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WWII bunker in Clapham to open for visitors to explore

December 22nd, 2015

The exhibition will focus on the history of the tunnels and will be used for Hidden London tours run by the London Transport Museum.

The tunnels have been open before, for limited access, but have never been open to the wider public.

Clapham North Deep-Level World War II air raid shelter

Construction work could start by the middle of 2016.

Also in Clapham, underground space is being used to grow micro greens and salad by the Growing Underground project.

This is taking place in the tunnels underneath Clapham High Street.

If you want to drink fancy cocktails in a bunker, a bomb shelter underneath Soho Square is potentially being turned into a fancy bar or restaurant.

Clapham North Underground station

It’s been put on the market by Westminster Council, which is offering a long lease at £175,000.

It has already attracted interest from at least three restaurant groups and gym and music venue operators.

World War Two

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Auschwitz museum hit by thefts as visitors remove ‘souvenirs’ from Nazi death camp

May 6th, 2014

“This is shocking,” he said. “This isn’t really vandalism because vandalism is something you do to a bus stop. This is barbarism.”

The museum’s operators say the size of the camp makes stopping crime difficult. Auschwitz-Birkenau covers over 200 hectares and contains a 150 buildings, and Mr Cywinski said despite the best efforts of staff it is impossible to “monitor the entire camp” and eradicate all theft and vandalism.

Poland’s culture ministry, which is responsible for the museum, said it opposed the installation of CCTV systems given the specific environment of the camp.

“How would you feel if you visited Asuchwitz-Birkenau barracks and noticed that there were two cameras monitoring every item,” asked Malogorzata Omilanowska, deputy culture minister. “How would we be able to maintain the authenticity of the camp?”

Mr Cywinski said the only long-term solution was education, but others have called for harsher legal punishments for anybody caught vandalising or stealing from the camp.

But Bogdan Bartnikowski, a former Auschwitz prisoner, said if people really knew what the camp was like, they would think twice about vandalism.

“If they had been there and feared they would be leaving the next day via the chimney, then they would not be so eager to scratch their name onto a bunk,” he said.

World War Two

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