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Thread: Dumb tourists

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    A few years ago, we travelled by train from Venice to Florence. (BTW - the Trains still Run On Time, except when the thunderstorms knock out the electricity.) Among our company in a very crowded reserved carriage (HERSELF always wants to know in advance where we are to sit - how did I ever marry such an organized person) was an American lady whom I came to think of as MOM. She had already drawn attention to herself in the station bar, marshaling her husband and four sons, all of whom were clearly terrified of her. She was clearly not in good form - a bit, I suppose like Frau Merkel after a meeting with the Greek PM.

    On the train - feeling, presumably, the need for a change from hectoring her own subservient males, MOM latched on to (or cornered) an elderly American gentleman accompanied by his "niece", or somesuch. It quickly became clear what was bugging her; her holiday had been infuriating so far because everything in Venice was "so old", and occasionally a bit below the standard of hygiene required to be able to eat one's lunch off the pavement. Also, the hotel rooms were too small, the food was "all Italian" etc. She went on to quiz the unfortunate gentleman about Florence, with which he was familiar. What was there to see there ? Surely it would not all be "so old"? The poor man was chased around the houses on this line of questioning, which he found very difficult to respond to politely in view of the fact that most of the great sights of Florence are also pretty ... old. This went on for the whole length of the train journey - the guts of two and a half hours. I suspect the old gentleman must have been glad to escape at the end of it, back, presumably, to the more amenable company of his "niece". For myself, I could hardly keep a straight face.

    I ask myself - before she booked the holiday (and I am sure it was she that did), did she make the least enquiry about Venice and Florence, and what holidaying in these cities involved ? It is all about seeing "old stuff". If you don't want to see "old stuff", Miami might be a better option. In any case, I doubt if exposure to Florence's Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace sweetened MOM's disposition very much. I could only feel sorry for her male "subordinates" ... Yours from Burano, eating Venetian mussels and clams, JR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flamethrowerguy View Post
    ...and I though this would be a German problem only!
    Germans and Japanese are alike

    In Bali, they kept saying,. Jajaja - nod with smile for Japanese -,. when asked everythings was fine or in order?,.
    but still wrote a long complain letter afterwards.

    As for Strayans,. theyll complain at the beginning of the tour, and expect some discounts from total bills,. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schuultz View Post

    Can't... Un-... See...

    If you'll excuse me, I'll be outside gouging my eyes out...
    This is great discussion!)

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