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Thread: F4U Update

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    Default F4U Update

    The Non-American ones:

    F4U-1A of 22 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force, circa 1944.

    F4U-1A of 1831 Squadron Royal Navy, circa 1943.

    F4U-5 of No 2a Escuadrilla Argentine Navy, circa 1964.

    F4U-5NL of the Honduran Air Force, circa 1969.

    F4U-7 of Flotille 12F French Navy, circa 1959.

    F4U-7 of Flotille 14F French Navy, circa 1956.

    F4U-7 of Flotille 15F French Navy, circa 1956.

    F4U-7 of Flotille 17F French Navy, circa 1959.

    FG-1D (Goodyear-built F4U-1D) of the El Salvador Air Force, circa 1965.

    FG-1D (Goodyear-built F4U-1D) of the El Salvador Air Force, circa 1965.

    FG-1D (Goodyear-built F4U-1D) of the El Salvador Air Force, circa 1969.

    FG-1D of 1850 Squadron Royal Navy, circa 1945.

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    Default Re: F4U Update

    Beautiful work as ever, Clave.
    One tiny detail, though: NZ Corsairs did not have the arrestor hooks fitted.
    There was not need for the hooks, since the aircraft were land-based.

    Kind Regards, Uyraell.

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    Default Re: F4U Update

    Those are beauties Clave! I especially like the El Salvador Air Force camouflage plane, really nice. Thanks again for posting these!
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