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My artworks

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These photos from the ww2 bringin to life by me
  1. Private Erkki Rikkala
  2. German General
  3. Finnish Ski troops advancing 
The small finnish army makes heavy losses to the Red Army under the Soviet Finnish war in World War2 with their well...
  4. Retreating Waffen SS troops near the Orel river in the Soviet Union 1944. VII. 24.
  5. USMC soldier firing back with a BAR rifle.Okinawa
  6. Grave of a fallen Wehrmacht soldier
  7. Erich Hartmann:  
German Luftwaffe fighter ace 
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds for destroy 352 enemy fighter...
  8. The Battle Is Lost: 
Finnish soldier of 4th Armygroup is walking with bare feet at north of Viipuri
  9. GI between the forrest of Philadephia
  10. Soviet snipers
  11. Group of russian pow in the Soviet Union
  12. US soldiers landing on Omaha Beach on the D Day 
6th of june 1944
  13. Waffen SS "Das Reich " Königstiger II in Budapest.October of 1944
  14. Wehrmacht troops searching probably partizans between the woods of Soviet Union.Summer of 1941
  15. Waffen SS guard at the beach somewhere in France
  16. Knocked out Panther in Belgium.December of 1944
  17. Soviet sniper hit. Soviet Union 1942
  18. Waffen SS Division "Wiking" scouts  near a Panzerspahwagen in the Soviet Union
  19. French B26 Bomber 1944
  20. USMC  troops marching in Okinawa
  21. RAF bomber
  22. Wrecked T-34
  23. Zero plane last moment  before hit
  24. US soldier cross the Rhine river in Germany under heavy enemy fire
  25. USMC at Guam
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