Anyone remember Cybernations I was talking about earlier? Well this is made by the same guy.

Its a turn by turn war game based off Google maps where you can buy soldiers, tanks, and artillery. The point of this is to capture territories and destroy your opponents' armies.

The game is easy to understand: you have an army, which you make, and you see a circle around it. The circle is your movement ring. You move by placing your army marker in the circle and confirming the movement, but beware, if you run out of turns(you can set those to every 1min to 24hrs), you can't move again until your next turn.

To buy armies, you collect your funds from your nations(under the collect funds button(DUH!!!)), and you spend that money on your army. Soldiers cost 1$ per soldier, and tanks and artillery cost 100$ a unit. You can lower the price by getting discounts on territories you own. You need to be careful what units you buy though, soldiers are good against artillery, artillery against tanks, and tanks against soldiers.

Army battles are easy to do as well, whenever an enemy army is within your movement circle, you click on their army and click the 'attack' button on the pop-up window. Tanks, artillery, and soldiers have different values in terms of strength: soldiers are worth .01 point, tanks and artillery are worth 1 point(100 soldiers=1 tank/one artillery).

If you have any questions, ask me! !!!