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Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s family attack Donald Trump over Muslim ban policy

December 18th, 2015

“As a nation, internment weakened us all. It is a tragic reminder of what happens when we allow fear and hysteria to trump our values.

“Historians and leaders across the political spectrum agree internment was a grievous mistake and a violation of basic human rights. It detracts from the amazing efforts by my grandfather to rescue our economy and build the foundation of America’s great middle class.”

American-Japanese citizens en route to a internment camp in California in April 1942

Earlier this week, Mr Trump compared his plan to Roosevelt’s classification of thousands of Japanese, Germans and Italians living in the US during the war as “enemy aliens”.

President Franklin Roosevelt signing the declaration of war against Japan

He said Roosevelt, one of America’s greatest presidents, was “highly respected by all”, and then stated: “Take a look at presidential proclamations, what he was doing with Germans, Italians and Japanese, because he had to do it.”

FDR tried to save Jewish refugees during Second World War, book claims

The billionaire businessman made the proposal, that Muslims including would-be immigrants, students and tourists, should be blocked from entering the country, in the wake of the deadly shootings in San Bernardino, California, last week by a married couple inspired by Islamic State militants.

World War Two

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