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This topic will also contain interesting information from the siege of Budapest from another angle: the brave and nationalist young students of the hungarian universities, who leaving the school benches in late 1944 to made a fast training and become the volunteers of the newly estabilished military battallion from students, called: "The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion"
They made a short time training and fight together in the first lines with the german Wehrmacht and Waffen SS and try to defend the hungarian capitol from the outnumbered Red Army
After one and half months the german and hungarian units run out ammo and supply, and they made a embittered outbreak from the 117 miles deep enemy lines, the enclosured circle city of Budapest and try to reach the western german lines on foot
Others captured and being a prisoner of war or made a successful escape from the soviet captivity in civilian clothes
Their story included in this upcoming topic

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Commanders of the First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion

Gyula Elischer /Major/
Olaf Szamódy /Lieutnant/
Lajos Sipeki - Balázs /Captain/

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The establishment date of the First University Assault Battalion in October 5th in 1944 is started
Their first deployed in 1944 on 24 December Hűvösvölgy, the Soviet break-in when first alerted them to complete missions in the first line and make patrols behind the own lines for partisan attacks
They fight for the Rose Hill (Rózsadomb) then took part in the outbreak, 11 February 1945

The students dorm locations:

- Marczibányi square shooting gallery building
- The building of the Rákóczi high school
- The building of the Baár - Madas high school for girls (in peace time)
- The buiding of the Lövölde street school and the building of the Bear Street elemetary school

Originally the number of battalions have 600- 800 students and only 32 students choose to break out with the german and hungarian troops on the evening of 11 February 1945
The others in the castle of Buda have fallen or taken prisoner of war, or change civilian clothes and tried to withdraw from the additional fights and captivity

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At the end of the summer of 1944, despite higher carried out against military and industrial centers of the capital of British American sporadic terrorist bombings are still relatively peaceful atmosphere in Budapest:in the hot days the pools in the capitol are full, the restaurants and cafés also,and Hungarian and German movies playing in the cinemas
In the capital, people could not even imagine then that the war could reach Budapest, only mentioning that they were regarding the media, where to find a comfortable shelters
Not too long Debrecen, Kecskemét Szolnok be standing in the eastern front area
Miklos Horthy the Governor of Hungary was now looking into the possibility of war in the breakaway and made a public proclamation of the capitulation in the media

But on Sunday, 15 October 1944, the passers by of the Oath square who have stayed in the area, have been witnessing a short fire fight which took place at front of a house at the Oath square No. 3
Hungarian soldiers and civilians in raincoat shooting each other, and then the victorious civilians in raincoat brought out a body wrapped in carpet and thrown into a truck and drove away
The Passers-by could witness Otto Skorzeny's SS obersturbannführer secret action who was kidnap the younger Miklós Horthy, the son of the hungarian governor's Miklós Horthy (the code name for action possibly part of the Germans was little sense of humor combined with codename "Mickey Mouse" Maybe "Mickey" means "Miklós" the last name of the son of the hungarian Governor, Miklós Horthy)

"Operation Panzerfaust" is started in the same time, that means the german forces demilled the troops who loyal to the Governor Horthy,in the capitol Budapest
The operation was fast succes, only a few wounded and seven german soldier died in the action
From Operation Panzerfaust more info and picture here:

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After Romania switch the Soviet side, the Germans largely ensured that similar cases Hungarian allies do not recur
The Germans withdrew the next day the governor Miklós Horthy public proclamation of the capitulation from the war, they support the appointment of a new Prime Minister of Budapest Ferenc Szálasi who was the leader of the sympathizer Arrow Cross political Party and Budapest was the Arrow Cross Party's hands within a few hours

The Hungarian ex governor Miklós Horthy taken in custody and instructions of the german High Command to Horthy with all with his family had immediately to leave Hungary, and allowed to take along only two changes of clothes

On 17 October, the exgovernor Horthy's special train pulled out of Budapest and under german military escort go to a German castle in Bavaria and the Horthy family have been kept under house arrest until the end of the war

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Miklós Horthy the Governor of Hungary (from march 1th. in 1920. until oct 16th of 1944.)


Miklós Horthy Jr. the son of the hungarian Governor on the right side of the photo (who have been kidnapped by the SS secret service)


Otto Skorzeny walking in the Castle of Buda in Budapest on oct 16th in 1944

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-680-8283A-30A%2C_Budapest%2C_Otto_Skorzeny%2C_Adrian_v._Fölk ersam.jpg

Ferenc Szálasi The Head of the Arrow Cross Party, the new elected prime minister and National leader of Hungary from 16th of october in 1944 (from 16th. of oct in 1944. - until march 28th of 1945)


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Hungarian newsreel from Szálasi inauguration to the Nationleader 1944


Ferenc Szálasi prime minister elected of the country National leader!
The two Chambers of the Parliament joint festive session of the king's Marble Hall took off his oath in front of the Holy Crown!

In the Hall

The head of parliament:
- The joint meeting will open again. My partner and President of the National Assembly on behalf of the members gathered to welcome Mr National leader, released in order to respect the nation's leading oath, and I ask you to put down the statutory oath!

Ferenc Szálasi, Hungary's new minister and National leader (repeated the oath)
- I Szálasi nation's leader swear by the living God, to be faithful to Hungary, and upheld the laws of old and new habits and keep others to keep upheld
I Defend the nation indepence and territory
National Leadership of my officers under the constitution, the parliament understanding experienced by the Ministry and would do everything for the glory and for the benefit of the country.God if will help me!

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As much as some of the Hungarians refused to Hitlerism, the idea itself is to confuse a German invasion of a Russian invasion horror filled the peoples of Hungary, even as many of them remember where they went through in 1918 on the Russian front

After 28 September 1944, after the fighting in southern Transylvania and lost the territories of Hungary, it became clear to the Hungarian university students who living outside the border they cannot return to their homes, and they travel and stay in Budapest
In October 1944 came up with this idea that some of the students who did not want to leave the country and instead undertook compulsory military service and the armed struggle

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On the first half of October, hundreds of university students volunteered to their leaders
But the clear decision was to deploy their military longer be prevented to as "untrained cannon fodder set" throw them on the frontline to fight

(The official formal obligatory military draft received 8th of December for the male adult civilian population of Hungary in 1944. Those who did not appear to have received the death penalty for military draft)

The population of Budapest in preparation for Christmas forgetting the possibility that it may be several weeks for months to face the possibility of a protracted siege
Budapest also been reported in the newspapers that the "battle lines around Budapest frustrated the Bolsheviks attack"
The Midnight Mass in 1944 was already started 20:00 (8:00 pm)

On December 6 fighting around the capital have reached Pestszenterzsébet
The Pestszenterzsébet and Boráros square tram wich traveling between Pestszenterzsébet - Boráros square appears someone pulled a black grease pencil and wrote above: "To the Front"
It was during World War II, the only tram in Budapest with one of the terminals directly was on the front line, so it happened that in their units has fallen behind in Hungarian and German soldiers in full field gear with rifles, machine guns, and panzerfausts, travelling along with the the civilian population of the tram to get out to the front

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Christmas hungarian newsreel from december of 1944

"Christmas 1944.
The pines from the Carpathians is'nt come in this year: no glittering Christmas tree to rich or poor, and the streets of Budapest glittering showcase not staring longingly at children's eyes
Christmas 1944 in the relentless power of iron and blood that swept away everything on the old Christmas drew a distinction between the Hungarian and Hungarian
Our children clean lips this year we are trying to conjure a smile modest gift of love feast and holy will, we are fighting the victorious again bring peace to the long list of Christmas glitter
Speak Christmas bells and proclaim the divine love and divine justice and eternal peace which victory would give our nation Hungarian Christmas!"

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A hungarian and a German SS troop talking near a Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Kőnigstiger in the streets of Budapest 1944

The troops of the 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division "Maria Theresia" in the Castle of Buda 1944

German motorcycle column with german female military assist in the streets of Budapest 1944

Hungarian civilians and a SS soldier with panzerfaust at a tram station in Budapest, Hungary, Nov 1944

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Memoirs of Gyula Elischer October 15, 1944 (the one of the leaders of the University Assault Battalion)

I went after Horthy's regency kinds appeal home on foot, but on the south side of Gellért Hill was a German military guard stopped me.
I wear a long coat on me, he saw my rank but isn't saluted.
We looked at each other and asked, bitter face:
"- Werden Sie uns auch im Stich lassen?" (You can also leave us down?)
"- Gewiss nicht!" (Certainly not!) I said
I often thought back to this involuntary response

Gyula Elischer and voluntary military service for university students taking military leaders (who also graduated from university but had already toured military fort), the following received a request of the Hungarian military leadership during the formation of the Hungarian Military High Command,

I asked for on behalf of 800 university students:
1) Classification of our deployed as the Hungarian Royal First Defense University Assault Battallion
2) The Hungarian battalion area remain possible as long while
3) The battalion together as long as he has not received a base plane infantry officer training

But I never got an answer to the inquiry by phone soon were instructed to liaise with the Chief of Staff Captain who leads a special class (finally they got the official name for the University Assault Battalion)

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Memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander of the First University Assault Battalion

"On November 5 we paid wages but the boys dressed in inappropriate or even armed
The 2nd battalion have been placed on the Baár Madas girls' school, in the 3rd battalion and became the shooting gallery is housed Bear Street Elementary School
Boys who live in Budapest were going home to sleep at sometimes but there was a chain of alarm which brought together all the boys living near them alert 2-3 people in case of alarm
In the test alert age is just 3-4 away and he was delayed in the event of disruption of telephone lines also work out
According to my plans later I ordered out and tried to get a long haul per day practices.
Before Christmas was over 12 motorcycles and more than 100 bikes, two freight cars, three cars and a load-bearing horses too "

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Memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander of the First University Assault Battalion

"The weapons of treatment was not a problem, the boys got to know within a week of the machine guns, submachine guns and rifles in the dark taken apart and reassembled them

Members of the University Rifle Club sniper rifles also obtained from the university sport shooting club and every squadron had 4-5 pieces

On 8 December, the students of the hungarian universities has been placed out of the west
Who did not want to go to the west they could apply the battalion, which eventually could be 600 people who stayed at home
The first battalion per squadron was dressed supplies and weapons, no longer had two squadron gown but instead were mixed white sheepskin chat waistband over which the boys wore this white fur has become the hallmark Battalion

The weapon given lectures were
- Mannlicher rifles
- French Lebel rifle
- German Mauser rifle
- M36 machine gun
- Király (King) submachine gun
- Bergman machine gun
- practicing and sharp Vécsey hand grenade
- German Panzerschreck
- and former Russian captured Tokarev gun and PPSH 41 submachine guns also"

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Pictures and infos from the Battalion used guns

Frommer pistol, FÉG 37M

Mannlicher m1895 rifle

French Lebel rifle m1886

Mauser K98 rifle

M36 machinegun

Király submachinegun (King submachine gun,Danuvia)

Bergman submachinegun

Vécsey handgrenade


SVT40 Tokarev rifle

PPSH-41 submachinegun

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Quite a desperate measure and with a very varied assortment of weapons.

Was the name 'Assault Battalion' used in a similar vein to how the Germans were naming theirs late war - an attempt to make the unit sound grander and much more fearsome than it had any right to be -

Several German Volks units were set up with titles such as 'Tank Destroyer Battalion' armed only with Panzerfaust or 'Artillery Battalion' armed with a few small mortars (one unit only had several old Italian 45mm Brixia Mortar's with 9 rounds per tube)

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Quite a desperate measure and with a very varied assortment of weapons.

I think it's the rest of the equipment what they could muster, the Hungarian army was never on the top war technically
By that time the Germans have already lost or were unable to produce adequate quantity of supplies because of the new war on two fronts and take away much of their equipment in the area
Many captured weapons or military vehicles used in Budapest battle which spoils from the previous German campaigns

The German and hungarian army low on ammo and fuel too, and after one and half moths run out everything

Although the Germans are tried to mount his own weapons to the Hungarians at that late time of war, some hungarian units have training of Tiger tank, Panther and Stug IV tanks
These boys are student volunteers with no history of military service were more people who do not even know what looks like a battlefield
After a quick couple of weeks of training, they put them in the front line along with the hungarian army and the german army against the Soviet Red Army

I honorable these young mens who courageously defied the Russian soldiers who toured several fronts without any previous military service or experience to defend Hungary
Some of the students had by then been transported to the west and abroad, to protect the smart minds from the war, yet the majority of them stayed here, and undertook voluntary military service

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The memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander Of The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion

"The battalion was shipped to a abandoned battlefield is where to look around that a battlefield is actually how it looks in the framework of theoretical education
Buses took them out to the battlefield and they looked for captured and remained weapons to be used, and as seen in reality trampled by tanks trenches human wreckage, burned to death in the tank corpses, the blood scattered human remains"

They distributed the clothes on 8 December and has begun taking over the equipment
- One Tunic and one trousers
- One pair of boots
- One waistband
- One Overcoat or White sheepskin jacket
- One cap
- Two changes of underwear
- A pair of gloves

Photos were also produced for the pay book must have been a soldier dressed in photos but most of them were destroyed or lost over the past decades

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The memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander Of The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion from december of 24th of 1944

"The morning near the highway Vienna, Budapest Nyergesújfalu retreated under the trees in front of an airplane
We had a car wheel change at about two o'clock in the afternoon and a plane back to us and machinegun us again
Again it was a flat tire and spare wheel to the absence of a straw so we got to cram in Óbuda, where the tire disintegrated
I went on foot to the headquarters where I arrived before dark, bloody broke my leg in riding boots

Only the compulsory servicemen were the tribes of the century headquarters and everyone went home on Christmas eve
Slightly I rested when I called the phone: it was the youth leader on the line and told me that the Russians had broken through the Eastern of the Danube and only Hármashatárhegy there is also a road where it can be reached from Budapest. They start the evacuation of the youth to the west, and with youth organizations at midnight and if I want to join the battalion will be called back at 10 pm
I gave the order to immediately return all the Battalion of the unit, and the squadrons to be ready to leave their quarters

Even before I left, so I talked to my mother that we will meet on Christmas Eve at my godmother: I arrived late on a small Christmas tree with candles already lit when I arrived.
The saw how tired I am embraced by agreeing dinner sleep, deep sleep
Large explosion woke up from the sleep, a fell down a mine in the thereabout.
Quietly we passed each other gifts and had dinner quickly, no one talked too much. My mother felt that something was wrong, I admitted that Russians closed around Budapest
The doorbell rang, the car waiting for me, I said goodbye quickly"

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The map of the encircled of Budapest in december of 1944

The dense black line means the Red Army circle around the capitol and the inward black and grey spread arrows means the military maneuvers of the Red Army


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The memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander Of The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion from 24th of december 1944

"Returning to the headquarters indicated that all but one of the two boys came back, we had to call the youth leader after a quarter of an hour
Budapest to go out with the Arrow Cross, party, Gestapo or any similar or youth organizations?
If we fight or fail, or captured might have been confused with each member once and for all, the event with they fate and ours verdict would have been

I decided we stay, I informed my views of the youth leaders, the decision was entrusted to me without debate

Immediately I sent a heavily armed reconnaissance swarms up to the junction Zugliget - Hűvösvölgy
Even that night two civilian clothes but armed Russian soldiers caught in such a reconnaissance squad near the Italian Line Of Trees at the northern end, interestingly, the next day they were released the two individuals because one of the hungarian commanders said that these are his people (the hungarian commander that point suspected of spying and have more attention)

Even before midnight on 24 December a patrol of about 20 people went out of my without my awareness
One of the boys he wanted to go home but nobody was home for Christmas Eve, and they have to been returned.
Backwards coming they saw a truck and a Russian tank on the Pest side, which had run into the side of the road, They students encircling it and the tower tank was destroyed and the truck's engine room is shoot apart
The Russian soldiers fled in the darkness, there was hardly any shooting but one boy was wounded in the leg. It was the first firefight in the west side of the capitol (Buda), Budapest after a full enclosure, this was the first clash between the Red Army and among the University Assault Battalion

The next morning I sent a patrol to the spot and in the morning the report was that: the truck was still there in the morning on December 25 but the tank is no longer"

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On Christmas of 1944 was closed the next ring of German and Hungarian troops around Budapest

German forces
IX. SS Mountain Corps headquarters
8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer
22. SS Cavalry Division Maria Theresia
13th Armored Division
Ferdherrnhalle Armored Grenadier Division

Hungarian forces
I Corps headquarters
10th Infantry Division
12. Reserve Division
I. Cavalry Division
I. Armoured Division
I. and II, University Assault Battalion
12 different applications Battalion
5 Police Battalion
The Guard Battalion of Budapest
1,500 armed men from the Arrow Cross Party

The number of relieving trapped in combat units in the Army Group South dated December 30, 1944 as reported by head count to 95,000 (45,000 German and 50,000 Hungarian) was established on the head count
Budapest "fortress" was declared (Festung Budapest) was effective commander in chief SS Obergruppenführer Karl Pfeffer Wildenbruch

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The memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander Of The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion

On 27 December the 2nd had to find accommodation for the new company at the Baár Madas High School girl's school building was remarkably reasonable and kept under fire
Sentries stood in front of the newly occupied accommodation patches
The password and password sound system has been deployed on the first day because of the war and spy for partisan activities, it was necessary, after the German team with the same password, and German-language daily changing sound definitions published in the daily briefing
Often the first line of the day's arrivals did not know the password but they ushered in the guard headquarters which proved themselves to be unprecedented, it would have been shot because he could not anybody password

December 28, Gyula Elischer morning by phone from an unknown officer was ordered to relieve the Látóhegy fighting there since December 24, this German outfit
He stood on the edge of approximately 20-man corps and panzerschrecks and a machine gun, and walked toward the fairly distant command post, where they arrived at noon

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The memoirs of Gyula Elischer Commander Of The First Royal Hungarian University Assault Battalion

"German unity to replace the commander of the Waffen SS was a young officer, he was wearing a long robe open, and Knight's Cross with a submachine gun in the neck
He showed me the positions and then we went to a nice modern two-storey house
A large expensively furnished living room which we climbed up a curving staircase to the second floor
The owner was a middle-aged man, with worried face and quickly disappeared into the other room
The German officers on top of a large concert grand open his maps and showed our situation
We spoke a few words in german, said that high school teacher, he spoke nice german and he was very sympathetic "

The german officer warned the boys: Passen Sie auf die Scharfschützen drüben! (Watch out for snipers over there!)

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The students behind the trenches are used to protect a small ditch ran front page in addition to the replacement of sandbags positions of German soldiers. Just saw a German soldier. Across the road is a dead German soldier lay on his thin streaks of blood running down his face, he has a headshot
The students 'snipers' went up to the roof of the house as the others took their positions a short about 150-200 m long section
Soon almost two dozen Russian machine-gun soldiers stormed in from the left wing but the university machine gun to beat it, just a few Russians managed to run back only. The Russians tried to shoot out the machinegun but the students relocated the machinegun to other position
The fighting quieted down somewhat, only sporadically sometimes a shot.

Gyula Elischer just watched the enemy from behind a dense bush when he felt something hard hitting shoulder, and immediately fell backward
In the house woke up lying on the mattress where, "Go back to the line boys!" he said repeatedly to the boys who took four corners of the mattress and ran with him to the path where a truck was laid with several wounded and was taken to the military hospital of Creation (Alkotás) street

Gyula Elischer left lung had far be it the bullet large hole in his shoulder and injured the pleura (it only later, in 1974, discovered that another 25mm rifle bullet has been included Elischer neck and in the back migrating off of the left kidney and stopped this surgery in 1974 out of doctors)

Later Elischer hospital and from there transferred to the MAV hospital and later the Pajor Sanatorium thence later the soviets want to take him as a POW to the Soviet Union but he during the transport burn down the floor of the vagon's floor and escape from the prisoners train but this story will be reported later in the topic

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Meanwhile, the "Forest Shelter" restaurant Olaf Szamody and another battalion commander of the university is 6-8 with soldiers is wounded
On December 28 1944 at the "Forest Shelter" restaurant Szamodyt and his university student unit, and with 50 german soldier encircled by the Russians
They broke out in 1944 on December 28 from the circle and later Olaf Szamody awarded EK II (german iron cross second class) for this brave action

The "Forest Shelter" restaurant as aid station is designed as a Hungarian German armed forces and its Joachim Rumohr 8 SS Florian Geyer Cavalry Division Commander also visited personally and told to keep the restaurant because it is the most north-western point and should be here in connection with the relief armies (the exemption is the 5. SS Wiking Panzer Division who was at that time the Pilis Mountains progress)

"To the German troops with our relationship was all along comradely, joint struggle connected to us. Actually, we were lucky too, that much we were fighting for since 1941 by German soldiers, because it is incomplete training we fly had to be replenished and to remember the German soldiers respectfully who are dangerous and critical locations are always self-occupied and tried to protect us from loss. Good humor tried to encourage us tried to keep the spirit within us.

I still remember Hermann Maringele SS Untersturmfuhrer performances which are held in the dugout.. "Do not be afraid of boys, I was there at Stalingrad it and got out safely healthy, we'll be out of here too "
Strangely enough, he was right, at least in the person of his own regarding the outbreak climbed down and got out at the end of February received the Knight's Cross, of my knowledge he is is still alive today" - from Denes Vass university Battalion soldier memoirs

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The students of the German 22.SS Maria Theresia divisions and the German 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer fought partly wedged between houses partially fighting trenches, the university students were changed weekly

The New Year's Eve tried almost every round shall celebrate, the soldiers of the I University Company , on 31 December 1944 made 50 eggs scrambled and made a 25-liter canisters dessert honey serving up, gypsy musicians playing violin
The Buda Castle café also bought a set of champagne glasses and soldiers of the II Company, it consumed them had not ran for dinner

Despite the good feeling that no one is forgotten there's a war: the Russians fired on the Hungarian-German positions and many of the day to the night of fallen or wounded
The sentries on duty of course, only hear and listening the music sheets and the violin far away on New Years night of 1944-1945

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Bela Almay first days of January, Colonel General Staff sent a summary report for the Minister of Defence:

"The Siege of Budapest until January of 1945 report the following: Budapest defence forces brave and enduringly protects despite all the difficulties Budapest. The population is disciplined and calm, everyone blindly believe the leaders acquitted the German militarty reinforments save Budapest .The students who protecting Rosehill (Rózsadomb) protecting students show brave the steadfastness
Finally I think to the food, the ammunition situation and taking into account the spiritual moments dismissal experiments should be obtained within one week, otherwise we lose together in Budapest in us nearly 100,000 German and Hungarian soldiers''

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January 1945 1st Zoltan Miko Staff Captain head of the military counter intelligence class (who previously was mentioned in connection with the intercepted two plainclothes armed spy certified Russians run) visited at his headquarters Lajos Balás Sipekit head of the University Assault Battalion that to release over the Russians at defense lines at the Rose Hill (Rózsadomb)

When Staff Captain Zoltan has already dealt with that has created an open secret team, from deserters military personels, left communist political refugee and Jews who had been to have made sometimes a new identity card and passports
Zoltán Mikó was in contact with Raoul Wallenberg Swedish Ambassador of the Royal Embassy who has 600 blank passports for that Jews who had business connections in Sweden
But the drama of Budapest Jews Wallenberg convinced that it must do more, thousands of blank cards and other paper for save the Jews from deportation
(Wallenberg disappeared mysteriously after the war, he too believed the Russians were also deported or executed)

Zoltan Miko this free team before the encirclement of Budapest sent out with a view to the mountains, to establish contact with the Russians and the Red Army but it was without much success, the Russians have not dealt with them
Budapest, Hungary Zoltan Miko has organized the leadership of the Communist partisan resistance group that was appointed Counterintelligence center circle deposit, so the foreigners access has become impossible or very difficult, so he made his secret partisan activities made freely

The plan originally was to open in two places at the front of Russian soldiers
First, he tried the Germans, with the trick that gladly replace the tired German soldiers at one of the point in the front line but the Germans did not fall for the trick because the German high command did not trust the Hungarian military leadership
Another attempt was one of the head of the University Assault Battalion Lajos Balas Sipeki who did not supported the idea, so the Russians plan to transfer a complete failure

Zoltan Miko who are so waiting for the "liberators" and who volunteered for the Soviet military command reported the partisan activities of the Russians, not many thanked him after the siege of Budapest as the typical russian style way

The Russians after the war Zoltán Mikó the Staff Captain head of the military counter intelligence class and partisan communist saboteur as a prisoner of war deported in the Soviet Union on August 15 1945 and was executed in Odessa

The Russian military prosecutor otherwise rehabilitation department on 18 October 1991 Zoltan Miko as a innocent rehabilitated to classify the case against him after almost 50 years!

"Zoltán Mikó the Staff Captain head of the hungarian military counter intelligence class and partisan communist saboteur was illegally arrested on the 8th and 9th July 1945 by the Red Army Group South.The most severe punishment, verdict to shot to dead by.The sentence performed on August 15, 1945 in Odessa.Zoltán Mikó rehabilitated from all charges on 18 of october in 1991"

07-02-2015, 03:46 PM
The tribute site of Raoul Wallenberg Swedish Ambassador of the Royal Embassy


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Memoirs from Dénes Vass, soldier from the University Assault Battalion

"The front line of war material delivery is only in the late afternoon evening could be implemented in the foreseeable future as well by the Red Army in the areas moving with the supply cart would have meant certain death
A beautiful sunny January afternoon we passed to the warehouse for receive ammo supply with a horse-drawn carriage
Hardly anything could hear the noise of war was as if everyone had an afternoon siesta
Suddenly a Soviet fighter jet appeared above us and opened fire on us
Fortunately, even jumping off the wagon empty ammunition with my old private comrade John, who drive the supply cart and the old John and I was looking for cover at the base of a stone fences
The horse stood calmly on the edge of the road, in the eyes of the flashes of tracer bullets could only see
I do not know how long it took, the fighter plane attack on us all three times and then disappeared was flying in the blue sky"

07-03-2015, 11:01 AM
The university battalion have the next set of weapons and ammunition held in January 1945:

I. squad (32 people)
- 4 Bergmann submachine gun
- 24 pieces of Mauser rifle
- 3 x M36 machine gun
- 1 pistol

II. squad (33 people)
- 4 Bergmann submachine gun
- 26 pieces of Mauser rifle
- 2 x M36 machine gun
- 1 pistol

The ammunition for 7-10 days
- Machine guns: 20 storage
- The rifles: 5000 rounds (about 100 shots for each rifle)
- The machine gun for 10 storage
- 425 pieces of stielhandgrenade and 350 Vécsey handgrenade

The above figures show that the weapons nor ammunition but especially the students had very little
The weapons used were poorly maintained weapons unless the machine guns but also those of minus 10 degrees have become unreliable and often stuck

07-03-2015, 11:08 AM
Memoirs from a soldier from the University Assault Battalion

"We got a 65mm grenade launcher and even at the beginning of January alone, but the lieutenant did to manage, we'll still far from being seen grenade launcher
The lieutenant is a quiet time we set up the fire hose to target a house in the 800 meters was Hármashatár hillside where a Russian sniper nestled itself
The first test ended in failure, the starter tube is filled with unexploded missile dropped. The Lieutenant command everyone from near and highlighted the grenade carefully examining the inside of the pipe revealed that the firing pin after the dust clogged and sand.
After the clean out the tube the next experiment amply commander leading capabilities, "the house of the Soviet sniper" rifle went dead after hit
This is the only heavy weapons could use only distress due to lack of ammunition"

07-04-2015, 11:26 AM
The university assault batalion feeding the battalion's kitchen was large but often difficult
Largely foreseeable by the Red Army and kept under fire ground motion was only somewhat safe after dark, Stalin candles which are regularly fired on the Russians for several minutes with daylight world were the surroundings

The camp kitchen mostly made of horse meat goulash soup also mentioned the horse-drawn carriages were delivered to the placement quarter to fail to dispatch the units fighting on the front line of food the students have prepared themselves often canned milk pancakes or the Germans exchanged canned ham
The enclosed units for the supply of airplanes thrown off but it happened that they sometimes fell down the containers between the two front

The Germans' Sturmgepack " was called stated as follows

- 10 12 crackers
- 50 grams of margarine
- 50 grams of Marmalade
- A couple of sugar cubes
- A slice of chocolate
- 1 canned ham
- 60 rifle ammunition
- 2 hand grenade
- 1 Panzerfaust

25 January 1945 about whether overt discouragement came over was tired of sleepless be replaced without res made no secret of that are less and less hope for the acquittal German exemption
The food was getting poorer ones, and in the fighters who's in the fist lines sometimes hadn't have warm food for days

07-04-2015, 11:37 AM

"Stalin candle" - High performance flare used to see the Red Army troops at night

07-04-2015, 11:44 AM
Memoirs of a soldier from the University Assault Battalion
"January 1945 was particularly lucky that ruined villa in certain steel cables covered with brick and stone rubble still barely passable streets on foot the bicycle was no harm"

This was due to the fierce fighting of east of BudaPest inflict harsh.
The besieging Red Army - if they are suspected Germans - did not spare either the residential houses or monuments
Officially took possession of the eastern part of Budapest by the Russians and hundreds were left fuming ruined buildings in the wake of the Soviet and Romanian troops on January 18th

Despite the fact that almost immediately began clearing away the rubble, many in chaos reigned for several days, the districts have called for regulation of the superior characteristics of the population of human corpses lying in the streets, as well as animal carcasses in cleanup

The road 5-6-meter shell-hole, overturned cars and mangled tanks were fired, the dead horses lying on downtown streets from which the starving people of the right cut of meat
The damage was severe fighting in the zoo also cracked plumbing causing the crocodile frozen in the water of the pool and the lion escaped from its cage several days wandering the underground subway tunnel

07-04-2015, 12:07 PM

The demolished Lánchid (The Chain bridge) by the retreating german forces and the destroyed Castle of Buda in the back

07-04-2015, 12:27 PM
The British Prime Minister Winston Churhill niece's daughter also lived through the siege of Budapest. Her greatest sorrow caused by the loss of a small dog, the dog was lucky to end the siege

The protection of the Margaret Island (Margit sziget) on 21 January gave up because the night of the German guards fell asleep and the Danube ice of a platoon of Soviet infantry seeping through the area who immediately started a bridgehead to build, the next day an entire battalion of Soviet forces attacked with mortars and heavy weapons on Margaret Island defenders against
On January 24, 6000 mines and artillery shells per hour struck
January 29, 1945, the German Command ordered the evacuation of Margaret Island

The supply of drinking water is almost completely eliminated because pumping stations majority of the capital was held by the Red Army on the western side lost a few more wells can be used but many boiled from the falling snow and drinking and cooking
The absence of water, many were lice that paraffin disinfected by washing, dressing or it was not enough, the dead are often picked off the bandage and re-used them disinfected

Word was award to all, the University Battalion all members of Lance Corporal promoted from regular, which was in practice after only half a year of military service period is normally possible
And who spent 15 days in combat, at least those nominated for the German "Nahkampfspange" medal, but the siege of the loss of these transfer It has not been completed

07-04-2015, 12:39 PM

A hungarian civilian woman feed a SS troop between the fights

Civilians cut out a piece of meat from a dead horse

07-04-2015, 12:45 PM
A soldier POW memoirs

"After the rapid fall in captive-keeping process got out of the combat zone and more peaceful place for us. At dusk we were herded in front of a house and slept in the attic.
The next morning, lining up on 6 February adjustments are us, and appeared in a speaker who said that 18 of January 1945 a new pro-Soviet Hungarian government, the ceasefire agreement was signed, so the captured Hungarian soldiers will battle against the German-Hungarian armed forces. Those who do not enter the army taken to the captivity Next to me, my comrades have entered three of them, I decided to be prisoner of war "

07-04-2015, 12:47 PM

German Hungarian POW column moving in the Széna square

07-04-2015, 12:54 PM
Meanwhile, the Hungarian - German forces retreated to the growing encirclement

Denes Vass the soldier of the University Assault Battalion memoirs

The ammunition and a grenade launcher is the only heavy weapon the wagon when he was suddenly launched into Stalin candle gave us of a strong fire, the crew went to cover carriage left without shelter in the middle of the road
After the enemy fire quiet we started again when a German sergeant in front of the car and P08 pistol at me nailed began to scream that "turn back because there is no license to retreat!"
Rudimentary German knowledge as I told him that we got our orders the evacuation

Probably it would have been shot to death when there is no other way a German comrade and not yelling at him that "You idiot the Russians are just around the corner!"

So in a moment I became the only horse-drawn carriages defender of the Hungarian and German forces, which alone could cover the retreat completely pointless thing
Instead, I set out to push the car and ammunition had progressed or 100 meters when he broke the strap boots
I tried to be connected, progressed during the car when terrible detonation rocked the area, and the fly pressure drop me to the ground and cut into the carriage and my old comrade private old John into pieces"

07-05-2015, 12:09 PM
Castle crowded field of Hungarian and German forces of supply and ammunition supply situation in terms of the tragic vált.Sem soldiers fighting had not received any food for animals
The German riding horses divisions as windows and doors chewed wood frame, a shot from the carers to free them from suffering and their own horse meat used their diet
Because of the shortage of bread grits held in the capital baked bread, and when it ran out of sawdust and horse chestnuts were

The German army protecting February 1, have the following meanings

"The supply situation is unbearable for the next 5 days per day per person for 5 grams fat, 1 slice of bread and horsemeat are available"

However, the German care insurance 4th German Army Air Wing Degradation has been reinforced with tanks could not solve on Feb. 1st to 2nd, to 2.5 tons of supplies had only been able to throw, and later not much longer

Hitler's command, dated 27 January, "the defender of the German army must hold Budapest until the german exemption arrive" has been difficult to meet
The 6th SS Panzer Army from the Ardennes moving to Budapest and to fact that Hungary take part in battles, it was more than an illusion

The gas supply on 28th of December , the electric service on 30th of December, the plumbing permanently discontinued on 3rd of January
The Citadel's defense at the dawn of the last day only 500 people could just 8-10 heavy guns, mortars and cannons and these had more than 200 bullets

According to witnesses, the Citadel defenders are all fallen, German soldiers shaved clean in the best clothes (most of the officers' white shirt and tie) line of fulfillment and waited to the last bullet fell fighting bravely

07-05-2015, 12:11 PM
February 1945 11 th in the final act came the siege of Budapest, the city's defense two alternatives to choose:
They surrender to the Russians (which, despite Russian promises certain death would have meant many people) or erupt through the northwest Buda hills to reach their own their positions

Gille SS soldiers failed to break through the Soviet ring is wrapped around the capital
Karl Pfeffer Wildenbruch Hitler several times at the request of either banned the outbreak response
The last night the Germans were handing out awards

There are only 12 Panther tank assault gun is almost the same number, more tanks and other unidentified 50-60 cannon was available on the day of the eruption but these are some of idle and destroyed or were not fuel their roll either due to expected heavy terrain

07-05-2015, 12:30 PM
February 11, 1944, Karl Pfeffer Wildenbruch sent the following message to the army group Balck

1) Reached the end of our ammunition, food ran out
Further defense of our Buda offers only two options for the massacre of capitulation or unprotected unconditional
I reject both options, so I leave my forces Budapest and looking for a new operational area

2) On February 11, the outbreak of the dark occasion. I Szomor recording and Mary among piles
In cases where inclusion is not possible to advance through the Pilis Mountains
Please north of the recording Piliszentlélek

3) Signal: Green light twice = own team

4) Forces: Germans 23.900 people (of which 9,600 wounded), Hungarians 20,000 (of which 2,000 wounded), the main civilian 80-100.000

As it has been said in the message of the radio equipment were destroyed to prevent any action to counter command stopped

The preliminary plans to the right flank of the German 13th Panzer Division, on the left flank of the 8 SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer had progressed to such units for a few subordinates tanks also
The second wave of 22 to defense the Maria Theresia SS divisions and armored divisions would Ferdherrnhalle together with the remains of the Hungarian troops took place
Third-stage patients and civilians have occurred
The german soldiers tried a graduated hungarian who had good local knowledge on the nearby mountain to each german squads

07-05-2015, 12:54 PM
The Breakout

Every student of the University Assault Battalion have three choices: break out with the german forces to the north west, stay and become a prisoner of war, or change their uniform to civilian clothes (this time their commanders allow this choice also)
Our knowledge, only 32 people from University Assault Battalion have to chosen the breakout from Budapest on the night of February 11, 1945

On February 11, exactly 20:00 pm began the first wave of the outbreak of the Castle of Buda to scars, but already after the first meter massive shelling and mortar fire were given (which even took place on the evening of 22-23 hours)
Almost the entire area in daylight because of the Soviet swam light rockets, the thousands of people trying to reach the mountains towering on each other and completely blocked the exits

The Russians fired every weapon to the rushing mass from rifles submachineguns to tanks and "every shot was a direct hit, the whole square looks like a human meatgrinder" sad a witness

The end of the weight still existed when the Castle was among the first to come back, it's impossible to get through on the road
The outbreak has been achieved only 15,000 persons have out from the capitol around the near mountains but only 800 - 624 person arrived to the german lines until 16th of february 1945, the loss of human respect and tanks were 80%

Helmut Dörner SS Oberführer the Italian alley (Olasz fasor) tried to burst and Karl Pfeffer Wildenbruch the Devil Ditch tried to get out through an underground trench channel

- Wildenbruch changed into SS generals uniform before the eruption and the Devil Trench to the surface induce caught in a villa in the Buda Russians

- Usdau Lindenau Chief of Staff Colonel was injured of air pressure
He Devil's Dich channel also released in the February 12, was captured by the Russian forces

- August Zehender 22 Maria Theresa SS Cavalry Division commander was wounded after an explosion in one of his legs torn, committed suicide

- Joachim Rumohr 8 SS Florian Geyer Division commander was encircled by the Russians in Zugliget area Budapest, and along with three officers committed suicide

- Major General Gerhard Schmidhuber 13 armored grenadier division commander was fatally wounded in the street Radish (Retek)

- Helmut Dörner SS Oberführer if released in the beginning of the Devil ditch canal was Budakeszi road and bled to death before she committed suicide has shot in stomach

- Bartsch German SS Sturmbannführer who fought on Margaret Island (Margit sziget) German Hungarian corps commander was chosen suicide on the night of the outbreak

07-06-2015, 01:04 PM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private from the outbreak

February 11, 1945
"This is the day we put in reserve accommodation site managed to find a barber who clipped us and then we were hiding and washed and clean underwear
At half past five we got to dinner, a large portion of cream beansoup
Six hours kkor preparedness alert has been ordered to attack the First Company of the University Battalion towards the Rosehill
Meanwhile, Captain Zsombor two battle groups shared the remaining battalions, German model of 20-30 people (had to be taken into account that the unit will have to adapt to the situation moment by moment)
One group came under the leadership of the hungarian captain other group of the German flag proceed Winter
We stayed in the Hungarian captain
The wounded, the sick and all those who did not wish to take part in an outbreak, were allowed to remain in the Castle, or even changing clothes in civilian clothes
The weapons and ammunition has everything outside the circle shall we left, we move out of the street where Batthány hand grenades and ammunition were distributed panzerfausts
My gear was a hungarian short-barreled submachine gun with, filled full ammo bags, four stielhandgrenades,a bayonet and a FEG 37M pistol

The German group, we started Vogel, a little later we stopped in a doorway
The space is very strong from Széna square sound of the war could be heard, and the soldiers arrived in the I. company, only about 10 people remained alive but he was among those wounded more
Next we went to the street Matra many soldiers crouched fire-protected areas, they did not dare to go
The Széll Kálmán square and the hay was unclear because many of the flares fired up by the Russians and was very strong in the infantry and artillery fire
We stopped we also spoke to the captain Vogel who promised to come with his men

(Horst Vogel lieutenant did not ultimately participated in the outbreak, in civilian clothes and the siege of the war has been rescued from Budapest after the war, many years kept in touch with him endure)

We waited until the dugout prone the lightning rockets light went out and jumped up and running, we stopped in a doorway waiting for the others arrived before 8, the group did not come Vogel
We waited while scattered Germans joined us for a while but they were not men of Vogel
Passing through the alley continued between Italian Tree Alley on the way, we met people who joined us, so soon I was around with 40 peoples"

07-07-2015, 07:07 AM

The breakout from the Castle of Budapest (the green arrows mean the hungarian-german troops, the red stars means the soviets)

07-07-2015, 07:09 AM

A german "Storch" light plane crashed into a building in Budapest

Corpses laying in the streets after the breakout

German grave after 70 years in a cemetery in Budapapest (note the STG44 clip)

Bullet holes in the cemetery in Farkasrét Budapest after 70 years

07-07-2015, 01:26 PM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private from the outbreak

12th of february 1945
"We are on two in the morning the King Béla road. Here a lot of abandoned cars and cars guns with different types of freight cars from one column we saw a lot of civilians shot to dead"

Later it turned out that these vehicles are fitted with a Soviet troops column which belonged to the soviet crew of them escaped
This civilians erupting between the german-hungarian and the soviet troops and the and died
In the area of the outbreak, hundreds of fallen soldiers selection
Around the Városkút dozens lying dead

For the German soldiers had little chance of survival who surrendered to the Russians dealt little with them: today's Poet Street 2-4 (Költő utca) site will still vacant plot of 270 German prisoners of war soldiers were executed, while the Cinege road - at the corner of Rose Way (Cinege út - Csipke út) 164 german pow shot dead

"For a long time we went to Bela Kiraly turning off the road when we went to a narrow and steep path to take. When the group began to lighten in a building where we have got a lot of German soldiers and our team remains 8 Winter university rested for a total of about 600 people we were there
When the captain started to look for a senior officer I accompanied him, we found a German Major. After a brief discussion of the whole group went to the Kossuth memorial monument way.Leaving the monument the Russians were under heavy fire us to the civilian buildings in the hillside, we returned fire.
Then the dead and wounded were among the Germans, hungarians remained intact
We're moving in front of a restaurant where a new outbreak of groups in which they were joined by more senior officers"

07-07-2015, 01:45 PM
Another group led by a member of the outbreak of the Hungarian university Battalion Peter Noel frozen snow slid down from the mountains towards to Budakeszi.
In the dark they found themselves facing a smaller team opened fire and wounded and open fire to each other.
The shoutinbg realize that the other group was Germans continued to work with two groups.
Another team was on its way to face them but they've really Russians
Meantime another hungarian group join student Peter Noel's team in the meantime, and after a hard fight fire swept wooded terrain and the Russians went on the way to Budakeszi
Due to a crash of artillery from air pressure that student Peter Noel tossed into the air and then dropped in the deep snow.
Others believed dead and left him
After some time he recovered, the field was full of dying or already dead German Hungarian and Russian soldiers
Peter Noel managed to pull away in the woods a few wounded and escaped
For assistance was launched and found two German was (one of a very serious condition), they took shelter in a hut
The blood trail the Russians who immediately stabbed the two german with bayonets Peter Noel probably saved his hungarian uniform from death

07-08-2015, 07:13 AM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private after the outbreak

12th of february 1945
"After the breakthrough of the Kossuth statue or two hours at a strong pace we marched towards the deep snow in the north, mostly wooded terrain
After dark, around six break held and who had something to eat during the eaten
Then we marched into the night, while the wounded brought us back left
Around midnight they rested between a clearing place woodpiles. Blankets were not so we Hungarians are closely lying next to each other and tried to rest but we warmed each other because it rose from wind and rain, we can only shiver from the cold. After nearly two hours in the rain-soaked clothes snow began to freeze, so we set off again "

07-08-2015, 07:25 AM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private after the outbreak, moving to the german lines

February 13, 1945

"Until dawn we advanced further in the clearings of trees when the edge of the forest, the Germans stopped so we can we stopped and did not know what the captain Mr. and led the way: the front, the Germans Senior Flügel Obersturmbannfuehrer the snow lay and shouted that "enough of this whole" "all in vain" and "do not go any further steps" His soldiers stood around helplessly
The hungarian captain told his men to go on what he wants to stay, who wants to come with us, he said the same thing the Germans were Hungarians
Among the few Germans left Flügel, the others were with us over the command of our hungarian captain, officers were not among them
About 400 people we have, the hungarian captain of the reorganized three rounds in a row we were in sight of each other on the forest
About 11 hours in a pine forest heard cheering and shooting strong argument: the sound is going in the direction we found a german army group which was similar in size to ours who had been fighting a Russian machine gun corps
What the Russians attacked flank so strong they retreated during shooting. Several of us were wounded, including a college boy who was then bandaged and continue the march with us
Around noon, arriving in an empty hut in a forest ridge was found next to him was a russian telephone cable, but we don't cut.
From us a few kilometer a small group tried to break through the Russian lines without succes we saw the binoculars
In front of a driveway in the valley was where Soviet armored cars took to the cavalry. Three armored swerved off the road and began to shoot the hut.
To two hours longer skis Russian troops attacked us first covering the road later on all sides, so we fallong back to the the pine forest
In the afternoon I shot so much that we had to break through ourselves and continue on to the northwest, here the wounded were left behind as well as we could barely drag ourselves because of fatigue and exhausting
At dusk the side of a deep valley we proceeded west with two kilometers to go three shots and the occasional flash of two rockets showed that the western front line near us
It was dark cloudy sky just a few stars twinkled. We waited until prone to flare and went out but this time they noticed us and mortars started to shoot at us, when we started out attack
After a few hundred meters, we received strong infantry and machine gun fire on a number of sites but we not see anything only the muzzle flashes and the Stalin's candles red lights, we could only shoot back towards the muzzle"

07-08-2015, 07:27 AM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private after the outbreak, moving to the german lines

February 13, 1945
"We wanted to be fit again but failed to break through the red light, many dead and wounded were seen floundering in the snow, among the dead was the captain also shot in the head for it!
The two of us is one of my comrades in the strong fire leaping tried to crawl towards the southwest of the illuminated area to get out successfully, more people also did the same thing and we were about a platoon of people have, we hungarians were five of us and a couple of university students, the others were all germans
They were exhausted but the Germans had a common opinion on the need to go on the fronts simultaneously if we can get through to ours
More and more dense fog arrived, we were in silence for a long time along the river. We once heard speaking Russian on the other side of the river by a Russian patrol passed, we went on around midnight and then rested on the snow"

07-09-2015, 08:22 AM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private after the outbreak, moving to the german lines

14th of 1945

"Maybe we rested for an hour when the snow crunching and german speech heard through the fog.
We spoke to them, they are also the remains of our troops but they were a lot more people, including hungarians, we went on together
The fog slowly lifted to the sky cleared, our left we saw a village also heard the barking of dogs, we were slightly hilly countryside, occasionally rising missiles showed how close we are to the front
At dawn we reached the edge of a forest and saw a light flickering
Soon we saw took shelter in the woods, two german went ahead and see what it is the a light
A short time later they returned, and was told that a lone house stands guard in front of a Russian.
After a brief discussion we started to quietly approaching and if the guard sees you invade the house
It is 40-50 meters when we were in the Russian guard spotted us and ran into the house screamed. By the time we got to the back door they fled. We found some broken up by Russian and ate bread

After further discussion, we went to a cliff. The lieutenant told us not to hurry up and go to the end of the group so it is safer there
I stayed away from continues, my fellow who went back I never saw him again after
When he was lightening after 500-600 meters, gun fire greeted us. I wanted to return fire but my submachine gun broke down because there was no time to see what was wrong with it, so I threw on my back while running on the strap and waist belt buckle under the bayonet tucked to be at hand
The Russians are near the score by throwing hand grenades among us, but I fell because a grenade drop my in the head
I noticed that the shells fell into the snow in front of me so I stayed lying down until exploded.
The explosion filled my eyes and mouth filled with snow and also threw my cap flew off my head.
I got up and ran after the others who were on the Russian reached for cover
Eight to ten paces in front of me came forward with a Russian with a rifle caught me from behind a tree: I heard clearly, as the rifle cliked in but did not fire, this raised was over his head to hit me with the rifle but he was late because I was with all my strength he ran the bayonet into his side stabbed
Hunched solution was reached him and the others who have already reached the Russian shelters if absorbed through the edge of the forest"

07-09-2015, 08:52 AM
Memoirs of Gyula Kokovay hungarian army private after the outbreak, moving to the german lines

14th of 1945

"The forest at the edge of both hard shot from the side, should go ahead on a snowy slope plain looking in the distance, a line of trees
It is strongly scattered started bounding towards the alley hoping there are ours
About half a kilometer running bounding hiding reached the tree line in the trench and hid behind it for cover
As I lay panting heavily and I could hear German speech watercourse
Looking around I could see the water flowing on both sides, and I was lying on a snow-covered hill above the creek
8-10 meters away from me three German soldiers lay under cover, while two comrades arrived too
The Germans have said that where we come from, and they have shown that we should go further. I leaned into the stream to drink from it, for the Germans threw a bottle over to drink from a black coffee with rum in it, given the empty bottle back
More Starting from one of my comrades jumped out first with cover but after just 10 steps hes falling and when I got there he had been dead, have a bullet in his neck
Another of my comrades went to the trench on a tree-lined area while price From there it rested more than Germans and a Hungarian sergeant went on a corn field, and we can move it upright without risk
We were very tired and we thought it was never going to end for us and finally the corn harvested corn in a cone behind us cried a harvested field, "Halt!"
The next moment, three Germans ran in front of us, shook our hands slapped on the shoulder and almost took us to our house at the bottom of a nearby village where a German lieutenant immediately basement of a house, accompanied us to relax about
In the basement of the house owners offered us sheep gulasch but we could hardly eat after three days of fasting and fatigue
This village was called Mány
Around eleven o'clock the German lieutenant said that a vehicle take us armored car into an all-terrain reconnaissance car they put the wounded, and we have three of the top we climbed up the machine gun tube clinging traveled Tarján where the wounded were unloaded, we'll give tonight truck three lunches Tata's Old Town entered the Hungarian headquarters "

07-09-2015, 09:08 AM
Pictures and map

The Heroes' Monument in the village of Mány, Hungary

The title of the monument
(translation:Budapest defenders in memory of those who defended 108 days declared by the Germans fortress Hungarian capital)

The position of the village of Mány on the map of Hungary
https://www.google.hu/maps/place/Mány/@47.5348189,18.6684579,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x476a6d7218fdc38b:0x400c4290c1e3c 30

07-10-2015, 06:12 AM
The Buda forests for days continued to chase after the German and Hungarian soldiers. According to witnesses, the recollections of two soldiers wandering in the woods three days later, the symptoms started to show signs of insanity because of thirst, hunger and exhaustion
The forested mountainous terrain in the area have lost their ability, who had gone to bed and stayed there in the snow

The German Ernst Schweitzer and three lieutenant remembered that he was one of the last people crossed over after more than a week of wandering
When he saw nine days after their departure on 20 February Esztergom has been barely able to walk, "The dawn light a few hundred meters we see a city map inserted during the day before, according to Esztergom.Tiz volt.A still in German hands and feet were near the elbow sliding felé.Az houses one of the soldiers will go ahead and we are pleased to be the first building are housed German soldiers. It worked! "

The majority of German soldiers even if he could chose a broken leg in the outbreak.
Around 5000 an estimated number of soldiers who were wounded as straw bags lying on the waiting room underground tunnel
About 800 wounded German soldiers who died on February 18 due to a raging fire at the castle, the Russians set fire to them or flamethrower or grenades thrown among the wounded

The February 11 has 43900-strong hungarian-german army protecting only 2% reached the German lines, 44% of participants in an outbreak, 19,000 persons died

According to the data of the number of Red Army and fell during the siege of Budapest outbursts 80,000 soldiers dead and 250,000 wounded Russian soldiers Other losses 1,800 tanks, 4,000 anti tank cannons, 300 aircraft, 140,000 small arms

07-11-2015, 03:29 PM
Breakout from the Rose Hill (Rózsadomb)

Memoirs from István Molnár University Assault Battalion student

11 February 1945

"I were resting in houses located in various
At night, we got to 11 hours of notification, that the outbreak started at midnight and attempt to break the Margaret Boulevard
At 11 towards the wall carefully going forward Margaret arrived and there is a boulevard running across the ditch roadblock tried to pick up the position, while the Germans behind us watching the reaction of the Russians
Some even settled in the ditch when mine were hit, we have not started toward the ditch and fall back a doorway (from the hay field strength could be heard sounds of gunfire and explosions)
The fellow got shrapnel in his leg and screaming, hog help him pull out of the ditch because I could not stand to get up
I managed to not highlight the ditch and pulled the nearest doorway, luckily there was the Swedish Red Cross hospital, so the fellow was (later we met at the university after the war) supply immediately
After the break we returned to the unsuccessful round included new instructions and waited"

07-11-2015, 03:35 PM
Memoirs from István Molnár University Assault Battalion student

February 12, 1945

"At dawn to about 03:00 hours I received notification of the outbreak has been hurt the Hay square, and we immediately headed for the hay to map about 10 students
The Siege street estuary fired Russian and German tanks were burning next to each other very much dead lay everywhere, blood smell was in the air

It was apparent that the Germans (and presumably also Hungarians) in the first wave of breakout tanks entourage then moved on to the Italian Alley successfully pierced
The nightingale and the engine is Batthányi German tanks and armored vehicles were involved ready to go
Then gently led by German officers left for the Italian alley
The first wave of massive firepower to break heads could do it because we got to the road that Felvinci without a single shot!
By now it was early morning

The first Russian machine gun fire got there and shot one of the leading German officers on the road Felvinci
Hundreds of submachine guns fired back building so the potential of the Russian machine gun was silent

On 12 February of 1945, early in the afternoon we reached the lookout Arpad, sporadic gunfire was
In the course of the rest, other than that of the approximately 13 German soldiers took part in the Hungarian capital near me in the outbreak, but the exact number could not be established because of the concealment
The Germans had a winter camouflage dress and canned meat with hungry Hungarians we did it through the outbreak of thirst"

07-11-2015, 03:37 PM
Memoirs from István Molnár University Assault Battalion student

February 12, 1945

"Late at night we left unchanged by the well-trained and well-informed leadership of German officers, covered with a snow-clearing we were next to a forest, well you could see approximately 4km in length straight 4-5000 troops advanced on the fly
Directly at the foot of the peak of a Russian machine gun began firing at us again, but after we cast by the hundreds of machine gun shots in the firing ceased "

07-11-2015, 03:44 PM
Memoirs from István Molnár University Assault Battalion student

February 14th, 1945

"At dawn crept through the calcareous mountains we approached in a farm field under Zsámbék wire fences without a shootout
Zsambek from the Russians spotted us and started the shooting: first and later started a small armored vehicles also fired small arms at us
A small ditch ran side of the field partial protection we crawled in and started crawling towards the Constitution

Then Statute about the direction of (the waiting Germans broke out groups who have been around 2 km away) came under gunfire on us attacking Russians
The Germans were not sustained gunfire so the Russians were closed around us in the ditch
As anti tank weapons so we did not have all, and the armor in the Russian infantry and the tanks are all near and close us and so the only way was to surrender
The time was about morning

The first german surrender giving the German soldier was shot from behind by a German officer, and the officer was shot down by the Russians
The weapons surrendered, leaving the ditch and then turned out to be one of only 50 people, I was alone hungarian the others all germans
Later, from Kiskunfélegyháza take me trough Romania to the Sovjet union taken as prisoners of war "

07-12-2015, 11:47 AM

The cover of the Münchner Illustrierte Presse 13rd of february 1945

07-12-2015, 11:48 AM
Gyula Elischer recollection of the reality of war, and will then return the access arrangements escape from captivity 1945

As previously mentioned under the protection of the wounded Elischer Gyula Rosehill while the German soldiers deposed before the outbreak
Left lung had to be remote, a nursing home was taken prisoner but given the fact that the party lacked lungs set free from the POW camp, and then it became a prisoner of war but escaped with two mates

"I got my paper on which the dismissal of which I understood only a few words were written because the entire Russian
When asked where I lived then I said that is because the city of Sopron near the Austrian border, and I knew then that I wanted to run away to the west
After a few minutes at the gate I did not have to sign, and then the guard - made "davaj! davaj!" my journey injunction
Along with two prisoners freed me well, they were both in uniform without insignia, one with the other arm elbow on one leg missing
I wore an officer's uniform was a summer which also had no insignia
It was a very hot day and we tried to quickly move away from the POW camp but unfortunately this is half my lung and the other half of my comrades very hard to move with one leg"
The streets were empty, and the Communist posters were everywhere which really hurt us
An old woman invited us in and offered us food while we noticed that sometimes a train going through the town, so we decided that we could go by train

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Gyula Elischer recollection of the reality of war, and will then return the access arrangements escape from captivity 1945

"It was when we sat down at the train station in broad daylight on the platform was full of people who were sitting in the basket next to their luggage and waiting for the train
A short time later a train arrived from Budapest, the Hungarian assembly was filled with prisoners who looked sadly out the window
The first wagon jumped a few Russian soldiers and then panic because everyone knew at the station if you do not have the prescribed number of prisoners of war, the Russians immediately surfacing all the POW train civilians as "prisoners of war"
Empty of people have left their luggage at all, just we stayed at the station in the station's three pillanatokonn
A Russian soldier came up to us, one of my comrades thought he was dismissing paper of the show if it will be released but the Russian can not even read the paper but tore it up and threw at us and shouted at us as one of the wagon bags
Shortly afterwards the train pulled out, and we could just focus immediately to escape
The car had been oiled barrels of oil can be stored for the same fully penetrated the interior of the wagon
One of my comrades and wearing boots with metal heels kicked the boards that are moved
The other comrades who had sat across from us and gave it all played with his pipe, tobacco was not in but he continued to set fires to clear
Little has been taken away from him struggle at the cost of the match but later calmed down and we discussed how we are going to burn a hole in the floor
As we started to reject it burned the floor and looked through the hole, something that is at the bottom of the train ironwork small pieces
The small fire did terrible smoke, so when the train stopped somewhere you had said we
We calculated how much would burn out and kick the boards that a man wearing go out and we discussed the order in which we climb out of the bottom of the wagon
Long hours passed in the night and it seemed to be abandoned our plan but then the wheels have started and stopped the train grate
Quickly we all climbed out of the hole and started the assembly and two red lights at the end of the train and disappeared was getting smaller"

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Gyula Elischer recollection of the reality of war, and will then return the access arrangements escape from captivity 1945

"We looked around we saw a dense forest on both sides
I knew that first we have to go south, then west, a few hundred yards to the dense forest and rested in a clearing and then fell asleep
The sun was high when we woke up hungry and thirsty and was full of dirt and oil on your skin and clothes too
Little is our progress when we reached a small stream which was a beautiful clear water, we drank out of it washed our hands and our faces in it
More and more, we stopped when we found edible berries but this time there were more than one day, that we did not eat anything
One of my comrades went to look around for a long time, and all stayed away, I started to worry that we may be with her when we heard strange footsteps: as soon as we saw the comrades led a cow behind
He sat down and said that in the vicinity and found a burned-out house in the vicinity of a cow grazing has brought, it has brought a carafe of the house
We managed milked the cow was fun and had already started on the creek, where at times we stopped to rest and drink (the cows drank from the stream)
The first week we spent close to the edge of the forest from which we could see the next mountain range that was completely flat and barren, I think it must have been a thousand years of Hungarian border
I suspected that somewhere close to the fortified section of what we have built and I was hoping to find his house in the middle-aged farmer who was the helper and will have the chance to get re-Hungarian soil, the wall was about 15 kilometers targeted
I knew that compared how far the train was built for sine, industrial jobs and so I was able to orient myself
In the evening, we will slow down because the cow and we were thirsty and went back to the creek to drink
Since we could not sleep and so on we proceeded, we found footprints
Sometime in the afternoon found ourselves in a meadow where a few horses that had been in the village for myself what I targeted
I went alone to the village to look for the master's house with whom he worked with at the time, until a fellow of the cows stayed on the meadow"

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Gyula Elischer recollection of the reality of war, and will then return the access arrangements escape from captivity 1945

"I went to the village and knocked on the door of one house and a little girl opened the door and spoke Ukrainian, and then the grandmother who was recognized because he was the leader's wife
"Lieutenant," exclaimed then brought a chair to sit
After a few minutes, I asked if there are Russians in the area but it was not
We went out into the back garden where there were fruit trees, apple picking up a recall and gave me this I knew it was going to help
The sun began to go down when he arrived at the man he's met and repeated that "Lieutenant!" "Lieutenant!"
Then we went back to the house also has the comrades, they offered us brandy is not what we adopted, we ate some bread, eggs, cheese and drank, while we told them that we were here
The cow also brought him into the house and they are given, which delighted
That night we slept there in the house
In the morning we received some rice and then returned to your've tried to wash our clothes but without much success
Came in with a young girl at breakfast who caught a baby in her arms, I got to know he was acquitted due to absence from work during pregnancy
In our host went to the priest to ask him for advice, the priest advised him to take us to the nearest Hungarian village"

Elischer Gyula eventually came home successfully followed by Austria, Germany and Denmark and he managed to establish himself in Australia

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A memorial plaque in the courtyard of the University Battalion in memory of soldiers killed in action
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On 27 September 1996 the Military Museum inaugurated a memorial plaque in the courtyard of the University Battalion in memory of soldiers killed in action

Link (a memorial plaque in the courtyard of the University Battalion in memory of soldiers killed in action)

1997 February 14, the anniversary of the outbreak of Budapest and the fall before the plaque commemorating Sándor Kiss, the University of Battalion First Company former commander with the words in memory of the heroic battalion for the fallen:

We came to remember our struggle that has been lost and honor the heroic dead, carry the head in front, who lives in the most -fiatal - sacrifice for the homeland, our capitol
Already the third week straight out of the fight when one of you relieving. I broke away from my flying unit, and you did it just takes one commander of the Battalion. And I welcomed me and stay with you. I loved you and I have not forsaken you never.
Those of us who survived due to strange gods and fate destined to fight and belief we now commemorate the heroic dead once the status.
They say you have students peacefully going to west of here and they've kept more choice the fight. Why?
In those days holidays - when the country's territorial gains in moments of heart was beating together with the army - you were not even part of you. In the first months and years of the war, nor did it include the military reports ...
After a breakaway attempt failed miserably when it was extreme peril of the country, the army's faith and trust is broken. Believe the voice of those that endure, we win!
No you not believe you had nothing to anybody and did not believe in anything anymore. But they called you and you had to make a decision
Half the country escaping. A revenge, robbery, violence incited bandit horde flooded most of the country and to billow approached the capital's destroying everything that was holy to us ...
The "liberation" wailing survivors and to fear, the fear was the strongest voice could not be plugged into a tab on the front and with which we could not and we did not want to cooperate It was that final determination elkeseredésünkben weapon in our hands to protect our loved ones from the horrors
Therefore you voluntarily undertaken to fight. We who have survived all this - now we remember and recall
I have come to do heroic faith heroic stand
I saw you in grenade fire, in the firefight, close combat is still confronting the enemy with flamethrowers and also saw the final desperate breakout assault time. I come from the same grenade got two silanes which took his young college student rushing past me soldier's life
It had no part of you and decorations or celebrations. Only this small board you had to keep in the memory
Respect for the memory of those who have been placed and for those who will keep this table
I pray the same words as before in 1992. "Heroes corridor" in the Ludovica Air Academy, who died grade fellow plaque"

"God of the Hungarians!
Give it to be quite a heroic martyr and cadavers from
Bless the Hungarians! That neither the enemy nor the Hungarian to hungarian do not attack ever again!"

Sandor Kiss
Former Hungarian royal flight lieutenant, a retired lieutenant colonel
The siege of Budapest in the second half of the first century of the University Battalion commander