View Full Version : Total Operational Art of War III

03-13-2015, 04:07 AM
So, no one is playing Norm Kroegr's Total Operational Art of War III, which by any account should be most detailed simulation of WW2 so far ?

At Matrix games it's 20$, I certainly recommend it. With huge scenario like Barbarossa :) planning one turn can last few hours...

I like it because:
- you can break down each division all the way to squad level and play
- accurate simulation of supply/weather/terrain
- dynamic events, like regular reinforcements, onset of winter etc.

It even displays full inventory list of and material losses of each division. Fascinating. There is nothing like fighting off few divisions packed with T-55 or KV1 with Battalion of 88. Among others it shows the extent to which SS and NKVD divisions were better equipped than regular Army.

Panzer -ho.