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  1. Imperial Japanese Army - Fighter Aircraft
  2. Japanese sword, a toy or a destructive device ?
  3. Type 3 medium tank Chi-Nu
  4. Rifles and Handguns.
  5. Lost Japanese twin-fuselage
  6. Ohka bomb
  7. Japan's war interests whom?
  8. Japanese war crimes so bad?
  9. Kure Yamato museum visit
  10. Japanese Revisionism: Latest episode
  11. Japan's intentions towards Hawaii?
  12. Japanese retreat on Guadalcanal
  13. Unit 731 - Detailed analysis
  14. Fate of the 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal
  15. Looking for Japanese POW "Hell Ship" illustration
  16. The Third Force
  17. Ijn i-400
  18. A Successful Japanese Atomic Bomb Test?
  19. Another Japanese view
  20. Japanese Military Strength
  21. The Yamato
  22. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  23. IJN L type submarine training movie 1941
  24. Japanese Armor queries
  25. Type 91 and Type 97 explosives' yield vs that of Torpex
  26. Kamikaze - Unbearable pain
  27. Hey Rube
  28. Japanese reflections on WWII
  29. Why Japan escaped Germany's post-war fate
  30. Has anything changed in Japan?
  31. Japanese war crimes 1905/1941 explained?
  32. 1944 US War Dept Handbook on Japanese military forces
  33. China thawing on its war with Japan?
  34. Japan Apologizes for Bataan Death March
  35. Withering assessment of IJN & IJA
  36. Need Help Returning WWII Japanese Dog Tags
  37. Unknown object from Japanese soldier
  38. Type 95 & other light tanks.
  39. My Thoughts on Imperial Japan
  40. Japanese aircraft with snow skis?
  41. Lost WWII Japanese Subs Found off Hawaii
  42. Fifth Minisub found near Pearl Harbor
  43. What if Japan annexes Dutch East Indies instead of attacking USA?
  44. Are these WW2 Japanese boots?
  45. My IJA Photos (a few)
  46. Japanese photo treasure trove
  47. Japanese WW2 in COLOR *PICS*
  48. Medal and color?
  49. Japanese armour and other military vehicles
  50. Mitsubishi's 'not comfort' women
  51. After the Pacific Islands... what would be next?
  52. Japanese propaganda leaflets
  53. Operation Drumbeat (Paukenschlag) and the Japanese Submarine war
  54. Could Japan have won if they lost?
  55. Kiuchi Nobuo's journey to the Soviet camps
  56. Bodies, Mass Graves Found on Iwo Jima
  57. Japanese war documentary
  58. Individual Japanese Service Records
  59. Naf atsugi air raid shelters
  60. Japan's Fuel Supply 1942
  61. Japanese promise to recover Iwo Jima fallen
  62. Japan's plans for India and Burma
  63. Japanese National Archives posting of WEEKLY PHOTOS
  64. White Russians in Manchukuo Army
  65. What if Japan attacked Russia rather than USA?
  66. Japanese Sniper Scope Help:
  67. Japanese IJN helmet help:
  68. An Italian rifle for the Imperial Navy. The type I Arisaka
  69. Japanese flag
  71. IJN Destroyer Attacked
  72. Japanese Prime Minister wants to retract war apology
  73. Did Japan's brutality and 'no surrender' actions contribute to its defeat?
  74. Anybody can see that enslaved prostitutes were necessary
  75. It's official - Japan not aggressor in China or WWII
  76. Generalising from the particular - Abe and resurgent imperialism
  77. After looking at volumes of books, photos and reading sworn testimonies of
  78. Japanese war crimes - personal apologies versus current government approval of crimes
  79. Spirit or ice?
  80. The IJA
  81. WWII dog tags
  82. balloon bombs: tech info
  83. A kamikaze bomb
  84. Odious, laughable WWII revisionism by Australian Prime Minister
  85. A run in with Japanese soldiers after the end of the War
  86. Who determined the terms of Japanese surrender / occupation?
  87. Japanese "Fast-Captures", Master of Asia
  88. The Japanese battlehorse
  89. Kawasaki Ki-100
  90. Original strategy or Operation FS?
  91. Nagasaki Anniversary - A further complexity
  92. Shizuichi Tanaka Question
  93. Anyone know anything about the "Ya-I-Go"? aka the Japanese Goliath?
  94. Searching Records
  95. Two Type 4 150mm SPH Ho-Ro captured at Clark Field area durning Luzon Campaign
  96. About the Experimental Superheavy Tank O-I
  97. Pearl Harbor - A fresh analysis
  98. Question
  99. IJA Armoured Vighting Vehicles
  100. Which was costlier?
  101. Need some help on a color
  102. How did the Japanese servicemen get home?