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Are the photos in the public domain?
How can I submit photos to your site, fix captions or add suggestions?
Why do you have those annoying ads on the site?
Do you sell photos? Can I download a zip file? Do you have better quality?

Are the Photos in the Public Domain?

Most of the images stored on were collected from government sources or submitted by their respective owners. This does not mean that all images on this site are in the public domain. The majority of the images, unfortunately, have an unknown copyright status and therefore it is recommended that you do not distribute or copy them for any commercial purposes unless they are specifically stated to be in the public domain (some images have a “public domain” notice in their captions).

Most of the images in the gallery are products of government works and therefore are required to be in the public domain by copyright law. However, some of the images were photographed by private individuals, media or other government entities (such as the United Kingdom) that do not fall under public domain law. With that said, if an image in this gallery contains an unknown copyright status (these notices are available beneath the photo captions. NOTE: I am currently implementing this, not all images are marked) then it shall be known that it is being displayed on this website under the 'fair use' doctrine under U.S. copyright law that provides for the licit, non-licensed citation or incorporation of possible U.S. copyrighted material. In a nutshell, this means that those images, according to US law, can only be used by this website for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research and is therefore not an infringement of copyright as this website's sole purpose is to educate and research the World War II era.

Furthermore, complies and is protected in other countries under 'Fair Dealing' [CDPA] (United Kingdom, Canada).

In no way does sell or commercially distribute any copyrighted images on this website. The advertising banners that you see on this website are only used to pay the fees for hosting and bandwidth charges.

Finally, if you are the legal owner of an image(s) that is displayed in this gallery, and you would like it removed, please contact me and I will remove the image(s) and/or rectify any problems as soon as possible.

Further reading about copyright law and the 'Fair Use' doctrine can be found here.

How can I submit photos to your site, fix captions or offer suggestions?

If you have color photographs (or good black and white images), and you know them to be in the public domain OR have photos that you would like to "loan" for display on WW2incolor, please contact me at: . Be sure to tell me whether you want them only made available to ww2incolor or released to the public domain. Also, if possible, please be sure to include captions that you would like to go along with the photos.

Why do you have advertisements on the site? They are so annoying and inappropriate!

WW2incolor receives over 4 million page views a month and transfers over 165 GBs of bandwidth a month . This means I am paying a dedicated server hosting bill of over $150/month out of my own pocket. The ads are paying for 1/2 of that, but it is still not enough to support the site. This means that I need to do all I can in order to make ends meet and can not afford to NOT advertise. I know how annoying ads can be to the visitor and I really wish I do not have to use it, but right now I have no other option. I am currently looking at alternative methods.

Do you sell photos? Can I download them all into a zip file instead of having to browse the gallery? Do you have full screen versions of a photo? etc.

Because I do not know the copyright status of over 50% of the photographs in this gallery, I can not make them available for sale or as a zip file download. The photos you see on the website are AS IS. I do not have higher quality or bigger versions available. Some images will have a bigger version if you click on them, but not all.

Still got questions? Send them to me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!