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  1. US Navy Building--a swastika?
  2. Visit to the Russell Military Museum.
  3. Murphy's Laws of War
  4. Aero carburettors work how?
  5. # of people in a unit...
  6. Israeli Super Sherman
  7. Pretty Tank
  8. The Modern Armies Armory
  9. Ich Hatt Eine Kamerad
  10. Monument Weapons
  11. What's the Best/Your Favorite/Worst Contemporary Assault Rifle?
  12. Westland Wyvern Profiles
  13. Somebody's in big trouble
  14. IRA Irish Republican Army
  15. Whats your favorite jet fighter of all time
  16. Whats your favourite chopper of all time?
  17. Ak-47 & M16 what do you think? And explain
  18. What happened to the xm8
  19. "D-Day at Hel", Poland 2007
  20. Afghanistan
  21. Argentine Navy gallery 1930-2000.
  22. The worst small arm ever
  23. Firing squad mythbuster?
  24. Respecting the Fallen Soldiers
  25. Kamikaze nuclear rifle
  26. Flying soldiers
  27. Middle east crisis
  28. Question about F.I.R.
  29. Sub commander runs aground on political correctness
  30. New VC awarded to Newest VC
  31. 200,000 war veterans homeless in US
  32. Funny Military Pics
  33. Women in the military
  34. Yankees, go home ...
  35. Somali pirates
  36. Cleaning Medals
  37. The Dissenter Who Changed the Iraq War: Or How to Conduct Counterinsurgency
  38. Five Guys Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy!
  39. Battlespace :Unrealities of War: Exhibition
  40. The K series submarines, between the Wars, and their offshoots.
  41. The Ultimate Differential Theory of US Armed Forces (Snake Model)
  42. Airborn Aircraft Carriers. Akron, Macon.
  43. Civil War
  44. Pearl Harbor
  45. What about a pistol ??? .45 or 9mm
  46. Growing up black in Nazi Germany
  47. Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic
  48. Original 1945 SKS Simonov
  49. Obama to announce Iraq withdrawal
  50. Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.
  51. US Navy develops Rail Gun
  52. IDF - Breaking the Silence
  53. Was any war worth it?
  54. China Builds Full Size Pre-Dreadnought
  55. When will we ever ****ing learn?
  56. Our army is full
  57. US Army Still Seeks "Subcompact Rifle"
  58. 50 Cal. Takes out IED
  59. Tour of Generals
  60. Hero few know of.
  61. Hostage Freed From Somali Pirates by US Navy SEALS
  62. The next major conflict?
  63. Brilliantly simple military ideas
  64. Military Refreshment :D
  65. Irak, 6 years later. Aftermath of a dirty war.
  66. Monument weapons, Old Knoxville.
  67. Shades of Special Forces
  68. Show your military unit-emblems (with pride)!
  69. Elizabeth Cross
  70. Afghanistan: US Marines Pushing into Taliban Areas
  71. Germany awards first military medal for bravery since WWII
  72. Sailors are randy bastards! Nation in shock!
  73. Help
  74. When did war crimes start?
  75. Afghanistan: a war of containment.
  76. Military Court Constitutionally Invalid
  77. A cry of a human
  78. A sunny day at the Tennessee museum of aviation
  79. A trip to Ft. Loudoun in Tennessee.
  80. Oak Ridge Labs
  81. Lone Star Flight Museum
  82. War Museum Near Greece
  83. Medal of Honor Awarded to Fallen in Afghan War
  84. Chemical Warfare in Australia 1914 - 1945
  85. In Humanity and War
  86. Japanese Constitution
  87. Fornes Gear Machine Gun.
  88. M4 Assault Rifle/Carbine Failures
  89. Lamda
  90. What is this vehicle ?
  91. Air Force
  92. Huge Sea Blast That sinks Ships
  93. U.S. Official, ex-Marine Resigns Over Afghan War
  94. ww1 vet medals
  95. The Surprising Lessons of Vietnam
  96. Recommended for VC, MOH, got neither
  97. N'Oublions Jamais l'Australie
  98. Royal Navy White Ensign
  99. War - What is it good for?
  100. A Case Against Systematic Operation Design
  101. Unusual and unsung units
  102. CIA Vet: Terror "Hysteria" Gives "Aid & Comfort to Our Enemies"
  103. Australian Govt. Warned Over Centaur Sinking
  104. Firearms Disassembly
  105. Sukhoi T-50 prototype unveiled
  106. Like, it's The First Earth Battalion, man.
  107. International Threat levels
  108. Small British Blitzkrieg
  109. M44 Markings Question
  110. MBT-70 program.
  111. 65% Scale flying replica P38 Lightning, built over 15 years, by man now 80.
  112. Germany builds World's Largest Military Museum
  113. Vulcans
  114. An obvious message on war for the modern world
  115. "Combat" photography pioneers
  116. Does defence gobbledygook conceal a lack of thought and competence?
  117. Jaguars
  118. Anti-Tank Rifle display at the Patton Museum
  119. Got 40,000 bucks left?
  120. The MIG Turns 70!
  121. Korean ship torpedowed
  122. Iranian Coastal Artillery (Missiles)
  123. 65th VE Day Parade: Red Square
  124. Tensions in Korea: S. Korean Warship Sunk
  125. Congratualtions to Israel on its latest '**** you" to the rest of the world
  126. Should prisoners make military equipment?
  127. Top Al-Qaida Financier Killed in Strike: #3 Bigger Blow than if Bin Laden had Died
  128. Military precision
  129. Drill Sergeants' classics
  130. Officer cadet initiative test lives on in Germany
  131. The Runaway General (McChrystal goes MacArthur)
  132. An extraordinary soldier
  133. Thirty Years' War casualties found
  134. WW1&WW2 Sidearms
  135. Jamestown Va Settlement Fort
  136. Aussie special forces immune to cancer
  137. Not a great career move
  138. Colonial Marines
  139. Canadian Army has a sense of humor.
  140. How much law should there be after the battle?
  141. Afghan hound - I hope it's true
  142. US hustings mishap
  143. Why soldiers fight
  144. How will Afghanistan end?
  145. North & South Korea: On the Brink
  146. US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
  147. Wikileaks - Form your own opinion
  148. SS Vets Beer Stein H.I.A.G
  149. Pay your way through recruit training
  150. Question for Brit/Commenwealth Soldiers
  151. Swiss Referendum on Firearms
  152. Royal Observer Corps Bunkers
  153. Twin barrel 152 howitzer
  154. Someone should be gaoled (preferably shot) over this incompetence
  155. Who has served in the military? And when?
  156. Poor soldier
  157. Refrehsments :D
  158. A little music,, Meastro,if you please.
  159. Udvar-Hazy Museum in Washington D.C.
  160. TV's "Sons of Guns"
  161. You can't beat bad luck
  162. Korean War Video- help!
  163. Help with korean war vet info.........
  164. Bin Laden Dead
  165. New Army Ammo Greener and Meaner
  166. Recruiting - Your experiences
  167. Hakka dance :)
  168. P-51 Mustang Pics I just took
  169. 46(m)haa regiment royal artillery hobbs barracks 1952 -1955
  170. Trip to the Saumur Tank Musuem
  171. Another Australian defence procurement triumph
  172. Generals
  173. Duce's suitcase of uniforms and clothes in auction for sale
  174. Free Militaty History books for Kindle
  175. Suggest deployment gift for my son?
  176. Aerial photography - then & now
  177. Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap
  178. Medieval Knights and PTSD
  179. Copy of the German heavy tank "the Tiger I" scale 1:1.
  180. Joining the army
  181. USMC Fox interview
  182. Upcoming Irish auction
  183. U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers
  184. Fake Chinese Parts 'Found In US Planes'
  185. Soldiers branded deserters pardoned
  186. Question for US Marines
  187. Fighting at Aleppo, Syria
  188. Robot Killers In The Sky?
  189. Sturmgewehr brought to gun buy-back in the U.S.
  190. For those who appreciate a somewhat "different" sort of fairy tale.
  191. American Sniper author Chris Kyle shot dead in Texas
  192. Firestone liner
  193. My kind of modern general
  194. My kind of modern general
  195. What type of bomb is that?
  196. Another plane wreckage found in the Baltic Sea
  197. Western alliance doesn't declare war on Germany.
  198. Why Battle of Trafalgar couldn't happen nowadays
  199. Replica
  200. 18 Pounder Timer
  201. Para Helmet
  202. My Medic Helmet
  203. My USN 7 Beach Master Helmet
  204. My WW1 Soldier
  205. Interest's/Hobbies
  206. vietnam scrabbard ?
  207. The next EU (Eurasian Union).
  208. Oops
  209. Tank Gunnery video
  210. Memorial Day in the U.S.
  211. Austro-Hungarian Werndl breechloading Rifle. some videos.
  212. Propsed replacements for NATO infantry Rifles.
  213. Upcoming Auction of Military hardware.
  214. American Foreign Legion
  215. American Veterans: A List Of Restaurants Giving Away Free Meals To Vets
  216. The Russians are coming! Ooooh! I'm really scared!
  217. Are ISIS beheadings good news?
  218. British Military....?
  219. Sniper shot accurate through plate glass
  220. American Sniper, the Movie
  221. Movie "Lebanon"
  222. Indonesian's TNI won most of medals from AASAM Championship
  223. Meanwhile, back in Russia,,,,
  224. A clear explanation of the modern guidance system.
  225. A fun video of a restored German PAK 40 75mm A.T. gun being fired.
  226. Which is in the ten worst war films ever made?
  227. WW I German trench armor Video.
  228. New arrival at the Ft. Benning Armor museum
  229. Happy All Hallows Folks !
  230. Why the West is responsible for ISIS atrocities
  231. A new specimen in the collection
  232. James FitzJames
  233. ISIS: The End is Nigh?
  234. Raytheon has a new plan of old M-60A3 Tanks.
  235. video of training fails.
  236. Nuclear Fallout & Winter: New Website Shows Effects of 1,100 Nukes
  237. Bronze muzzle loading gun fired at Armored vehicle using live munitions.
  238. Coup d'état in Turkey
  239. South China Sea
  240. New Film on Dunkirk
  241. Is MAD...
  242. Film showing comparison test of Japanese, and allied light Tank
  243. Removing the Engine Transmission from a M-60 series Tank.
  244. Train them early
  245. Modernizing the M-1A2 Abrams
  246. Eindhoven - historical sites
  247. The Little Known "Great Emu War"
  248. US National Guard and Army Reserve Full during Vietnam War?
  249. USMC vs US Army - Which is better
  250. A short film of U.S. Tank Gunnery in Germany, 1974