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Thread: Tears In The Darkness

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    Default Tears In The Darkness

    I just ordered it from Amazon. Looks to be a very good read.

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    Default Re: Tears In The Darkness

    Hi Omar -

    Just signed up for the forum and was excited to see a post on Tears in the Darkness. We recently published “Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath,” after spending 10 years taking a fresh look at the first major land battle for America in World War II.

    The book follows the experience of Ben Steele – a Montana cowboy who lived through the march and was twice given his last rites in a Japanese prison camp – only to survive three years of brutalization and hard labor, before being liberated in 1945. We have photos of Ben before during and after the war here http://www.tearsinthedarkness.com/ben-steele and also a series of video interviews here http://www.tearsinthedarkness.com/ben-steele.

    But Ben's story, and indeed that of his 76,000 fellow soldiers, is only part of the book. So far as we know, it's the first American work to include an in depth exploration of the Japanese point of view in the war, based on over 400 interviews and 2,800 documents including commanding general Homma Masaharu's here-to-for unpublished prison diary.

    We have a slideshow of photos (i've attached a couple here) of Japanese soldiers and military leadership at http://www.tearsinthedarkness.com/japanese.

    Excited about being part of the forum!

    Michael and Elizabeth/sb
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