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Gary D.
08-26-2010, 10:28 AM
There's a lot on Dr. Hans Luther, Hitler's ambassador to the U.S., until 1937 (?), but I'd like to know more about his political associations and beliefs. I don't think he ever joined the Nazi Party--or did he? He seemed to have been highly regarded in the diplomatic community, although there were protests against him--particularly before the 1936 Games--when he was invited to one university or another.

His financial expertise was instrumental in restoring Germany's super-inflated economy when she tried to meet the demands of the ruinous Versailles Treaty. I also learned he was twice Weimar chancellor.

After the war, he joined the new German government, so I guess nothing could be brought up against him. Apparently, he was 'too frank' with Hitler, and retired before he was booted out.

Anyone read his biography and can supply me more information?