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View Poll Results: Which plane suit you best, why?

72. You may not vote on this poll
  • Supermarine Spitfire

    14 19.44%
  • Hawker Hurricane

    2 2.78%
  • Me 109s

    9 12.50%
  • Fw 190

    3 4.17%
  • A 6 M

    2 2.78%
  • P51s

    16 22.22%
  • F 4 U

    4 5.56%
  • P 47D

    5 6.94%
  • P 39 Lightning

    4 5.56%
  • Others, name it

    13 18.06%
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Thread: Fighters! If you can choose, which of these beauties you want to be in?

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    Default Re: Fighters! If you can choose, which of these beauties you want to be in?

    Hello everyone, Laconia P51, the P38, P47 and served in the Pacific, either as a hunter or as a ground attack aircraft, one who was most at ease in this role was the P47. For P38, it was decried as both criticized, do not forget it was the mount of the two greatest ace of the Pacific, and to answer you Jamestallakson, no hunter of the second world war is an easy plane, P51 had such a big default, the tank was behind the pilot, who has unbalanced the machine half full when some maneuvering, the P51 has killed as many student pilots, as the famous Messerschmidt 109. For KI84 Hayate, it was a dangerous opponent than the allies, combining speed and maneuverability, and a consequent weapons, but it was produced in small quantities, we must know that however, that Hayate was tested after the war by the Americans, who made ​​him full of good oil and good gasoline, which surprised those who tested it is that the engine had gained near 400CV, it says a lot about capabilities of the aircraft.
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    Default Re: Fighters! If you can choose, which of these beauties you want to be in?

    I'm sorry guys, but the Focke-Wulf rules! Very good maneuverability, outstanding speed, awsome armament, could be used as a fighter or even a dive bomber with excellency, and when it appeared in the war, unleashed hell to the english fighter pilots! Die besten!

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    Default Re: Fighters! If you can choose, which of these beauties you want to be in?

    I also chose Lockheed's P-38. Consider these pluses that the Lightning had; it was (I believe) the only twin-engined fighter to have counter-rotating props, the gun package was sitting in the front (4-12.7mm Brownings, 1-20mm), both engines were supercharged, and most importantly, both the Germans and the Japanese had a VERY healthy respect for the aircraft. (Consider the fact that the Luftwaffe pilots called her "den gabelförmigen Schwanz-Teufel" (the forked-tail devil).)

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