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  1. Italian tanks and AFVs.
  2. Italian Artillery and Anti-Tank Weapons
  3. Italian Infantry Weapons
  4. The Italian aircraft armament.
  5. Italian Fighters
  6. Cruisers & Battleships.
  7. Fiat cr.42
  8. Previously unknown Italian anti-tank Battalion
  9. Monument Question
  10. Italian Front
  11. Italian secret weapons: Marconi's death ray and Belluzzo's flying saucer
  12. 36 original videos about Italian troops in Spain
  13. 47/32 vs KV1
  14. The Italian advanced assault smg: the OG 44 Armaguerra Cremona
  15. A message in a bottle
  16. Italian weapons in the enemy reports
  17. Italian flamethrowers
  18. Making a Fighter.
  19. Disaster at Beda Fomm.
  20. Fiat M13/40 Italian Medium Tank video and info
  21. Battleship Roma Found
  22. some one have news or pic of the bersaglieri reggiment in albania , HQ valona
  23. Cavarly charge against armoured forces
  24. "The Jungle is Neutral." By F. Spencer Chapman.
  25. The filmed war (italian translated newsreels)
  26. The last cavalry charges in military history (all Italian)
  27. Italian resistance against Britons after the fall of Italian Eastern Africa
  28. Italian coastal artillery in Leros island
  29. Ju 87 R-2 Stuka wreck found in the Adriatic
  30. A promise, a disappointment
  31. Forgotten Hero: from Regia Aeronautica to Luftwaffe, from Luftwaffe to Foreign Legion
  32. Forgotten war: the front of the western Alps 1944-45.