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  1. The M4 Sherman Tank
  2. The Black Devils: US-Canadian 1st Special Service Force
  3. USAAF guncam Footage.
  4. M26 Pershing Tank
  5. The First American Jet (1942)
  6. "Vengeance at Dachau" (U.S. Soldiers nearly massacred concentration camp guards)
  7. USS Makin Island (CVE-93) in the Pacific
  8. The Battle of Midway: "Five minutes" that changed the War.
  9. The M3 Lee/Grant Tank
  10. Anyone know any WW2 Seabees?
  11. Bell P-39 Airacobra & P-63 Kingcobra.
  12. M1 Garand
  13. M10 Tank Destroyer
  14. E-Company , 506th PIR ,101st
  15. The Huertgen Forest
  16. M-27 Tank: Should the US Have Replaced the M4 Sherman?
  17. The Amtank
  18. Biggest mistakes.
  19. My favorite american military unit.
  20. Infantry Phones on US Tanks
  21. Uncovered American Tank
  22. the battle for Guadalcanal
  23. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) - No one gets left behind...
  24. Beheaded US Tankers
  25. M3A1 Stuarts discovered in Brazil
  26. Question for Tank Experts
  27. Knocked Out German Armor N. Africa
  28. Springfield Rifle
  29. The Big Red One
  30. Cargo Transfer 1942
  31. 90th Infantry Division in Normandy
  32. Missing WWII Soldiers are Identified
  33. United states airborne divisions
  34. Hello everybody!
  35. New here and I have a story for you.
  36. Should the gov't change its policy on pictures of flag draped coffins?
  37. Quiet, please...
  38. US Navy Strength
  39. anyone know what this is?
  40. P61 black widow
  41. US pilots who flew Soviet planes
  42. Any one ever hear of
  43. Half track vehicles
  44. Rhineland Campaign Casualties
  45. Sailors with Flag
  46. Cavalery Groups?
  47. F4U Update
  48. P-40 Update Part 0
  49. Question about African American (Black) Army Units in WWII
  50. American POW discipline collapse under Japan?
  51. 16th infantry regiment at Aachen
  52. USAAF & US Navy Guns since 1930.
  53. Return to Tarawa
  54. Seabee Stevedores
  55. My Great grandfather was with the Seebees
  56. Elsenborn find -- info wanted
  57. Huge American bombing raids after dropping atomic bombs?
  58. Everett Bailey Cpt Po Valley Italy
  59. Sea Coast Artillery
  60. Why Nimitz turned down CinCPac command in 1941
  61. Night fighting & the torpedo blister
  62. USN Night Fire , Main Guns WWII
  63. WW2 Armour Rotting Away - Neglected
  64. Reason US planes didn't coordinate attack well at Midway?
  65. Battle of the Bulge Photo Gallery
  66. Personal Photo's 120th,Company I vet
  67. Maxon M45 Quad .50 Mount
  68. Why did U.S. Soldiers use 03A3s in 1947?
  69. Film of T-28/95
  70. Paratroopers
  71. Newly Restored Iwo Jima and Okinawa Footage
  72. U.S. Pistol M1911A1 .45cal ACP
  73. Ration crate stencils?
  74. The 20th Combat Mapping Squadron & Washington DC during the war years
  75. need info
  76. Is this a Maxon turrent with Polsten 20mm
  77. question about map references
  78. Model 45A bullpup rifle
  79. .30 Carbine Tommy Gun
  80. Seabee question(4oth Const. battalion)
  81. Coast Artillery
  82. Wildcat
  83. Looking for information about my grandfather
  84. America's thoughts on war starting date
  85. The Sub That Sank a Train
  86. Not their finest moment
  87. World War II Museum features animals of war
  88. Actions on Peleliu
  89. Rape, racism, censorship & injustice?
  90. Battleship Texas ?
  91. German spy North Queensland WW2
  92. P-51b
  93. Info on Possible CB marked Helmet
  94. I am shocked.. P-51 dive limits?
  95. 33rd NCB, B-6, CCM H. Emerson Remington
  96. 65th Engineer Battalion
  97. WWII Colorized Photo Album
  98. 103rd Infantry Division, France and Germany
  99. P-38 Lightning
  100. B-17
  101. Marines, Guadalcanal, Hardship discarge = possible scenario?
  102. WW2 US arms collector with a few photos to share
  103. From an Iwo Jima U.S. Marine Veteran
  104. Curtiss Hawk
  105. Division Rosters
  106. Anyone know someone from CBMU 506 WW2 Seabee Unit?
  107. The Tokyo Trolly
  108. CPL Joseph A Brozowski & PVT Edward S Brozowski
  109. olive drab
  110. Rarely Seen Photos from the Aftermath of Pearl Harbor Attack
  111. Time in combat for servicemen in the Pacific vs. Europe?
  112. Interesting film clip - "The Last Bomb"
  113. Guadalcanal - Sir Jacob Vouza, Sergeant Major, USMC
  114. Dad was a para-Marine in WWII Anyone know about these guys?
  115. The M1's
  116. Captain Julius A. Hene; 422nd Infantry, 106th Division
  117. The Remington's 03, 03A3 and M1917
  118. Stuart M3A1 video and info
  119. New joiner - and need your help! Dai Ichi Hotel Tokyo-1946
  120. RIP WWII US Navy Veteran Dale R. Pierce, Susanville CA
  121. Hey! Soldier - Letters Written to George F Lutz, a WWII Soldier at Fort Wheeler GA
  122. Foxhole radios
  123. Army Cooks
  124. looking for documentation on 156th inf reg, company L on Utah Baeach 6jun44
  125. Purple heart for death after war ended?
  126. Cbmu 506 wwii
  127. Ww2 helmet
  128. Operation Paperclip.
  129. Friendly Fire/Blue on Blue.
  130. Operation Clarion.
  131. Ww2 navy cap
  132. German fighter escorts US bomber to safety
  133. MacArthur's contribution to Pearl Harbor
  134. Neal 5 barrel submachine gun
  135. 82nd Airborne Division
  136. Helga - how a little German girl navigate WWII Tokyo
  137. The Lost Battalion
  138. Buffalo Billl's grandson negotiated largest surrender of American troops in Europe
  139. Water canteen
  140. M1 Garand scabbard, made attachment to belt
  141. My early Christmas present
  142. real?
  143. I was in Hiroshima, Japan and there was a sign on a restaurant door that said 'No Ame
  144. Support vs Line Troops
  145. 1941 Military Bases or Pilot Training Airfields in Kentucky or Tennessee?
  146. Number of mission of bombardier crew in USA
  147. New US dogtag
  148. Studebaker US6
  149. The Iowa Class Battleships
  150. Naval aircraft identification
  151. Need Help with M1 Helmet.
  152. the bent prop project
  153. WWII U.S. Army Manuals
  154. The Dogs of War
  155. General Patton Quotes
  156. Nimitz vs. MacArthur.... who was right?
  157. Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe cartoons
  158. The flying Shark Mouth
  159. US dogtag *new*
  160. USS Houston found
  161. Cactus Air Force
  162. Did US really devote only 15% of war effort to Pacific War?
  163. Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly
  164. Memphis Belle
  165. 100th infantry battalion and 442nd regimental combat team (Japanese American)
  166. Enola Gay!
  167. Thirty seconds over Tokyo
  168. China Versus American Military?
  169. MacArthur's version of history
  170. Boys AT rifles used by the US Marine Corps in 1942 on the Philippines - mistake?
  171. Which is better, the B-17 or the B-24?
  172. The American War Dead And The Dutch Who Tend To Them
  173. Flying Fortress captured
  174. B-17 with exotic painting
  175. Mitchell's Nose Arts
  176. US Marine who predicted Pacific War and amphibious tactics
  177. A naval Warhawk?
  178. U.S. T-29 Monster Tank
  179. 1937 Newspaper Accurately Predicted Pearl Harbor Attack
  180. A Day of Remembrance
  181. Only one Doolittle Raider left
  182. Black Widows improved
  183. Australian Museum Retires Gen. MacArthur's Office
  184. 46h Seabees or others who were part of Admiraty's invasion WWII
  185. MacArthur vs. Patton - Who was the better general?
  186. Gmc cckw whorkshop, dodge wc 51, royal enfield
  187. The Story of Lt. Cmdr. Wade McClusky Jr., and The Battle of Midway
  188. USS Lexington, Hornet Found