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“The death ray, He had found him (G. Marconi) removing the most energy-and energy-less” (PierLuigi Ighina interview “In the beginning was the Radio“)

Rachele Mussolini, the wife of the Duce, In his book “Mussolini Private” describes an important experiment in late June 1936 on the road that led from Rome to Ostia.
“In late June of that year, Benito Mussolini had again the opportunity to change the course of events: Guglielmo Marconi had developed a revolutionary invention. With the help of a mysterious ray, could interrupt the electrical circuit of the motors of any type of vehicle, that work with a magnet. In other words, distance could stop cars and motorcycles. It could also bring down the planes. Even happened to me, in those days, to live a very strange adventure. I talked to about “adventure lived” because, unwittingly, I found myself to attend a test range while I was in my car. That day, lunch, I told Benito that afternoon I would have gone to Ostia to control the work they were doing in a small real estate. My husband smiled and replied: “Found on the Rome-Ostia between three and three and a half. You'll see something that will surprise you…”. Around three o'clock, So, I left Villa Torlonia, our residence in the capital, to go by car to Ostia, as expected. I was alone with the driver, a policeman in plain clothes security services. During the first part of the route, everything went well. On the motorway, although it was in operation for several years (by 1929 or 1930), there was not much traffic: at that time not everyone could afford a car. We were about halfway, when the engine stopped. The driver got out, grumbling, and hid his head under the bonnet of the car. Opened, saw, tried, blew some tubes: nothing to do. The engine would not start. Another car, marching in our own direction, stopped a little further. The driver got out and went himself to put his nose into the engine. Then, as happens everywhere in similar cases, began to discuss with his fellow-sufferer, that is, with my driver. A few hundred yards ahead, but in the opposite direction, Other cars had stopped, and even motorcycles. I became curious and thought about what I had told my husband to lunch. I looked at the clock: were three ten. To tell the truth, I did not understand anything, but one thing was certain: about us, in both senses of the Rome-Ostia, for a few hundred meters, everything worked motor had broken down. There could be thirty vehicles, all types: not one that would work. I called the driver and told him: “Wait until three and a half. If the car will not start, call a mechanic”. “Ma, Excellence, are only three and one quarter! Why must we wait until three and a half, if I can find the first failure?”. “Sure… some”. At three thirty-five asked him to try again. Of course engine drove the first time. The other drivers who were close to us, seeing our car share, did the same thing: everything worked as if nothing had happened… The evening dinner, noting that my husband watched with a smile, I told him about the history of collective breakdown, arousing the curiosity and questions of all. Vittorio and Bruno, who were pilots, speaking in technical terms, especially Bruno who was an expert on engines. According to Romano and Anna Maria, instead, I had dreamed. Neither was an explanation to this mystery. Finally my husband said: “Mom was right. This afternoon they did an experiment in some parts of the Rome-Ostia. She herself has seen the results”. That said, My husband stopped talking and refused to answer any questions… As soon as we were alone, m in these: “Know, Rachele, you have this afternoon attended a top secret experiment. It is an invention of Marconi, which can give Italy a military power superior to all other countries of the world”. And he explained, roughly, in what constituted the discovery that some, added, had called “raggio della morte” (death ray). “The radius – pointed – is still under development. Marconi is continuing research. As you can well imagine, if he can achieve it, Italy will have in hand, in case of war, weapon capable of blocking the movement of the enemy and make virtually invincible”. I was short of breath. I knew what he was capable of Guglielmo Marconi… Four years later we were at war. The “raggio della morte” death rayestiny if Italy had possessed the. But, unfortunately, things had taken a different route. Pope Pius XI, horrified by this discovery and the enormous scope that could have, Marconi asked not to continue research and, if possible, destroy the results already obtained. Marconi, who was very fond of Benito and was a true fascist, had faithfully reported the conversation with the Pope and asked him who was to take place in front of the case of conscience who put his faith as a Catholic. Benito did not want to become an enemy of the Pope of the Council, nor go against the religious scruples of Marconi. In addition, the world was in search of peace and not war and the search for Marconi were expensive. Then he opted to permit the suspension of research, but not the destruction of the discovery. The following year, the 1937, Marconi died suddenly…”

The same will confirm the rest of the Duce 20 March 1945 to the journalist Ivanoe Fossani, who interviewed the small island of Trimellone, Lake Garda, in front of Gargnano: “It is true, on the road to Ostia, Acilia, Marconi stopped the car engines, motorcycles, Trucks. The experiment was repeated on the way to Anzio. Over Orbetello, radio-controlled aircraft-devices were set on fire more than two thousand meters in height. Marconi had discovered the death ray. Except that he, that recently became very religious, had a desire for a humanitarian nature and sought advice to the Pope, and the Pope does not recommend it to reveal a discovery so deadly. Schocked, he was to report on his case of conscience. I was stunned. I told him that the discovery could be made by others and used against us, against his own people and then, and that I'd not used any undue influence, preferring to solve their own case of conscience, sure that his feelings of Italian would have the upper hand. A few days later and returned to Marconi on his face were obvious signs of the tremendous inner struggle between the two feelings, the religious and the patriotic. To cheer, I assured him that the death ray would not be used except as an extreme solution. I was still confident of being able to convince the absurdity of his doubts. In fact, the scientist is not responsible for the misuse that can be made of his invention.

"Flying soucers were inventend in 1942 in Italy and in Germany", Giuseppe Belluzzo story:


The secret cabinet RS/33:




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my dear DVX, I have a lot of doubt on this kind of information, because it is about here more of disinformations and pseudo inventions historic. I wonder besides has what it serves because the 2nd world war being like that rich enough of events, why therefore to try to invent some, it is as him either saying test German nuclèaire that is a journalist's pure invention in quest of celebrity.
Fred regards

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as him either saying test German nuclèaire that is a journalist's pure invention in quest of celebrity.
Fred regards

Fred, I've to disagree with you on this point. Read this book: http://www.ww2incolor.com/forum/showthread.php?12239-Hitler-s-secret-weapons
and have a look to this documentary: http://onebigtorrent.org/torrents/10288/Mission-for-Mussolini
Interesting too the book of Prof. Karlsh that perfectly suits with the Romersa's one.

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DVX forgiveness, but it doesn't hold abolument has the analysis. Indeed no trace has never been recovered there, and this in spite of the research of the allies. It is necessary to say that the allies rushed on everything that would allow them to recover the research of the German engineers. And therefore one knows well today what he/it was some at the time, notably the research of nuclear German and very quickly they are himself apperçus that Hitler had put him even thin to the research of the 1943. it is for it that I say that everything that one could write on this kind of topic doesn't hold the road. And in spite of the pseudo documents one himself appeçoit that the demonstration transfers to the swindle.
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I agree with fredl109, in Italy there is a TV channel of public service RAI that is focused on history and it puts on air two differents documentaries about this subject. In both of them the authors searched for any real proofs of these inventions. No one army, German, Italian or Allies has evidence that these inventions works and no one that can be trusted see live experiments about it.