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Thread: 1st Battalion Oxs and Bucks

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    Default Re: 1st Battalion Oxs and Bucks

    Hi Stuart,
    Sorry for the late response, I've been very busy lately and didn't get round to responding to your email as quickly as I would've liked to. I'm going to give you the direct email of my Great Aunt Mary Newman and if you are still interesed and willing to discuss Francis Keith Dyer, or willing to pass her email along to your soon to be Mother in Law, Mary would be most grateful. Her email is [email protected]

    Kind Regards

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    Lightbulb Re: 1st Battalion Oxs and Bucks

    Quote Originally Posted by Mk VII View Post
    By this time everybody was being enlisted in the G.S. Corps and then transferred to another regiment/corps.
    I can't imagine how he ended up from Graf into the Reichwald cemetery, unless it was 'died of wounds' in a base hospital. Or it could be that burials from all over were consolidated there after the war - that happened a lot, unlike WW1 where many small cemeteries remain, often on the site of a dressing station.
    I can't see any sign of a Percy Hardman dying in 1945 and the other Hardmans for 1945 don't seem to match.
    Major Cecil George Percy-Hardman, D.S.O. was my father! Unfortunately I was too young to remember him. However I do know he was killed in the Reichswald in March 1945. He was Acting Lieut. Col. at the time and was out of his trench checking on his men when this stray shell came over and he was fatally wounded and died several days later. I have no knowledge of whether any other men were killed at the same time. My father was a Territorial in the Devons but was seconded to the Ox. & Bucks I think in autumn 1944. I know he was at Nijmegen. He had been due to come home on leave January 1945 but his C/O was killed, then the second in command, so he had to take over. He is buried in Mook Cemetary nr Osterbeek in the Netherlands. He was awarded the D.S.O for action in 1944 when he and his men captured a machine gun post without promised air cover, resulting in a change of plan on his part, and without losing any of his men. I wish I had known him.

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