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06-10-2009, 01:32 PM
After a decade-long search, a team of Swedish and Finnish divers has discovered the wreckage of a Soviet submarine that sank during World War II.

The World War II Soviet submarine S-2 sank in January 1940 between Sweden and Finland with dozens of sailors aboard.

Divers found the S-2 submarine between the Swedish coast and the Finnish island of Aland, northeast of Stockholm, in February.
The achievement was only announced Tuesday because the group wanted to confirm the identity of the vessel, team member Marten Zetterstrom said.

He explained that all 50 crew members died when the vessel exploded after hitting a mine. The explosion caused serious damage and destroyed some 20 meters of the vessel. The front gun still exists, and a torpedo is still in one of the tubes.

The divers, who had mounted the search at their own expense, informed Swedish authorities as well as the Russian embassy in Sweden about the discovery, the team said.

At the time the submarine disappeared, the Soviet Union was at war with Finland while Sweden had declared itself neutral in the conflict during which time many ships of different nations were sunk in the Baltic Sea.


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