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German school teacher ‘made children sing Nazi propaganda song’

April 17th, 2015

However the teacher’s actions may not have been as controversial as they at first appeared.

Although the song is illegal in Germany, there is an exemption when it is sung for educational purposes.

Moreover, the teacher has reportedly told police she was teaching a well-known parody of the song written by the playwright Bertolt Brecht.

Horst Wessel, German Nazi activist (Alamy)

She claims she only got her pupils to hum the melody and tap their feet to the rhythm

Entitled the Kälbermarsch, or Calves’ March, the Brecht parody includes the lines “The butcher calls! The eyes tightly closed/The calf marches with quiet, steady step”.

“The Kälbermarsch cannot be understood without the Horst Wessel Song,” a spokesman for the Berlin Senate Department for Education told reporters.

Police say the case has been referred to be prosecutors, who will now decide whether to take any further action.

World War Two

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