View Full Version : Book about the war, "Tras los submarinos Ingleses" "After the English submarines"

05-27-2011, 03:46 PM
Hi everybody,

Just to tell you and recommend you the reading of this book by Dr. Carlos Sciaroni. It is the very first time from my point of view that the "obscure" action of the aircraft carriered ASW based principaly on the Trackers and the Sea Kings.

The fact is that after the failed "mahanian" operation of May the 1st, where anything could happen, the CVL did not retire inmediatelly to Pto belgrano, in fact, they were runnng around in low waters until the 9th........

Several times the ASW crews would detect ASW masts when breathing or communicating vía satellite and in more than one oportunity they have to break contact.

Very nicely written, it is a pitty that for the moment it is only available in its Spanish version, I strongly recommend it.

"Tras los Submarinos Ingleses" By Dr. Carlos Sciaroni, year 2010 INI ( publishers)