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  1. WW2 Database
  2. Saving Private Ryan
  3. The Bridge On The River Kwai
  4. A Bridge Too Far#
  5. Cross of Iron
  6. Any movies from the German perspective during the war?
  7. Twelve O'Clock High
  8. The Eagle Has Landed
  9. The story of the B17 Flying Fortress
  10. Tank Overhaul
  11. Funny WW2 movie.
  12. Identify this movie
  13. German WWII songs
  14. WWI Canadian Movie "PASSCHENDAELE"
  15. Movies that can make you cry
  16. Brlin.Downfall by Oliver Hirschbiegel
  17. World War Movies
  18. Operation Valkyrie
  19. Rare german aircraft clips.
  20. Aussie viewpoint
  21. Reach For The Sky
  22. Hogan's Heroes
  23. New Movie Trailers
  24. Valkyrie and Accuracy
  25. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
  26. Theirs is the Glory
  27. Defiance
  28. Video help
  29. Nazis & Chetniks in Yugoslavia
  30. HBO The Pacific
  31. Interview with B-24 tail gunner
  32. For Focke Wulf 190 lovers
  33. The P-47 (CGI) Courtesy of the History Channel
  34. "Commanders at War" on the Military Channel
  35. Great German Sniper Video (short Documentry)
  36. question about : THE BRIDGE TOO FAR
  37. German combat clips....
  38. D-DAY IN NORMADY : THE REAL STORY By Lultwaffe Films
  39. Favorite characters in "The great escape"
  40. I am looking for the 1955 G. W. Pabst film called Der Letze Akt (The Last Ten Days)
  41. Away All Boats
  42. Most Amazing Combat Videos
  43. Le bocage 2009 - city castropol - country Spain - I hope that you like...
  44. "Eichmann"
  45. HBO The Pacific Trailer Released
  46. "The Fallen" (2004)
  47. Inglourious Basterds!
  48. Max Manus
  49. Malmedy
  50. Fugitive Pieces
  51. Favorite World War II Movies
  52. Welcome to britain-British documentary film
  53. “The Airmen and the Headhunters”
  54. WWII Filme "The Hill" new site and posted
  55. Movies That Need to be Done
  56. Outpost (Attack of the Nazi Zombies!)
  57. Horror of WW2
  58. I need WW2 Combat Footage!
  59. Italian Fighters on Film.
  60. Japanese Surrender -never seen video footage.
  61. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  62. WWII: Lost Films Screening
  63. Everyman's War
  64. SS vs Viet Cong on " Deadliest Warrior "
  65. Adolf Hitler speeches [Subtitles]
  66. Black Book
  67. Where Eagles Dare/" Broadsword calling Danny Boy"
  68. Escape from Auschwitz
  69. Bollywood films movie about Hitler's "pure Genius"
  70. John Keats, THEY FOUGHT ALONE. Biography to motion picture?
  71. Leichte Kreuzer Königsberg & Leipzig. 1932
  72. Windtalkers
  73. The Great Raid
  74. Help finding a movie.
  75. Courage and Passion video - Tribute to the Lancaster Bomber aircrews
  76. Documentary "Hang Tough"
  77. Winter in Wartime
  78. King's Speech
  79. Trying to find a movie for my uncle
  80. Rare colour video collection from the World War 2
  81. Epic German Production: "Our Mothers, Our Fathers"
  82. Color footage of Folgore division training in 1941
  83. D-Day to Berlin
  84. Bombs over Malta, in colour
  85. Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)
  86. Most Convincing War Movie
  87. Red Tails
  88. The Devil's Rock
  89. AFG Movie
  90. For people who like ships...
  91. Toy's tank battle:)
  92. Videos: Air Action in the Pacific: Carriers, Black Cat PBYs, B-29s, Midway, Rabaul
  93. Videos: P-47s, Mustang Dive Bombers, A-26 Invaders, WW2 Test Pilots, Torpedoes!
  94. Bomb Girls
  95. Web videos: WW2 Dive Bombing, P-38s, B-29s,B-25s, Galland & more
  96. German POWs & German SS prisoners killed by Czechs
  97. Every boy's wish to santa,..
  98. Videos: Thunderbolts attack, WW2 Carriers & Subs, plus bombers against Rommel
  99. Iron Sky (Again)
  100. Nice to meet you all !
  101. Videos: Legendary P-51s, The Memphis Belle, B-29s, Leyte Gulf, B-58s & more
  102. Nazi Titanic Revealed
  103. WW2 Animated Cartoons
  104. Web Videos: Hell Hawk P-47s, Navy Jet Tactics, Bombing Germany, B-29s & Bazookas
  105. War Horse
  106. My Way
  107. Below (2002)
  108. Nazis at the Center of the Earth
  109. Outpost: Black Sun
  110. War in the Pacific movie
  111. Web videos: P-47s, B-52s, B-26s, WW2 Carriers, PBYs & Fallschirmjeagers
  112. My Way: The Best Korean War Film?
  113. The Paris Uprising of 1944
  114. Why we fight.
  115. Web videos: D-Day, Midway, Thundering B-29s, WW2 MG Shootout & P-38s
  116. Churchill's Speech (all the ladies say yeah!)
  117. Donald Duck in Nutzi Land
  118. Videos: Thundering P-47s, WW2 Test Pilots, F-105s, WW2 Subs, 8th AF Bombers
  119. Web Videos: Ploesti Raids, B-47s, B-25s, Tommy Guns & More
  120. Web Videos: Spinning Hellcats, WW2 Bombers, XB-70s, Migs & more
  121. Web Videos: A-36 Invaders, B-29s, F-86s, WW2 Dive Bombing & Merrill’s Marauders
  122. Rommel 2012 (German)
  123. Web videos: P-51s, Kamikazes, B-58s, Rabaul, Tiger Tanks & more
  124. Web Videos: P-47 Action, WW2 Fighter Tactics, XF92A, WW2 Carriers, B-52s & more
  125. Irish short movie "The German"
  126. Web Videos USN Carriers, P-47 Assembly, WW2 Fighters, B-26s, USN Torpedo Attack, FAC
  127. The Admiral
  128. Videos: P-38s Attack, RAF & 8th AF Bombing, X-15 & more
  129. Into the White
  130. Emperor
  131. Waffen SS soldier on 'Saving Privite Ryan'
  132. Web Videos; FW190, Ju88, P-47s, U-Boat Hunters, Bombing Rommel, Stalingrad & more
  133. Ike: Countdown to D-Day
  134. Age of Heroes
  135. As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me
  136. Web Videos: He 177s, Thundering B-29s, Navy fighter tactics, Zemke’s P-47s, Heavy MG
  137. Only the brave
  138. Web Videos: B-47s, JG 26 & Nachtjägers, Hell Hawk P-47s, Hustlers, Tanks, PBYs, Zeros
  139. Web Videos: B-25s & A-26s Attack, Airborne D-Day, Midway, the C.B.I, Rickenbacker
  140. Web Videos: WW2 Fighter Tactics, Desert Survival, P-51s, Flying Wing, B-58s & more
  141. Web Videos: Luftwaffe Finis, Thundering P-47s, F-105s in Vietnam, Ploesti B-24s
  142. Generation War
  143. Web Videos: P-61s, P-38s, Banshees, Apache dive bombers, evading capture, Blitzkrieg
  144. Web Videos: P-47 Thunderbolts, P-38s, Hustlers, B-25s, FLAK, Rommel, & Chennault
  145. Videos: A-20 Attack Bombers, Arctic Survival, P-47 Hell Hawks, USAF Vietnam, B-29s
  147. Videos: WW2 Fighter Tactics w Ronald Reagan, Prince of Wales Sunk, F-105s, B-26s
  148. Web Videos: WW2 Gunners, B-47s in color, P-51s, 75mm B-25s, Dive Bombing & more
  149. Yamato 2005
  150. Looking for a movie!
  151. Videos: Hot P-51s, WW2 Saboteurs, JG 26, B-58s, B-29s, U-505, China Battle
  152. Web Videos: Building B-26s, WW2 Tank Destroyers, Mekong Patrols, P-38s, B-29, WW Spy
  153. If you were a movie producer
  154. Web Videos: Berlin Airlift, WW2 Night Air Attacks, B-25s, F-86s, Spies, U-Boats
  155. Web Videos: D-Day, Midway, P-47s, A-6 Intruders, Flying Wing & more
  156. Web Videos: P-51 Aces, P-47 Aerobatics, WW2 Tanks, Carrier Attacks & more
  157. Videos: P-47 Combat Ops, XB-70, Ploesti. Fighter Tactics, WW2 Carrier Ops & more
  158. Web Videos: The Rear Gunner, Air War 1943, Rabaul B-25s, Tiger Tanks, F-105s & more
  159. Web Videos: AAF Pacific, WW2 Aerial Mines, P-38s, P-51s, Japanese Arms, B-58s & more
  160. New WWII Film 'Fury' Features Last Working Tiger
  161. Inglourious Basterds
  162. Downfall
  163. Videos Yamamoto Down, German Radar, B-25, 10th Armored, B-26s, F-86s, CH-3s & more
  164. WW2 Fighter Acrobatics,Strategic Bombing, A-26s,B-58s,Test Pilots,Gable’s B-17s & mor
  165. Videos: 1st US ETO B-17 mission,F-105 pilot rescue,B-24 Inspection,Thundering B-29s
  166. Web Videos: B-29s, P-51s, 11th ACR, Patton, Espionage, Kamikazes & more
  167. Videos: P-39 Airacobras,Thunderbolts,Ike,WW2 Subs,PBYs,Catapulting & more
  168. Videos:WW2 Air Recon Intel,US Women at War,1st ID in VN,A-36 Apaches,B-17s & more
  169. Movie trailer
  170. Videos:WW2 Pilot safety,USS Hornet,P-47ts,Navy Fighter Tactics,USAF in Vietnam
  171. Videos: D-Day, Midway, Ditching a B-17, Bombing Japan, P-47s & P-61 Night Fighters
  172. Videos:WW2 Fighter Action,A-20s, Swift Boats,Bazookas,He177,Paras & more
  173. Videos: P-47 Hell Hawks, Ploesti, Interrogations, Flying Wing,Fighter Tactics
  174. Videos: B-26s, P-38s, B-29s. U.S. Marines, Torpedoes, A-6Es & more
  175. Those crazy Russians ...
  176. The kids who saved rommel
  177. Videos: B-17 Emergency, Nuclear B-52s,A-26 Invaders, P-47s, F105s WW2 MGS, F86Ds
  178. German marschlieds
  179. Videos: Hollywood Goes to War,XB-70,WW2 Test Pilots,JG 26,75mm B-25s & more
  180. Videos: WW2 Camouflage, Air Recon, USN Ordnancemen, A-36s, B-26s, B-52s, Galland & m
  181. Videos: Battleship Wisconsin,WW2 Dive Bombing,P-51s, P-47s,Tokyo B-29s & more
  182. The Road To El Alamein - Part 2 of Bersaglieri d'Africa
  183. A video of a Wittmann interview.
  184. Web Videos: Assembling & Flying P-47s, Iowa Class BBs, Spins,Ditching a B-17 & more
  185. Videos: USN Aviation Machinists,Cold War ASW,T-Bolts, B-58s,Rommel,JG-26, PBYs & more
  186. Videos:NEW Target for Today,Polaris Subs,8th Air Force P-51s,USAF Vietnam,Rabaul,F5
  187. Er Ist Wieder Da/Look Who's Back (2015)
  188. Videos: RAF Attacks,Tin Cans,Air Photo Intel,Burma Action, P-47s
  189. Web Videos:Airborne D-Day, Normandy Typhoons,Mosquitoes,P-40F,75mm B-25s,B-24s,B-52s
  190. Videos: Precision Mosquitoes,X-15,A-36s,A-26s,Galland,B-58,Espionage & More
  191. Videos:Thunderbolts,USAF & Navy Fighter Tactics,WW2 MGs,B-17 Ditching,Blitzkrieg
  192. Videos: USAF 1941-43,Delta Wings,P-61s,Pilot Heaven,Yeager's Mig,Gable's B-17s & more
  193. Videos: Tirpitz Sunk, Destroyermen, P-38s,Fighter Acrobatics, A-20s, B-58s & more
  194. Videos; Typhoons, Tempests, USN Lasers, P-47s,B-25s, Flying Wing F-86s & more
  195. Videos: Shermans stuck in the mud,P-38 Action,WW2 Carriers,Subs,Fighter acrobatics
  196. The Polish Battle of Britain
  197. Videos: P-38 Recon, P-47s Attack, 101st AB, M3 Tank destroyer, USN Aerial Torpedoes,
  198. Videos: 6 Films from Netflix WW2 Series “5 Came Back,” H-19 Choppers, Iwo Jima &more
  199. Videos: Marine Sea Cobras,Tanks at Night, B-29s Attack N. Korea,USN Carriers, B-25s
  200. Web Videos:A-26 Invaders Attack,Women in Steel,WW2 Pilot Heaven,Dive Bombers & more
  201. Battle of the Bulge Timelapse
  202. Eagle Scout makes documentary about USS Arizona survivor/ Pacific war bomber pilot
  203. Antony Beevor: the greatest war movie ever – and the ones I can't bear
  204. Why the M-4 Sherman was the way it was.
  205. High Noon in Cologne; Pershing Takes Out a Panther
  206. Tank Development World War II
  207. Dunkirk, the movie