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Thread: Picture of my father in Photos section

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    Default Re: Picture of my father in Photos section

    Apologies for not adding a reply immediately. Been a bit busy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Amrit View Post
    It is M Platoon, 147 Bridge Company*, Nijmegen (though it looks like they have misspelt it a bit).
    This is fantastic info - many thanks for this! The photo you annotated and then provided a link to is better (clearer, easier to see detail) than the one I originally noticed in the photo archive - so thanks for that too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Amrit View Post
    Here's a brief history from one who served in that Company:
    Thanks for this too. It is very kind of you to track down the recollections of someone who actually served in the same unit. (Not sure why the old gent mentioned Mussolini though - perhaps his memory was playing tricks on him).

    Quote Originally Posted by Amrit View Post
    BTW Pete, as a next-of-kin, you can apply for his service records. It will cost £30 (unless your mum is still with us in which case it is free to spouses)
    She is still with us, although definitely fraying around the edges these days - thanks for the link and for letting me know how to save thirty quid! Actually, I was unaware that it was even possible to get hold of my dad's service records. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amrit View Post
    Make sure to request photocopies of the original files
    Yep - understood - Thanks again for all this help. It is really very kind of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rising Sun* View Post
    Pete said earlier that his father was RAMC but, assuming he didn't switch from RAMC to RASC, perhaps he could have been with the RAMC as a RASC driver as I think the RASC provided amubulance drivers for the Medical Corps.
    My father was definitely RAMC. He was a medical orderly, and served in casualty clearing staitons, regimental aid posts and also in some hospitals.

    But I also know that:

    a) he was able to drive before being called up (he started working at 14 and had to learn to drive the firm's van), and:

    b) he worked in a Q store when he was stationed in Germany (he was stationed at both Iserlohn or Bielefeld). Did the RASC handle Q stores?

    So perhaps he was a RAMC person attached to a RASC company as a driver and Medical Orderly. When I was a child, my father often spoke to me about working in the Q store, he said he really enjoyed it, and worked with a really great Quartermaster Sergeant whom he called 'Q Way' (No idea about the correct spelling - it could have been Wey, Whey, or Way). I just assumed it was the Q store for a British Military Hospital, but maybe he was working in a Q store because he was attached to an RASC unit. I don't know. I suppose I will find out when I get hold of his service records.

    But his abilty to drive, and the fact that he worked in a quartermaster's store certainly open the possibility tha he was attached to the RASC for at least some of his time in the Army.

    Thanks again to Uyraell, Rising Sun and Amrit for all this help. I am really grateful. I will add any (relevant) details I discover when I get hold of my dad's service records. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Picture of my father in Photos section

    Amrit : My Profound Respects and Salute to you!!
    You did far far better than I , and more accurately.

    RS*, my friend, thank you for having a go at it too.

    Yosh1aki, My apologies for my errors.

    Amrit: Many Thanks my friend, very well done

    Kind regards, Uyraell.
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    Default Re: Picture of my father in Photos section

    Hi, I have a photo of this period of the !47 Bridge Company Royal Engineers & Drivers RASC. It is a formal photo taken in 1944 before D Day.

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