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Thread: Anybody Else Read "Red Storm Rising"?

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    Question Anybody Else Read "Red Storm Rising"?

    Just wondering if anybody else here is a bit of a Clanciphile like me. Now I do find he waxes patriotic and a bit melodramatic but the technical aspects of his novels are quite intriguing. I have yet to hear or read anyone dispute his postulations and conclusions at any length. Maybe here would provide fertile ground.

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    Default Re: Anybody Else Read "Red Storm Rising"?

    Red Storm Rising has it's origins in a tabletop wargame called "Harpoon" the naval focus is a consequence of this, the concept is OK but the coup part is little convienent and the Iceland sub plot is a distraction, I think that the war progression is understandable but the lack of escalation to strategic weapons and the reasoning behind the Soviet attack is not, the USSR would no doubt have a strategic reserve to call on. If you want a "what if" book to read Munchausen try General Sir John Hackett's "The Third World War: August 1985" my copy is marked published 1978 ISBN 978-0722141854 and follow up "The Third World War The Untold Story" my copy is marked published 1982 ISBN 978-0450055911 written by a former NATO commander with contributions from other senior officers.
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    Default Re: Anybody Else Read "Red Storm Rising"?

    Red it years ago. One of his best.

    Try this little collection:

    Team Yankee

    Bright Star

    The Ten Thousand

    Red Army

    All of the WW III genre


    Another really good one, from a British angle was 'Chieftains' by Major General Roy urquhart of rnhem fame.
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    "Although God cannot alter the past, Historians can"

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    Default Re: Anybody Else Read "Red Storm Rising"?

    I read General Sir John Hackett's "The Third World War" in the 80's while I was serving in Germany and found it to be a very good book.

    My son is reading and comparing it with Red Storm Rising at the moment.

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