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Thread: Vsit to air museum in tucson arizona

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    Default Vsit to air museum in tucson arizona

    I toured the air museum in Tucson last Saturday. They have 80 acres of aircraft outside and a lot inside. It was well worth the admission. Among other
    aircraft was the B-29, and 3 B-52s starting with the earliest version and later revisions. They have a nice snack and burger place to eat also. I was
    disappointed that there wasn't a B-17 on site. I wonder how many are left ?
    They had different air force one planes there from the 1960s and later. You can take a walking tour on your own or wait for the guided tour.


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    Default Re: Vsit to air museum in tucson arizona

    Every time I drive back to CA I plan to stop there but have never done it.
    I intend to make one last trip to S. CA (where I'm from but hate to go back too) to see my son and family and WILL stop there and at Midland TX too!

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