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had no idea we were so anti French maybe I shold remove the post?

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We love the French, no need to...

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I been trying to work out what the top rifle is.

Middle rifle a MAS 36
Pistol a Model 1935A Automatic Pistol

The top one appears to be called a MAS 49/56? Back half looks like a MAS 49 while the front half looks like a MAS 62

10-08-2011, 04:36 PM
Providing some information about the weapons, and their histories will help get conversation going, one group of rifles that gets little coverage is the post WWII to early 1950's semi auto military rifles (aside from those used by Germany, and the U.S. ) Just some thoughts.:)

10-26-2011, 05:07 PM
Hello everyone, I hope you like the French, if not attention ! To reply 1 rifle above is a Semi Automatic Rifle, or FSA, the 2nd is actually a MAS 49/56 and the gun is a Mack 50 I had the pleasure during my army to fire these weapons, and I can tell you that the two guns you happily dismantled the shoulder, their back was more severe when the Mack 50 despite its ease of jamming and severe lack of precision had a pretty good weapon. I would give you more detail later because I do not have documents on hand.
Regards to all Fred

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thank you for sharing.