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Unknown Old Photos

July 21st, 2009
Unknown soldier

Unknown soldier

A few years ago after my grandmother passed away, my mother found an old shoebox tucked away in her closet. To her surprise, the box was filled with old vintage photographs taken from the early 20th century. It was as if it had been neglected for almost a century. The photos were scratched, some torn and nearly all were fading away. After some searching, my mother was never able to find out who was in the photographs.

Unfortunately, there are probably millions of people in the world that were never able to solve the mysteries of their own ancestral photographs passed down from generation to generation. Unless you meticulously researched the photos with surviving family members, chances are that the stories in most of your photos will be lost forever.

The more I thought this over, I wondered, wouldn’t it be great if there was a place one could turn to for help in solving your photo mysteries? Perhaps an easy-to-use website where one could upload a photo and harvest the power of a global audience that may know something about your photograph? They may not know who is in the photograph, but they may spot a building in the photo or a type of uniform that was only worn in a certain time period. Perhaps a license plate on a vintage automobile can shed light on the year the photo was taken? These are all clues that photo detectives use in solving photograph mysteries.

As the creator of, it is my hope that this website will aid you in learning more about the stories behind your photographs. Come take a look. Upload a photo or two and let us know what you think! We look forward to seeing your photos and the possibility that someone else may be able to help you solve the mystery! Visit site here.

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