View Full Version : Aircraft identity?

05-25-2010, 04:46 PM
I'm a new member and I hope that someone can may be able to identify the aircraft in the image.

Briefly, when my father died in 1962, he left a collection of paintings and drawings, probably about 80 in all; more than half of them feature aircraft, the remainder other wartime subjects. Although most of the aircraft are easily identifiable - or indeed captioned, there is one that I cannot identify. It's probably the least cared for of all of them, having been scribbled on by me or my brother (naughty kids!) and I found it lying open, gathering dust in the attic of my old family home.

I know it's a gull-wing fighter and little else so if anyone can throw any light on it, I would be most grateful. Thank you....George

After further research I think the aircraft is probably an Ikarus IK-2, made shortly before WW1 by the Yugoslavs....