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  1. The Master
  2. What do you see?
  3. German casualty: Faked or coincidence
  4. Unknown Knight's Cross recipient
  5. WWI Color Photo??
  6. Photo retouching
  7. What Kind of Tank is This?
  8. Casualty
  9. Identity of Two Vehicles
  10. russian front soldat w/whistle pic needed
  11. likeness picture
  12. What is the POW doing?
  13. Is this theft?
  14. Hitlerjugend Pics ??
  15. Sherman Firefly - Houseboats
  16. Is this a mailbox?
  17. About Cassino
  18. Surrender?
  19. RWY photos
  20. Is this your father / grandfather??
  21. WW2 German Facial Hair
  22. 1st. Div., 314th Inf. regt.
  23. Can anyone help me find this image??
  24. [needed] photograph taken through an IJN type 88 periscope
  25. Images by Imi/Lex
  26. Names
  27. Help needed with missing pilot of III/Jg3.
  28. Old Navy Photo with Flag. Need I.D.
  29. WW2 camo in color!!!
  30. Help - link need for pics of nazi stolen art
  31. Searching for a photo
  32. IJN submarine cruiser or else ?
  33. Looking for information or history of this photo
  34. Picture of my father in Photos section
  35. Photo Research at the National Archives
  36. MY Dad's war buddies in Italy
  37. Alfred Bindseil
  38. Identity of Spitfire
  39. Warbirds - Chino Air Show
  40. Indentity of Motorcycle with Sidecar
  41. Looking for VMF Info
  42. Wilkowischken Lithuania
  43. Looking for photos
  44. Seeking info on photo of "Grieving Woman"
  45. Firefighter in WW2
  46. Airspeed Oxfords
  47. Looking for pictures: Smith & Wesson M1917 in use
  48. Looking for this picture in bigger size/resolution
  49. the shield that made a lot of damage
  50. Operation Dragoon Southern France
  51. 75 mm Pack Howitzer
  52. WW2 Dress uniform - blouse
  53. caterpillar dozers
  54. Omaha beach photo info
  55. Papa (please) don't go
  56. looking for a generic field equipmet photo
  57. German invasion of Poland
  58. Coconut from Guadalcanal?
  59. Looking for a graphic photo that I can't find
  60. Looking for pictures of BMW motorcars in war service
  61. Knil
  62. Research A6M1
  63. Can someone tell me what island in the Pacific this Marine is on?
  64. Can someone tell me which Aircraft Carrier this plane is flying off of?
  65. Portrait with "Cholm" shield
  66. Research Help: 'Rocket' in footage.
  67. Unknown pictures of blitzkrieg..
  68. Looking for Pictures of Waldau-Lohfelden Kassel Germany
  69. Photo of Sepp Dietrich with his SS Honor Ring
  70. german photo album war war 2
  71. looking for WWII polish field kitchen pic
  72. Where does this tiny bike come from ?
  73. What is this picture?
  74. What is going on?
  75. A strange uniform
  76. Need information about a uniform
  77. Nuremburg hangman Sgt. John Woods
  78. Seeking Mr Chad
  79. My pictures used here w/o my permission
  80. USS California
  81. looking to ID source/copyright holder for photo
  82. Who can color this in?
  84. Looking for Air Recon pics of sub den in La Rochelle France
  85. Rare Stalingrad Photo's
  86. How to colorize photographs of the second world war???
  87. Günther Blumentritt
  88. Need Info on Photo
  89. Help me decide which Panther G I should paint next
  90. Re: Photos of Mexican Forces
  91. Looking for a list of names of soldiers on a photo of 1943
  92. Picture of my dad
  93. Photos from the Red Army
  94. Info on uniform
  95. The sons of Generalfeldmarschall Paulus
  96. 6 Regt HAA RA
  97. World War ll Official Military Photographs
  98. WWII Midway Island Photos
  99. Can anyone help me with this photo...?
  100. Another uniform to identify...
  101. Joseph Kramer photo - belsen
  102. Please help in identifying these British Generals
  103. Looking for photos of 184 Division Nembo
  104. Florian Geyer division
  105. Unknown U-Boat Emblem / Shield
  106. Aerial photo
  107. Surrender of Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 655
  108. Philippines Campaign Images
  109. Pictures of Swords
  110. Scanning Photos
  111. Need help identifying WWII LOCATIONS or WORDS
  112. Japanese TYPE 100 SMG
  113. Atomic bomb aftermath photos ??- nagasaki, hiroshima, japan
  114. North Shore Regiment New Brunswick
  115. Rank? Unit?
  116. Cholm -- Velikiye Luki Photos
  117. SS Sturmmann Photos.
  118. Photo Link?
  119. Exhumation Photos
  120. Photo Resolution
  121. Panzer schutz
  122. German Uniforms
  123. Soviet or Italian helmet?
  124. Unidentified Coins?
  125. If anyone knows anyone in these pictures.
  126. Who are the officers and/or what are their ranks.
  127. Unidentified patch
  128. Need help identifying WWII LOCATION by indentifying COUNTRIES' FLAG
  129. Photo of African-American G.I.'s - Hi Res?
  130. Need help identifying WWII LOCATION in ASIA- JAPAN, HONG KONG, CHINA??
  131. Japanese battle Flag and Kamikaze / Infantry headband ??
  132. USCGC Kimball
  133. maxim 08
  134. GI's with BAR
  135. 185th Ordnance Battalion- "Sheehan's Bastards" sign?
  136. looking for 25 PZ division photos
  137. 707th tank battalion
  138. ronald hawkins; help wanted!
  139. Looking for one photo.Need help.
  140. Looking for Photo
  141. Veterinary Lieutenant uniform in Boer War
  142. Westland Whirlwind - Sharkmouth nose art, looking for tail codes
  143. military issued cigarette roller?
  144. Find the nationality
  145. What aircraft is this?
  146. Looking for photo of surrender
  147. Phots of Patton's Drivers
  148. Looking for pictures of Camouflaged german AT guns
  149. What type of gun is this
  150. PFC John M. Carroll, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division US.
  151. Warsaw uprising
  152. Looking for the boy in the shoe box 1945
  153. Who is this SA high officer?
  154. Any one know kup kafay??? found it near bastogne...
  155. War time starlet. Who is she? And where are they?
  156. SS Officer
  157. Photo of japanese sniper with rifle wanted:
  158. German frustrated soldier
  159. Eastern front photos you have never seen before...
  160. Help for restoration of about 15-20 color photos
  161. Looking for colour photographs of signposts, propaganda posters etc... during WWII
  162. Does anyone know this picture?
  163. Mortar identification
  164. Wanted! Photos of Russian Volunteers in Manchukuo Forces
  165. Photos Needed
  166. Help with picture origin!
  167. Photos of Sword Beach landings
  168. Can anyone identify these Officers
  169. Someone playing silly buggers
  170. Help with Photo. Researching
  171. Striking young man!
  172. Film Writers: Looking for Information
  173. Does anyone recognize this place?
  174. WW2 Airdrop images
  175. Help With Info On Bomb I Have
  176. Hiroyoshi Nishizawa
  177. 334th U.S. Infantry Photos?
  178. looking for a pic of wwII Can soldiers with a bicycle rigged to a washing machine
  179. Looking for some help identifying my grandfather's British insignia
  180. Help / Advice needed on my Large White Ensign (9ft 2in x 4ft 7in)
  181. Help, not techno-saavy...
  182. Fieldgrave Joseph Ball - British commando
  183. Album of a NSDAP conference just found after 75 years
  184. Black&White photos from World War 2
  185. Looking for help to identify a soldiers rank and unit
  186. Looking for as many pics of WWII Para-Marines I can get
  187. Polish Carpathian Lancers Monte Cassino
  188. Real photo of Russian snipers...?
  189. Seeking photo of my father on Iwo Jima
  190. Dutch WW2 photo help
  191. Dutch 1935 army photo
  192. Please help me to identify these uniforms
  193. Looking for original B-17 photos
  194. Help Appreciated- Identifying Info on Grandfather
  195. Help Identifing photos
  196. Help in Identifying
  197. Identify an SS soldier
  198. Victories marking
  199. Manchukuo Imperial Navy aircraft recognition help.
  200. Hitler/Luftwaffe Pilots?
  201. can anyone help with these pics
  202. British ww2 soldier photo help
  203. Nazis gay-parade?!!!
  204. Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung - February 1941
  205. registration number?
  206. Graduates of the artillery courses in Beneshevo (czech)
  207. Can anyone identify this tank in these photos?
  208. Can anyone identify these German airplanes?
  209. Trying to identify the ship in this WWII photo
  210. Can anyone help with some photos from Sicily?
  211. Need help in photos of US bombing raids in 1943 over Sardinia. Looking 4 b26 pix
  212. Would like to find what platoon and soldiers names in photo
  213. Battle of the gotic line
  214. Now a days, Pictures of two German Gun Battery in France
  215. What Aircraft is This?
  216. Pictures - Can anyone help with History of them.
  217. big piece of iron on plato with m48 patton armor in tunisia
  218. Instituto Luce
  219. Who is this ?
  220. Photo Source
  221. Hampden bomber
  222. Looking for time specific photos
  223. Looking for information about this picture attached to John Alexander Robb
  224. Petromax 2827 pressure lamp
  225. 37th infantry division in Manila; looking to identify the GIs in photo
  226. Help me find my Grandad please
  227. help with my research on my grandad please
  228. WW2British Military Service Uniforms
  229. Polish Army/family photos
  230. Photographs of 3(f) Squadron
  231. New to the forum
  232. 11th Tank Company ... List of Names
  233. Photo-help
  234. Please help me find out WHO IS THE MAN IN THE PICTURES. Finding Grandfather project
  235. Vera Lynn & Soldier
  236. Who's the fourth guy
  237. 1st Guards Heavy Regiment Eastbourne 4th June 1944
  238. World War 2 Photos > Chinese Forces > communist soldier
  239. Trying to identify location/unit and identity
  240. soviet POWs ww2
  241. 4th Pz Div Wuzburg 1930's
  242. Margarete Himmler + daughter Gudrun in Bethel ca. 1946/47. Who knows the third woman
  243. Man beside Himmler
  244. Requesting information on a plane
  245. Strange dress-up 14 SS Galizien
  246. Hawker Tempest EJ803
  247. Destroyed German railway station(s) during WW2
  248. Unidentified Pins on AAF Unifom
  249. Google Image Search
  250. Wermacht Infantry Regiment 43, 1st Infantry Division. 1938-1945