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Thread: "Wings of a Dream" Museum (Brazil)

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    Default Re: "Wings of a Dream" Museum (Brazil)

    Wow, those are some beautiful planes there. The F4U Corsair is one of my favorites. Thanks for showing us your pictures. I'm with FTG, I'd like to know what they polish the planes with, it would help my old '93 Mazda look better!
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    Default Re: "Wings of a Dream" Museum (Brazil)

    Hello Douglas Jr, and welcome .
    Have you any data on the construction number (werknummer) of the Me 109 you show in this post?
    I have an old aviation magazine that lists the then surviving Hispano 111/112 Buchons, some of which have been re-worked back to various Bf109 configurations, to represent German aircraft, rather than those the Spanish Airforce employed until the mid 1960's.
    In addition, that same magazine lists surviving Avia CS 1109s.
    Unfortunately, I also have an old aviation magazine that gives the then surviving Bf/Me 109's and their werknummers.
    Thus, I am seeking data to distinguish between a "Spanish Messerschmitt" and a likely German Messerschmitt.

    Any data you have, I'd be very grateful to receive, and would reciprocate your kindness with any data I had on aircraft c/n's you may have an interest in.

    Kindest regards, Uyraell.

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    Default Re: "Wings of a Dream" Museum (Brazil)

    Thanx...some of those planes look in mint condition.

    What you do in life, echoes in eternity!!!

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