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Thread: The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

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    Default The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

    The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

    This has now become more accessible. Although I do not think there will be anything startling, they have superimposed them on google maps which makes it easier to locate the picture in present day. A number are of training area or close to training area I have used.
    The \'eathen

    The \'eathen in \'is blindness bows down to wood an\' stone;
    \'E don\'t obey no orders unless they is \'is own;
    \'E keeps \'is side-arms awful: \'e leaves \'em all about,
    An\' then comes up the regiment an\' pokes the \'eathen out.

    Rudyard Kipling

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    Default Re: The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

    interesting nonetheless.

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