaths caused by authoritarian regimes says the late Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-tung's actions led to the deaths of nearly 77 million of his countrymen, surpassing those killed by Nazi Party founder Adolf Hitler and Soviet Premier Josef Stalin. R. J. Rummel, professor and a Nobel Peace Prize finalist who has published dozens of books chronicling so-called "democide," or death by government, said the new Chinese figure was based on what he believes was Mao's duplicity in China's great famine of 1958 to 1961.

    Trial of ex-Nazi SS officer in final phase
    [2005-11-28] [AP]
    A former Nazi SS commander was actively involved in wartime atrocities that included the massacre of civilians at the end of Second World War. Capt. Ladislav Niznansky faces a possible life in prison if convicted of 164 counts of murder in three massacres in early 1945 after a failed uprising against Slovakia's Nazi puppet government. The captives included members of the US Office of Strategic Services, on the run during a secret mission to Slovak partisans fighting the Nazi occupation, and AP correspondent Joseph Morton, who was the only war correspondent known to have been executed by any side during Second World War.

    Frozen airman not believed to be Idaho soldier
    [2005-11-27] [AP]
    Experts have been able to read a name on a faded badge on the body of a World War Two airman found encased in ice on a California mountain. But they won't reveal the name until they confirm the identity through DNA, which could take several weeks. The discovery of the well-preserved body raised the hopes of four families whose loved ones disappeared on a training flight in the Sierra Nevada on November 18th, 1942. The body apparently isn't that of John Mortenson of Moscow, Idaho because his badge was found by ice climbers five years after the accident.

    Ex Nazi officer jailed for life
    [2005-11-26] [AFP]
    A former Nazi officer has been sentenced to life imprisonment over the 1944 massacre of 60 people in an Italian monastery. Hermann Langer, 86, a former SS lieutenant, was tried in his absence and found guilty of leading a group of soldiers who carried out the massacre on September 2, 1944. A Venezuelan bishop and several monks were among those killed, who included French, German, Spanish and Swiss nationals. Langer is the last survivor of the SS unit that was commanded by General Max Simon.

    Historian David Irving acknowledges Nazi gas chambers
    [2005-11-25] [dtf]
    British historian David Irving now acknowledges that Nazi gas chambers existed but admits that some of his past statements could be interpreted as denying people were gassed. Attorney, Elmar Kresbach said Irving is now "correcting himself," adding the historian now "sees himself as somebody who can influence marginal groups who have difficulty believing in the Third Reich."

    Book: The Mussolini syndrome
    [2005-11-25] [Times-of-Malta]
    Luigi Barzini: Mussolini was constantly shielded from anything negative by those around him so that he became the victim of make believe and illusion. The cities (Mussolini) visited had been carefully prepared a long time before his arrival: he was shown only the things and the people that would please and comfort him. He did not know that some of the new buildings he opened were abandoned and began decaying the following day, that some of the aqueducts never carried water. The technique was so smooth that it even deceived Hitler. Preparations for his visit in 1938 went on for six months.

    The Nuremberg Interviews: Psychiatrist’s Conversations with the Defendants
    [2005-11-24] [jsf]
    Goldensohn was a prison psychiatrist at the Nuremberg in 1946. While there, he interviewed 33 high-ranking Nazi war criminals. He asked Rudolf Hoess to tell him how many people were executed at Auschwitz. “Hoess: ‘About 2.5 million.’ Goldensohn: ‘What do you think of it?’ Hoess (looking blank and apathetic): ‘I had my personal orders from Heinrich Himmler.’ ‘Did you ever protest?’ ‘I couldn’t do that.’ ‘Don’t you have a mind or opinion of your own?’ ‘Yes, but when Himmler told us something, it was so correct and so natural we just blindly obeyed it.’

    Irving faces 20 years' jail in Austria for 'Holocaust denial'
    [2005-11-23] [Independent]
    The British historian David Irving has been charged by prosecutors in Austria of denying the existence of the Holocaust, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail. Mr Irving's website claimed last week that he had been detained while on his way to address a group of "courageous students" on the subject of a deal reached between the Gestapo chief Adolf Eichmann and Hungarian Jewish leaders during the Second World War.

    Kon-Tiki adventurer cooperated with Nazi scientist
    [2005-11-23] [AFP]
    Celebrated Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, best known for his daring expedition to Polynesia on the Kon-Tiki raft, briefly cooperated with a Nazi scientist, according to a new biography. In February 1938, the acclaimed anthropologist traveled to Germany to visit Nazi racial scientist Hans Guenther and honor him with the skull of a native of the Marquesas Islands. -- "We (Guenther and Heyerdahl) both hold everything French in real contempt. One cannot find a people more fake, more impolite and more uncultured," Heyerdahl said.

    Missing WWII submarine found
    [2005-11-23] [HeraldSun]
    An Australian filmmaker is confident he has solved the 63-year-old mystery of the location of the third Japanese midget submarine used in the attack on Sydney Harbour during World War II. The missing sub is believed to have escaped through Sydney Heads but never made it to a rendezvous with five mother ships waiting 9km off Port Hacking. Mr Lay said divers had conducted numerous visual inspections of the site where the sub is thought to be lying.

    Czech war heroes executed by the Nazis still serve as instruction material
    [2005-11-23] [ceskenoviny]
    The mortal remains of Czech war heroes executed by the Nazis during WW2 probably still serve as instruction material in medicine lessons at German and Austrian universities. Among these samples may even be the corpses of Czech paratroops Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis who assassinated Nazi Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia and the third most powerful man in the Third Reich, in Prague in 1942.

    George Drew, serial World War II escaper, dies
    [2005-11-23] [AP]
    A man who made a habit of escaping from German prison camps during World War Two has died. Drew was captured in Belgium and was taken first to a camp in Bavaria, where he took up wood carving. He was eventually moved to Warburg, where he built a tunnel and escaped. Recaptured and transferred to another camp, Drew worked on a tunnel which helped more than 60 fellow prisoners to escape. He was again recaptured.

    Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon
    [2005-11-22] [BBC]
    Sixty years ago the US hired Nazi scientists to lead pioneering projects, such as the race to conquer space. These men provided the US with cutting-edge technology which still leads the way today, but at a cost. The end of World War II saw an intense scramble for Nazi Germany's many technological secrets. The Allies vied to plunder as much equipment and expertise as possible from the rubble of the Thousand Year Reich for themselves, while preventing others from doing the same.

    Where Nazi Storm Troopers are Heroes
    [2005-11-22] [strategypage]
    Why are all those monuments going up in eastern Europe, honoring dead SS (elite Nazi combat troops) soldiers. What’s going on here? It's not World War II being rewritten, just remembered. Russians are gone from Eastern Europe, and most Eastern Europeans are glad to see them go. And in many of these countries, the guys who joined the SS during World War II, to fight the Russians, were always considered national heroes. So in countries like Croatia, Bosnia, and the Baltic States, memorials are going up to the men who died fighting for the SS against the hated Russians.

    The Hitler Book - Secret Dossier Prepared for Stalin
    [2005-11-21] [TimesOnline]
    The former Soviet archives continue to yield a regular quantity of gold nuggets. Nobody has yet found a Beria diary but now Henrik Eberle and Matthias Uhl, two historians, have edited a fascinating document. The Hitler Book is “file no. 1-G-23 on Hitler and his entourage”. The authors were Moscow intelligence officers. In 1948-49 they were ordered to write up everything learnt about Adolf Hitler through interrogations of his captured intimates. The men who gave most information were Otto Günsche, his adjutant, Heinz Linge, his valet, and Hans Baur, his pilot.

    Beast of Belsen and his lover in Nuremberg exhibit
    [2005-11-21] [Guardian]
    The faces of two lovers who did terrible things to others in a terrible place were shown to a mass online audience for the first time. The couple, Josef Kramer, nicknamed the Beast of Belsen, and Irma Grese, 25, in charge of death cells at the Nazi concentration camp, were seen in photographs digitised by the Imperial War Museum. They were hanged after being convicted of mass atrocities at the Nuremberg trials. Kramer was camp commandant. Grese was so steeped in blood that a legend persists of her ghost haunting a building on the site of Belsen in the former east Germany.

    Allied prosecutors recall the horror
    [2005-11-21] [Independent]
    Markus Wolf, the former head of Communist East Germany's intelligence service, covered the Nuremberg trials for a German radio station in 1945. "Perhaps I was naive, but I had seen the photographs of all these Nazi leaders in all their pomp and glory. Then in Nuremberg, I saw normal people sitting in the dock. They seemed like staff in a railway station." Mr Wolf recalled how Goering and Speer turned their heads away as the court was shown documentary evidence of the death camps. "In just the same way, many Germans did not want to hear anything about the concentration camps.".

    1938 oil portrait of Hitler unveiled at WWII museum
    [2005-11-21] [fortwayne]
    Visitors to the World War II Victory Museum will be looked down upon by a larger-than-life portrait of Adolf Hitler to remind patrons of the horrific crimes the dictator committed. The painting, believed to be the only portrait made of Hitler while he was alive, was unveiled Sunday as part of the “Rising Tyrants” exhibit at the museum. It was painted in 1938 by Heinrich Knirr, who was considered the premiere artist in Germany during that time.
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    The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler
    [2005-12-04] [newcriminologist]
    The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler, by Leonard L. Heston, M. D., and Renate Heston, R. N., with an introduction by Albert Speer, published in 1979. Available used, unfortunately out of print. Adolf Hitler was variously diagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenic and paranoid schizophrenic. He was also diagnosed as having had Parkinson's disease, which Yasir Arafat reportedly suffered from. Yet Hitler had none of these disorders: he was an amphetamine and barbiturate addict.

    Georges Guingouin - A Communist maquisard
    [2005-12-04] [guardian]
    Georges Guingouin was a legendary figure of the French Resistance who was awarded the title of Compagnon de la Liberation by General de Gaulle in 1944. Of 1,053 recipients Guingouin was one of only 12 Communists. -- Because Hitler and Stalin had signed a non-aggression pact, the Communist party refused to take sides in the imperialist war. After the fall of France in 1940, this meant that the party did not directly condemn the German occupation. Guingouin drafted a manifesto in August 1940, denouncing the occupation. Later his activities became more ambitious: sabotaging a railway and blowing up a rubber factory near Limoges.

    Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany: Christian Nationalism, Anti-Semitism
    [2005-12-03] [about.com]
    The Nazis and Adolf Hitler are commonly thought of as representing the antithesis of Christianity and Christian values. If that's true, why did tens of millions of German Christians adore Hitler, join the Nazis, and participate in the Holocaust (among other atrocities)? Hitler and the Nazis promoted a Christian nationalism, anti-communism, anti-Semitism, and return to traditional values which most Christians appreciated. The Nazi party platform specifically endorsed 'positive' Christianity.

    Remember Pearl Harbor? They Do, and More
    [2005-12-03] [greenwichcitizen]
    A neatly folded Nazi flag with faded signatures of American troops who landed at Normandy Beach in 1944 catches attention in a World War II memorabilia display in two huge windowed cases embedded in walls on the first floor of Town Hall. That landing started turning the war tide against the Nazis eventually leading to victory over wayward governments.

    World War Two Hero Forced To Sell His Medals
    [2005-12-03] [lse]
    A legendary World War Two fighter ace who broke the world air speed record is being forced to sell off his medals after 65 years of flying. Hero pilot Neville Duke, D.S.O, O.B.E., D.F.C. (and Two Bars), A.F.C, has one of the longest and most distinguished records in British aviation history. Duke was credited with 28 air combat victories during his 485 operational sorties after joining the RAF in the summer of 1940 at the height of the Battle Of Britain.

    Family on way to receiving compensation for Nazi theft
    [2005-12-03] [AP]
    A German retailer's announcement that it will drop claims to three properties stolen during the Nazi era clears the way for an Illinois man and his family to receive more than $100 million in compensation. The Wertheim family lost the property during the Nazi era, and Hitler used some of the Berlin land for his chancellory and downtown bunker complex. After World War II, the company was sold and eventually became one of Germany's most successful retailers. German retailing giant KarstadtQuelle acquired the company in 1993.

    Profile: David Irving
    [2005-12-02] [bbc]
    David Irving was once seen as the brightest new star in the historical firmament: an extraordinarily competent researcher, a brilliant linguist and a first class writer. First book, The Destruction of Dresden, described the 1945 air raid on the city as "the worst single massacre in European history". He followed it with a series of bestsellers, including The Mare's Nest and The Virus House, about the Nazis' atomic research programme. In 1977, he produced the work for which he is best known - Hitler's War. The book looked at the conduct of World War II from Hitler's perspective, "from behind the Fuhrer's desk".

    Story of a Norwegian Resistance group member during WWII
    [2005-12-02] [cnc]
    He was only 18 when he was taken from his parents’ home in Oslo, Norway by the Norwegian Nazi police. Arne Brun Lie was in the Special Forces for the Norwegian government and was part of a Resistance group working against the Nazis during World War II. He was captured and taken under Hitler’s Nacht und Nebel, the Night and Fog Decree. Lie spent weeks in a Nazi prison on death row. Above his cell, a red-lettered sign read, "very dangerous prisoner." Three of his friends were executed at the prison. Lie’s military papers were lost and the Gestapo could not execute him, instead they sent him to Dachau.

    Japanese vet sees more friendship than hate at Pearl Harbor
    [2005-12-02] [Kyodo]
    To Zenji Abe, a former Japanese dive-bomber pilot, Pearl Harbor was a place where he headed to risk his life to defend his country. But more than 60 years later, it has turned into a place where he can nurture his ties with his American friends. Taking off from the deck of the Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Akagi, Abe contributed to the raid that crippled the U.S. Pacific Fleet by sinking or severely damaging eight battleships including the Arizona -- a symbolic figure of the largest U.S. naval loss in history.

    Nazi apologist finds his works in Austrian prison
    [2005-12-02] [Guardian]
    Austria's authorities were facing embarrassment yesterday after it emerged that the controversial historian David Irving had discovered two of his books inside the prison where he was held. Irving stumbled across copies of Hitler's War and Schlacht im Eismeer (Battle in the Arctic Sea) while browsing through the 6,400-volume library of Graz's prison. A delighted Irving asked warders if he could sign his own works. They agreed.

    How did the development of the "atom bomb" fare in Hitler's Germany?
    [2005-12-01] [worldtribune]
    In 1939, Erich Schumann, head of the Berlin weapons research office of the German Army Ordnance, had a nuclear team including Otto Hahn and Heisenberg. It seemed that Hitler's Nazi Germany would develop the "atom bomb" ahead of the US. The man who prevented it was Hitler, not that he underestimated the it's geostrategic importance - he compared the advent of nuclear weapons to that of gunpowder. If Hitler had been given a promise that the nuclear weapons could be expected not later than, say 1943, Hitler probably would not have launched a conventional war, but concentrated the resources on the nuclear project.

    Death of Pierre Seel, Gay Concentration Camp Survivor
    [2005-12-01] [gaywired]
    Of some 200 men from the annexed French region of Alsace-Lorraine deported to Nazi concentration camps as homosexuals, Mr. Seel was the sole survivor who had spoken out publicly. In 1941, he was seized by the Nazis because his name appeared on a list of suspected homosexuals - complied by the local French police. He was tortured by the SS, then sent to the camp of Schirmeck-Vorbruck. He was forced to witness the murder of his partner, who was torn to shreds by guard dogs. After six months of severe brutality, Mr. Seel was released from the camp, only to be drafted against his will into the German army and sent to the Russian Front.

    Switzerland's hidden labyrinth of fortresses and camouflaged bunkers
    [2005-11-30] [AFP]
    Villa Rose is a camouflaged bunker from World War II with 7-foot (2.5 meters) concrete walls. False garage doors open to reveal cannon emplacements and heavy-duty machine guns. The fortress is part of a vast, little-known system of fortifications built during WWII to repel an invasion by Nazi Germany. Villa Rose was positioned to protect against a German attack over the Jura Mountains from Nazi-occupied France, or over the Alps from fascist Italy.

    Behind bars, but liberals defend David Irving
    [2005-11-30] [guardian]
    Behind the neo-gothic town hall in the heart of Vienna sits the Josefstadt jail, where David Irving will be confined to a cell over Christmas and the New Year, pending trial on charges deriving from his discredited views on the second world war. The Guardian has a copy of the indictment which cites copiously from the speeches in 1989: "There were no extermination camps in the Third Reich." Austrian liberals, while despising Irving for his views, defend the 67-year-old's right to express them.

    Chief Immigration Judge to Hear Nazi Guard Case
    [2005-11-30] [AP]
    A man accused of being a Nazi concentration camp guard during World War II says he should not be deported because he could face torture in his native Ukraine. The US first tried to deport Demjanjuk in 1977, accusing him of being a notorious guard known as Ivan the Terrible at the Treblinka. Demjanjuk was extradited to Israel, convicted and sentenced to hang. But Court found that someone else was that guard. Demjanjuk returned home and his citizenship was restored. The current case, which led courts to again strip his citizenship, is based on evidence alleging he was a different guard.
    Amazing Metal Detector Finds.
    Hand-picked World War II and Third Reich news every day.

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