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Thread: Starbucks coffee

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    Default Re: Starbucks coffee

    Quote Originally Posted by flamethrowerguy View Post
    "Starbucks" joints are considered such hip places in Germany I don't even dare to put a foot into one...
    Aaargh, I hate the Starbucks crowd for several reasons:

    1. Overpriced, under-average coffee. (0 : 1 Tim Horton's)

    2. Poor baked goods (Tim Horton's beats them easily) (0 : 2 Tim Horton's)

    3. It's a 'Hipster' magnet. (I hate Hipsters) (-1 : 3 Tim Horton's)

    4. You can't visit a single branch without at least one person sitting there with a laptop, writing something. Don't you have a ****ing office or living room or whatever where you can do that!? Does it give you a secret sexual rush to be writing in public?! (-1 : 4 Tim Horton's)

    There's a reason why I avoid going there whenever possible...
    The fundamental problem of Democracy is that the majority of voters are idiots fueled by uninformed rage - and the Politicians do everything to cater to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rising Sun* View Post
    A bit like our 126 Signals Squadron, which became an integral part of our commando / special forces structure. http://www.cdoassoc.com/126SigSqn/
    Here are a couple of links:

    Commando memorial and some description of Army Commando

    Royal Artillery

    Royal Engineers

    All Arms Commando Course

    Commando Knife (note the Special Services badge in the photo, which was worn with the green beret) this link is worth scrolling down.

    Fighting Jack Churchill as been mentioned elsewhere I think?
    Fighting Jack Churchill survived a wartime odyssey beyond compare.
    By Robert Barr Smith

    It is not recorded what the German commander said when he learned that one of his men had been spitted by a broad-head arrow.

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    "Although God cannot alter the past, Historians can"

    Samuel Butler

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    Default Re: Starbucks coffee

    Starbucks is NOTHING compared to Tim Hortons! Long Live Timmy!!
    Wiki is ok. History Channel is ok.
    But WW2 Forum is the BEST!

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    Default Re: Starbucks coffee

    Roger that!! Here's a personal account by one of the volunteer "Servers" at the Tim Horton's in Kandahar....


    A couple of excerpts:

    My alarm goes off just before 5 a.m. I pull on my bathrobe, pad down the hallway and open the plywood door to a gravel road and a line of large rounded tents surrounded by concrete highway dividers. I walk over sand and gravel to the shower trailer. This early in the morning I have the place to myself, which doesn't happen often...I hurry back to my tent where I'm living for six months and change into my uniform. I put on sand-coloured pants and a shirt, my name tag and a desert camouflage hat. As I arrive at work, there's already a lineup, so I hustle in the side door.

    Of course, we're the only Tim Hortons where the majority of customers come in fully armed. But by now I'm used to the sight of a soldier with a rifle in one hand and a coffee in the other. We're also prone to rocket attacks on the base, and when the alarm sounds, we have to get all the customers out of the store and sit in the back until the all clear sounds. There's a heavy thud, a feeling of impact and then the eerie wail of an old air-raid siren

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