Did a Nazi bomb fall near your house?

April 8th, 2015

More than 30,000 bombs fell in London during the blitz, but not all of them exploded.

Last week, 1,200 residents had to leave their homes in Bermondsey, London, after a 1,000lb Nazi bomb was discovered in the area. A few days later, a resident brought an old artillery shell into a police station in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Later that week, a gardener handed in yet another unexploded bomb in Goole.

But given the huge number of bombs the Nazis dropped on Britain, it isn’t surprising that we’re still finding remnants 70 years later. The map above, compiled using data from bombsight.org, shows the locations where bombs fell in London during the blitz. Was your street affected? Scroll through our map and zoom in to get a sense of where the bombs fell during World War Two.

World War Two

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